Floyce Rae Bates Thompson

January 4, 1933March 30, 2018
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Floyce Thompson 85 of Texarkana, Texas passed away March 30, 2018 at her home. Mrs. Thompson was born January 4, 1933 in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. She was a retired bookkeeper in the construction and automotive industry. She was a member of Buchanan United Methodist Church.

Survivors include her companion of 18 years Donley Aaron of Texarkana, her son James Legate of Wake Village,Texas, daughter, Shirley Cowan of Texarkana,Texas. Mrs. Thompson is also survived by a grandson, Brandon Cowan of Texarkana,Texas, 3 stepgrandchildren, Logan, Tony and Autumn Hanning all of Texarkana and 3 step great grandchildren, Kylie, Jaxon and Waylon.

Visitation for Mrs. Floyce Thompson will be Monday, April 2, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at East Funeral Home-Downtown.

Funeral services are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at East Funeral Home-Downtown Chapel with Keith Ducroz officiating.

Burial will follow in Chapelwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Memorials may be sent to Buchanan United Methodist Church.

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  • Donley Aaron, Her companion of 18 years
  • James Legate, son
  • Shirley Cowan, daughter
  • Also left to cherish her memory are her grandson; Brandon Cowan, 3 step grandchildren; Logan, Tony and Autumn Hanning and 3 step great grandchildren, Kylie, Jaxon and Waylon.


  • Visitation Monday, April 2, 2018
  • Funeral Service Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Floyce Rae Bates Thompson

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Rhoda Gleason

May 21, 2018

Ms. Floyce has always been a part of my life. In fact, she was part of my life before I was even born! Even though I don’t remember, because I was to young, my parents and her were part of the same church, so we went to church together when I was little and she shared in the joy with my parents, when I came into this world. Fast forward, she sang and played the piano at my wedding. I always adored her and she adored me. At the end of summer 2013, Ms. Floyce and Shirley came to visit me and my mom. Ms. Floyce played the piano while she and my mom sang at the assisted living center where my mom lived. For that little while, time stood still and they were singing hyms together once again. Now, they are rejoicing together in heaven and we will see them again one day. I’m so glad that I have that last memory of her and will always hold it close to my heart. She was an amazing woman of God that never waivered in her faith, not even through all of her obstacles in the last couple of years. I am so blessed to have known her and be part of her life. Until we meet again, I love you Ms. Floyce.

Maggie Nyland

May 11, 2018

Mama Floyce will always hold a special place in my heart . She took on the challenge of raising my brother and I when we were very young , even when she already had a young son of her own to raise. She took good care of us and showed us a lot of love and compassion. I have always appreciated her for that. I know it wasn’t easy.
She also gave us the best Christmas present ever, our sister Shirley .( even though we really wanted bicycles😆)
She and her parents always welcomed us into their home and treated us like family., including my children when they came along.
I am so thankful to have known her and loved her💖
Rest In Peace sweet little mama Floyce

Debbie Bates Stephens

May 11, 2018

I never saw Aunt Floyce without that sweet and infectious smile...she was always so happy and went out of her way to love and help people...The light of Christ that lived in her heart would light up the room she was in and always lifted the spirits of those around her.....What a beautiful, loving soldier for Christ she was...her spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of others...she is greatly missed....
With tender and loving memories. ..
...niece, debbie bates stephens

Karen Marshall

May 11, 2018

May you Rest In Peace and your beauty live on through your beautiful daughter.

Kathy Carter

May 11, 2018

Your smile, oh that beautiful smile. I will never forget the love that radiated from within her. It was an honor to have known her.❤

Denice Chapman-Hijab

May 11, 2018

I love you and are so glad that you are a part of who I am. 💖

Pam and Donnie Clayton

May 10, 2018

A lot of fun memories of Shirley and I doing things at your house, Ms Floyce. One I remember most is Shirley and I going through things in your huge sewing room! We laughed and wondered how you could have collected so much stuff! Also, fun memories of singings at church. Everyone said, "we are having a singing at church today". Ms. Floyce also played a part in planning my and Donnie's wedding! We love Ms. Floyce and all the family. We are all a part of the family which includes friends. Ms. Floyce you went to Heaven just a few days after our Shellby. Y'all enjoy dancing with Jesus and we'll join that dance someday. All our love to Shirley, Brandon and Family

Amy Trusty Weathers

May 10, 2018

My sweet step-grandmother, I remember traveling to Texas to see you. I remember the excitement of going to your house. You was my only grandparent on my Father's side. I'm so glad I was able to make memories with you as a child. I Love You! Grandmother touched so many, she will truly be missed. Until we meet again.....

