Thristan Kadeem Hanson

August 15, 1993June 17, 2018
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Tribute from Mom and Dad

Our dear son! It was only a few days ago God called you home. Our dear son it's has been so difficult for your father and I to believe you're gone.

Thristan our baby boy We only had you for 24 short years and my God we miss you so much.

It keeps hurting, We can't stop crying. Our eyes always search for you in the sky. Our hearts know you are in the heavens.

Our dear son! We love you so much. We feel so empty without you baby boy Every day without you we are so sad

Our hearts long for being around you our baby boy Thristan We love you so much.

Our dear son! You are our angel. Thristan We do feel that you are watching us from above.

We tells our broken hearts that you are still watching over us every second of the day Thristan We love you so much we miss you so much.

Our hearts longs for your care even from heaven.

Our dear son! You are our protector. We will remember you when We feel lonely.

Thristan we will always think of you when our hearts are breaking with hurt

Our hearts long for your support, laughter, your hugs, kisses, your voice and even your jokes.

Our dear son Thristan! We were thinking We gave you life ,in reality is that you had given us a life of joy.

Without you and your presence, It's hard to exist.

Our hearts long for your company ,in our hearts, we are so broken.

Thristan you will always be in our hearts

We Love You, Son rest on!!!!

Love letters from his sisters Hi everyone, it's nice to see you all gathered here today we appreciate the spread of love and encouragement you've given us. Tristan is my youngest brother and very precious to me. Tristan was a fun and jovial person, even though we didn't talk much I'd watch him live on Facebook all the time. Sometimes I'd scroll through his page just to see what he's been up to and to see his video's, even tho we didn't spent much time together we know the love is real you know that sister and brother love even if we're not talking... I just wish I'd tell him i love.. I just wish I was here for him. i just wish I'd had spent more time with him. And I wish we'd talk more, my heart cried so hard when I heard. The first thing I said to myself was i didn't spend anytime with you bro... but just know TK my love for you is an unconditional love, you'll always and forever be in my heart. Love you soooooo much brother - Nordia

To my brother, It's so hard to say goodbye even when you’re prepared to say goodbye, knowing i was not ready for you to go i must say you will always be apart of me. Thank you for your jokes, thanks for the laughs we had, thank you for your smiles and being the coolest kid i know. Today i have to say sleep on my brother until we meet again. Love you forever. -Cheneika Hanson-St Jean

Only if I knew it would have been the last time I saw you I would have hugged you a little tighter, tell you I love you a little louder. TK , those special memories of you will always bring me a smile if only I could have you back for just a little while. Even when you were only 8 yrs old I told you stop pushing the TV stand and you told me to get out and leave you alone ,as I turned out of the room it fell on you and just to hear your little voice screaming Jelene help!! (Please let me hear that voice at least one more time ). I wish I could have at least that one more memory with you just to know you were only hurt but still here . TK I will always remember you ,baby brother of mine in my heart I will keep you so I know I will be fine . And I know you are in a better place so sleep in heavenly peace my baby brother. I love you dearly. -Jelene

Thristan you were the baby who never left my side, always making me laugh and giving trouble. You seem so reserved and quiet but you had a huge heart, bigger than most young men I know. I'll miss those looks we gave each other when mommy didn't get the joke but acted like she did and was all wrong!!! Hilarious!! There was never a dull momemt with you around. You were an awesome uncle to my kids, they looked up to you and aspired to do every hobby you took on. I'm going to miss being home and you some how finding a way to buss through the front door to surprise me, then leave the house with all the kids snacks 😂😂.. I love you my baby brother words nor time can heal this pain but I know for a fact you're with us because I feel your presence. -Shekel Love letter from his brother

My Young King,

My Brother... A Younger Me.

My brother, a little me... but with a lot more humbleness. My brother who is half of my cool shade. He’s probably everybody cool shade. When you start acting up, “Bra you doing to much, just chill.” But you can’t tell him nothing when he’s doing too much because he will make you laugh. That was my brother, always giving a hand. He was a joyful person always smiling or laughing. He was laid back and he was easy to talk to about anything.

I love you so much bra. I know you’re watching over the whole family because “it’s the lifestyle”, little bra. You will always and forever live through me.

I am my brother’s keeper.


  • Visitation Friday, June 29, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thristan Kadeem Hanson

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Latisha Williams

June 25, 2018

As a co worker for district 85 MET team I remember that we had a lot in common I lived in Miami Gardens and Thristan went to Carol City with my daughter. Working over nights was never a dull moment with his funny stories and contagious smile. And dancing in the aisle while listening to music was the best. I will always remember your homemade fork when we didn't have any in the break room.