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Jacob Wesley Cowden

May 13, 2001October 1, 2019
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Jacob Wesley Cowden, 18 yrs old of Tallahassee FL. passed away October 1st, 2019 due to injuries suffered in a rear end collision on Interstate 10 in Florida.

He was born in Bedford, Indiana on May 13th, 2001 and spent a very happy childhood there.

Jacob attended Lincoln High School in Tallahassee FL. where he was a member of NJROTC. He went on to become a very proud employee of Kraft Nissan on Mahan Dr. where his passion for working on cars became a career.

Jacobs' love for his family and friends was like no other, his friends became brothers. Each one with a bond so tight, nothing could break it.

Everything in life is ever changing...his hobbies were too. He went from a youngster that loved anything amphibian, to a gamer...a sneakerhead, a gym rat and then a car enthusiast.

His zest for life was profound and his soul was wise beyond his years.

His favorite spot was St. George Island where he was known for catching flounders. He had the opportunity to travel to the West Coast, visiting several National Parks including Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Crater Lake, Lassen Volcanic, (where he rolled in the snow from the top of a volcano) Yosemite, and even visited the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Jacob traveled abroad to Mexico and was at Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles during the Concours d'Elegance, a premier show for car enthusiasts. He enjoyed a crab on The Wharf in San Francisco, and the fireworks in Sonoma California on the Fourth of July. He even climbed to the top of Moro Rock, 8000 feet high with a backpack full of supplies. A lifetime of memories, most never get to experience.

He is survived by his Mother, Amy Cowden and her fiancé Paul Walton. His Father, John Wesley Cowden. Paternal Grandparents Fred and Linda Herthel and Maternal Grandmother Kathy Presser. Best Friends, Evan, Matthew, Will, Tanner and Justin. Jennifer Higginbotham was like a second mom to Jacob, offering love, guidance and support, no matter what. He rescued two cats that he loved...Meow and Mazda.

There will be a celebration of life on Sunday Oct 6th at 1:30 at Culley's Funeral Home on Riggins Road in Tallahassee.


  • Celebration of Life Gathering Sunday, October 6, 2019


Jacob Wesley Cowden

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Justin Kemp

October 6, 2019

I’m going to miss you little buddy. I wish I could buy you some crab legs and have a conversation with you again. Till we meet again, I love you little cousin.

Paul Walton

October 6, 2019

It is beyond words what has happened.  Amy and I are attending a funeral for Jacob, her precious son. This was supposed to be one of the happiest months of our lives when we would be married.

I got to know Jacob after Amy and I started seeing each other nearly five years ago. I instantly admired his zest for life and we had many, many fun adventures during those few short years, including wonderful times in Tallahassee. Jacob was the closest I have come to having an actual son, since I have never been married or had a child.

Jacob joined his mother and me on a month-long trip throughout California, Oregon, and even Mexico, and for shorter trips through Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Atlanta, Georgia. I take care of my 100-year-old father, a WWII veteran who is traveling to all 50 states, meeting all 50 governors, with Amy's and my assistance. Jacob always showed Dad the greatest respect and never complained about the work involved in traveling with and caring for an elder.

Talking with Jacob was never like talking to a kid - it felt like I was communicating with another adult, and it was always a pleasure.

His interests in the armed forces took him to Coronado, California to watch the Navy Seals practice. His interest in gaming took him to the E3 convention in Los Angeles and then up to the headquarters of Astro in San Francisco!

His interest in music took him to a Watsky concert in Orlando. His interest in cars took him to an lamborghini show on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!

He traveled to Lassen Volcanic National Park where he rolled in the snow like he had never seen snow before! And maybe he hadn’t - after all he did live in Florida.

His interest in fashion took him to Santa Monica this year, where he posed on the pier in front of the iconic ferris wheel!

And his love for fishing took him often to one of the best places on earth: St. George Island right here near Tallahassee!

I am proud of you, I love you and you will be missed.

Violeta Mileva

October 6, 2019

Having one best friend in the entire world, Amy Cowden, and her extension her gift in this world her son, Jacob Cowden. The closest mother and son bond I have ever witnessed.
My sweet baby Jacob. You are everything to me!
From watching Jacob grow up, to becoming a young man he always stayed close to his Mama and I.
Celebrating your moments of the desire to fight for your country, to being a business man and selling newly designed sneakers, to always being loved and admired by coming over to a house full of your friends, to jamming out to loud good music in the car on the drive to school, to pimping out your car, to all of your interests in cultures, to all our fruitful meals, to your workout ethic and motivating your mama, to your stylish ways, to all the hugs and kisses you gave me even though you were the cool kid... It breaks my heart writing this..Im going to miss you kid.