Maria & Trase Christian

May 9, 2018

I miss her a lot and I can hear her voice still. I know my Daddy loved her so much. I only wish a million times I could have spent more time with her and you all. I finally met Trase and we tried and wanted too....she told me she loved Trase and he was a good man and he was so sweet to her. That was a blessing that she gave me and him too. It meant a lot she felt he was a good man. It made me know too. It will never be the same. I miss her a lot and think of her always. She loved you so much Shirley treasure the memories and I am always here for you. Love Maria, Trase, Matthew and Alexa ❤️

Robin Mcnatt

May 9, 2018

I have many memories of Mama Floyce. Being friends with Shirley and living fairly close together, I spent many hours in her home. She always made me feel welcome and just like “one of the kids”. I remember going to singings at various churches where she would play piano while Shirley and I sang, wearing dresses that Mrs. Bates had made. My favorite memory is going to Beavers Bend with Shirley, Floyce and Mr. Trusty. We went to the Kiamichi Festival, probably one of the first ones that was held there. The three of them convinced me to try frog legs that night. They do not taste like chicken, but they were good, just like everything else she cooked! I will always remember her when I hear that rolling piano style of music that she loved so much. She was a wonderful lady and she will truly be missed.


To Floyce Thompson, the entire world was a stage. An expressive, optimistic, and uninhibited individual, she was a performer in the theater of life. To everyone around her, she seemed to be eternally happy, and she willingly shared that joy with anyone whose life she touched. For Floyce, bringing out the best in any situation was as easy as offering a smile, a witty remark or the twinkle of an eye. And with just those simple gestures, she could evoke the most pleasant of emotions. Floyce really mastered the art of living and had great fun in doing so.

       Her parents were Ted and Mae Bates. Floyce was raised in Broken Bow, OK and later moved to Texarkana, TX. Even as a child, Floyce had the ability to lift the spirits of all those around her. She was raised to be warm, caring and friendly. She couldn’t help but capture everyone’s attention. She was definitely a little bit of a show off, but in doing so, she succeeded in entertaining her entire family.

      Always a good playmate, Floyce was easygoing and fun loving. She managed to lighten the mood wherever she was, even during family squabbles. She seemed to have a knack for bringing compromise and erasing tense situations around the house. Due to a generous dose of common sense, Floyce managed to find a satisfying solution to basic problems. Floyce was raised with one older brother Kenneth.

      All of Floyce's playful good humor carried over into her childhood. She was possessed with an outgoing personality, a lively imagination and a mellowed enthusiasm for life that allowed her to be constantly on the go. As a result, Floyce experienced a rather active childhood, and this suited her very well. She was a member of the 4 H club and she sang in the school choir and played a few musical instruments as well. She loved dancing and performed well in her tap dancing performances. In her spare time she liked playing house with her friends and her brother, and fishing with her grandparents.

      Ask anyone who knew her from school and they would tell you that Floyce was a class “cut-up.” She didn’t do it to be unkind or to garner all the attention. Rather, Floyce simply enjoyed others’ laughter and the sounds of her friends and acquaintances having a good time. It could be said that for Floyce, grades may not have been the most important thing to her, but she really did enjoy her school experience. Since experience was Floyce's best teacher. She enjoyed hands-on learning and applying the “practical” approach to knowledge, rather than getting caught up in “theory.” Floyce graduated from Texas High School, Texarkana, TX in 1953. She enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. Her favorite class in high school was Homemaking.

      Floyce reveled in her college years, where her imagination could run free. She was viewed by many of her classmates as being a creative, artistic person. Floyce was usually found at the center of things, whether it was during class or in extracurricular activities. She was a jovial person who loved to share her passion for fun with others. But for Floyce, life was not a case of all play and no work. Floyce relished the task of putting her imagination to work in class. She was able to discover new and different ways of answering problems and creating unusual and different solutions. She earned her certification in Business and Accounting in Texarkana, TX.

      Floyce never actually encountered a stranger in her dealings with people. She was drawn to individuals and crowds, using her gregarious, adaptable and outgoing personality to captivate her audience. This quality allowed Floyce to continually develop new relationships, ever widening her circle of friends. Floyce delighted in her role among all her acquaintances, because she viewed them all as potential spectators for her performance. Whether it was a story, a joke, a song or just plain fooling around, Floyce was always right at home putting on a show among her friends. Floyce utilized her interest in others as a great way to connect with them. While growing up, some of her best friends were her cousins on both sides of her family. Later in life, she became friends with Harold and Shirley Wyman while stationed in Clovis, NM with her first husband James. They remained friends throughout her life, visiting many times and taking trips together. They spent many good times together cooking, sewing and sharing their family memories with one another. She named her daughter Shirley Rae because she always loved Shirley so much. They had an everlasting bond much like one of having a sister. Floyce loved sharing life and having her home filled with people she knew.

      The gift of being emotionally expressive and outwardly affectionate made Floyce very easy to approach. She tried hard not to impose on her spouse. She was always sensitive to other people’s feelings, and that was especially true in marriage.

      Perhaps the reason Floyce related so well to children was the fact that she never really completely grew up herself. The ability to be just a “kid at heart” helped her in raising her own children. Floyce was blessed with 2, One Son James Dalton Legate Jr., and one Daughter Shirley Rae Sharrer Cowan. She was also blessed with one grandson, Brandon Cowan. He was the light of her life. She had two Nephews Doug and Donnie whom she also loved dearly. Doug loved to listen to her play piano and she taught him to play when he was young. He had her gift of music and played piano and guitar for many events as well. Floyce had the ability to focus her attention on the present moment. If she was spending time with the kids, that’s where all of her attention was directed. Floyce's compassionate side prevented her from being a strict disciplinarian, and she could turn just about any situation into a playful, learning experience. She could spend hours entertaining them with fun and creative play. In fact, Floyce had a knack for making a way to add a little cooking or piano playing into any visit.

      At work, as in life, Floyce was a real “people person.” She had a very successful way of dealing effectively with others, and her enthusiasm and energy was often contagious. Floyce liked to see herself as something of a virtuoso. When dealing with various projects and problems, Floyce was an adaptable realist, using her common sense and trusting her experiences and impulses to uncover the correct answer. Floyce's talent for being a down to earth thinker, allowed many around her to see Floyce as an excellent problem solver. Her primary occupation was Bookeeping. She was employed with her Dad for Bates Construction Company,with her husband for Trusty's Auto Repair and later other bookeeping jobs. Her last employer was Mr. Rooter where she made several friends and felt like family with the owners Dale and Mary Garrett. They then sold to Al Smith and she enjoyed working with his crew until her retirement.

      Floyce was a Military Wife who made sacrifices and traveled to various places with two of her spouses.

      Floyce enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. An “arts and crafts” type, Floyce liked creating and making things. Her favorite pursuits were collecting dolls, gardening wtih her dad and canning all kinds of fruits and vegetables. She loved to sew and was a very articulate seamstress. She bought many machines and later in life made embroidered wedding gifts, stuffed animals, dresses for little girls and many costumes for her grandson. Her mom, her Aunt and she made many of her daughters clothes throughout her life. Floyce was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but was also willing to share her interests with others.

      Floyce had an endless appetite for new and different activities. She was always ready to join in the fun and add her flair and energy to an organization. Because of her personality, her humor, and her ability to get along with everyone, Floyce's service was greatly valued by the organizations to which she belonged. Throughout her later years, Floyce was a member of Methodist Women at her church.

      Vested with a deep concern for spiritual development, Floyce recognized that her faith was important to her throughout her life. She was a member of several different churches in her lifetime. During that time, she was the pianoist, served as Church Secretary and helped with many events, concerts, etc. Her last membership for the last 24 years was at Buchanan United Methodist Church in the community that she lived in. Floyce had a beautiful voice that she used to glorify the Lord. She sang solos and special music for many churches and events in her lifetime. She sang on radio shows and was asked to travel on the road with multiple groups but denied the opportunity so that she could stay at home to take care of her family.

      Living life in the fast lane suited Floyce just fine. It is no surprise that she loved to travel and to visit new and different places. She was naturally curious about other parts of the world and loved the real life adventure that came from visiting them. She was impulsive and willing to try anything once. Favorite family vacations included Ohio, Delaware and Niagara Falls. One very special trip that she took her family and her Grandmother on to California. She visited with several family members and saw several sites. Some of the places included Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, and many others. She had several nice trips with her friends. The last long trip was with her daughtter to see friends and family on a long journey through Texas.

      Floyce was a lover of animals and cherished her pets, enjoying them almost as much as she enjoyed being around other people. One of Floyce's favorites was Gorgeous her precious white Poodle. They were best friends for 15 years. She had other pets during the years and one very special was Muggins her dog, one she had before her children were born and she spoke so fondly of.
      Floyce believed that you had to experience life, and her life in retirement was no different. With her boundless energy and a desire to get the most out of life, Floyce remained busy with people and projects. In retirement, she found pleasure in staying active in church ,cooking for family, and sewing. Even in retirement, Floyce continued to stay in touch with her old friends and, since she'd never met a stranger, she made plenty of new acquaintances as well.

      Floyce passed away on March 30, 2018 at She died at her home with her family surrounding her. Floyce died of natural causes after a long year after a fall that left her blind. She is survived by Her companion of 18 years Don Aaron, Her children James (JD) and Shirley, her grandchild Brandon, her Step Grandchildren Logan, Tony and Autumn , her greatgrandchildren Kylie, Jaxon and Waylon. One extra daughter Maria Aaron Christian and two extra grandchildren Matthew and Alexa Rethman. She is also survived by several step children and grand and great grand children plus a host of other relatives and friends,. Floyce was laid to rest in the Chapelwood Memorial Cemetary on Kings Hwy. In Texarkana, Texas.

      Floyce brought joy to all of those around her. She never had a mean bone in her body. She loved to have a good time and was an eternal optimist, always looking on the bright side of things. She loved to share her energy, wit, and her zest for all of her activities with her friends and family. Floyce Thompson lived life to its fullest and made everyone around her happier just for knowing her. She will be remembered with a smile.