But every time Posty comes on the speaker I know you are right by our side!! Then my heart will become warm again. Love you Jacob

M.R. Street

October 5, 2019

Condolences to Jacob's family. He was a friend of our son Derek.
--The Streets, Tallahassee

Judy Walton

October 4, 2019

My sister Ellie and I were looking forward to welcoming Jacob into our family, as his mother Amy and our brother Paul were planning to get married in a couple of weeks. Our families should have been celebrating life in a different way right now. It is hard to absorb the reality of this tragedy.

I got to meet this adorable boy over a year ago, after hearing so much about him from Amy and Paul. Jacob and I realized we'd someday be related by marriage, and I felt his warmth and acceptance immediately. I remember being impressed by his strong passions and intelligence. He could speak fluently on everything from auto mechanics to fashion to weight lifting, sports cars, sneakers, and music. He even taught himself to speak Russian! I looked forward to being his future "auntie," especially since my husband and I have no nieces or nephews.

I also enjoyed witnessing the special bond Jacob had with his mother - a love and affection that is beyond words, as is the depth of this loss to all of us.

Terri Perego

October 3, 2019

My son, Ethan, and Jacob were in the Navy NJROTC together at Lincoln High School. I met Jacob then as I was a parent volunteer for the unit. He was always such a polite and courteous young man. After Ethan graduated, he and Jacob reconnected because of their common interest in cars. Jacob even came over to our house a couple of times with one of his cars for Ethan's help in working on it. Jacob was still that nice young man with so much to look forward to.

I am so sorry for the tragic loss of this young life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Rest in peace, Jacob.

Ellie Walton

October 3, 2019

I only knew Jacob briefly. Since his mother, Amy, and my brother, Paul, will be getting married soon, I was hoping I would have the opportunity to get to know the "youngest" member of our extended family better as the years passed by. I just remember meeting Jacob and thinking what a polite and extraordinarily handsome young man he was, with a beautiful smile. Six days ago I celebrated my birthday, and Jacob called just to wish me a happy birthday. I was amazed. I hardly knew him, yet he was so thoughtful to remember the occasion. I don't know any other 18-year-old who would have done the same. That epitomizes my impression of Jacob. I cannot stop thinking about him, and remembering that warm smile that reflected the beauty and innocence of a life - gone way too soon. We will miss him dearly.

Joshua Abbott

October 2, 2019

I remember the day I met Jacob, last year. This young dude walks in my work at Pep Boys. He had on a Misfits shirt with cut sleeves. I went to him to see If I could help him out. I asked about his shirt, if he was a fan of the band or just liked the shirt. Of course he liked the music. My kind of music too. After talking to him for a bit, I learned that he was a very humble, and smart guy, with just an incredible personality that people tend to gravitate to. It turned out he was interested in working in our repair shop. So, I pointed him to the right people to make that happen. After that I had left Pep Boys to return to my current job at AutoZone. He started showing up over there often for his projects, and we just always had these excellent conversations about real life stuff that most people don't have the capacity or presence to do. He really became a good friend through this time. Jacob was always smiling. He had a lot to smile about. His future was so bright. I remember the last day I spoke to Jacob. He came in my store and was in a strange mood. I knew something wasn't right, he wasn't smiling. So I took a moment from work to go out to his car and talk. He was replacing some bolts on the rear bumper of his Miata. I helped him out and chatted for a bit. It turned out his girlfriend since middle school, the love of his life, had done something awful that, she shouldn't have.. He was almost in shock that day and Just seemed a bit lost. I talked with him for a while, about life, and love,.. and forgiveness. By the time he left he was feeling much better. He was smiling again. He told me about starting work at Kraft Nissan. I know a few of the excellent guys there. I was really proud to hear the good news. I left him with a hug and a handshake. I always see him riding around my end of town in the red Miata and wave at him.

It's a terrible loss. Jacob, your happy smile, exceptional attitude, and humbleness will be dearly remembered and missed. Go with God.