Lawrence Edward Alton

January 1, 1960April 11, 2020
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Lawrence Edward Alton, passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at the age of 60. He is survived by his children Jessica and John, and sisters Letia and Laura.

Larry was the first baby born in the state of Kansas, on New Year’s Day 1960 of the late Jay and Carmena Alton. He always liked to joke about ‘the whole world shooting off fireworks for his birthday’ every year. And while that may not be necessarily true, he touched the lives of a great number of people and animals alike, and that is certainly worth celebrating. He had a wonderful childhood full of memories including camping every year with his family. One moment stood out as being particularly special, riding his bike up and down Dinosaur Mountain in Rapid City, South Dakota…this is where his love for cycling began. The hobby evolved and became one of his favorite pastimes, later pedaling up the mountains in Colorado on a 500 mile trek with his dearest friends, as well as participating in a number of charitable races.

A talented engineer, a lover of spicy hot sauce, ice cold IPA and great music, Larry was a gifted guitar player and enjoyed teaching others. He passed this musical talent along to his son John, who will continue to play in his honor and share this passion with Larry’s grandson Saul Edward.

The quality that Larry was most recently known for, was his infinite capacity for compassion and empathy towards animals. He had a soft spot for disabled, blind or ill dogs, especially the ones that no one else would take a chance on. He would take the challenge head on and provide them with the opportunity to thrive. He did this time and time again until the number soared over 200+ animals saved, rescued, rehabbed and in their forever homes. There’s no doubt that there will be a lot of wagging tails to greet him on the other side.

Larry always said, "The day you quit laughing it’s over" and that rang true throughout his year and a half long battle with pancreatic cancer. To be strong, collected, infinitely positive and still crack jokes throughout the biggest struggle of one’s life is a special gift. Cancer never defined him, he wouldn’t let it, and he spoke of just how grateful he was for all the time he had.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to one of Larry’s favorite rescue organizations in his honor.

Texas Sled Dog Rescue:

Second Chance Farm

Tiny Paws

Texas Animal Society


  • Welcome Reception

    Sunday, April 11, 2021

  • Memorial Service

    Sunday, April 11, 2021



Lawrence Edward Alton

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Valerie Hartzell

July 2, 2020

It was such an honour to teach Larry through my private studio back when I taught in Magnolia and then in the Woodlands. He was a participant at the "Classical Minds" Guitar Festival and Competition for several years which was held at Moores School of Music, University of Houston. I included a picture of him fearlessly performing with his festival duo partner at the 2006 Classical Minds.
He had such a grand personality, was kind, humble, and hilarious. I also considered him a friend and he was a hero to me with his charity work with dogs. I'm a passionate animal lover, have rescued my 3 dogs and have done concerts to help raise money for dog charities. So, I followed him on Facebook when I moved to Alaska and then to England, always in awe of his tireless work with dogs. He will be missed and I am deeply sorry for his family's loss.

Alexis King

May 20, 2020

Larry - cannot believe you are gone from this earth! What an impact you left on so many humans and animals! You were truly an inspiration to all and the world is a better place for all you accomplished! When I remember or think of you it always brings a smile to me which turns into a laugh! I remember first meeting you - 1993 - Ray Freer introduced you - we were part of the first "Options Group" at Compaq! So many happy memories of working together for so many years - the group outings; the lunch trips to Casa Linda; and the so many pranks played on each other! I will never forget the kindness and BIG heart you showed to so many! I was privileged to have known such a beautiful human! Til we meet again friend - hugs!

Stephanie Hartley

May 13, 2020

El Larrio. Just saying this nick name for Larry makes me laugh. Because Larry loved to make everyone laugh. I met Larry at Compaq where I also learned about how much he loved being the practical joker. And could enlist an ally, or two, with his infectious penchant for fun, saying “Come on, let’s do it”. Nothing was out of bounds, he created so many fun memories of that time working with him. He wasn’t just all fun and games though. He was an extremely smart and talented hardware engineer, and he was happy to share that knowledge. He was also the best athlete I’ve ever met in my life! Where I really got to know Larry was on long bike rides preparing for a 450mi ride in Colorado. This training was in Houston, flatlands, lots of oxygen. So what does Larry do once in Colorado? He tells us he’s going to beat the guy who was always wearing a King of the Mountains Polka Dot jersey up McClure Pass. This guy was from Colorado and was definitely a strong rider. And yeah, Larry did beat him up to the top. Larry was a really great guy, a good guy, with a kind and gentle spirit. He loved being a foster dad, he was their biggest advocate - the more difficult the case the more he gave. It was inspiring to see. Larry will be missed in so many ways, I’m honored to have been called a friend of his.

Shelley Schroen

May 9, 2020

There are so many wonderful memories with Larry that they have all become favorites. I knew the day I met Larry on my first day at Compaq that we would be friends. His sense of humor is like no other. His love for practical jokes was his signature and he really got me on a few of them! There wasn't anything he wouldn't do to lend a helping hand not only to his friends but to anyone in need. He was compassionate in his work, in his music, in exercising, in his friendships and most of all his love for animals. He was truly a best friend with the biggest and kindest heart. Larry will be missed greatly but never forgotten by me and my family.

Mike Marshall

May 7, 2020

I was fortunate to work with Larry through most of the 90s at Compaq. What great memories! Yes, Larry loved practical jokes. He and Ray Freer were a dangerous pair. The stink bottle they would unleash in the elevator was awful. They would lay in wait to watch peoples reactions - some wouldn’t get on while others would rush out thinking someone has a major intestinal problem. And then there was our weekly trips to Casa Linda where Larry held the record for most burritos (I think 7 and each one was huge). I can taste one even now. The most insane eating competition was the hot peppers. Larry popped in 19 whole habaneros before his competitor ran for the bathroom and puked his guts out. One time while working on the next big networking technology, 100 base-TX, Larry put together a sting operation at work that lasted almost a month to find the man they called "The Master Blaster". Larry was always amazing. His attitude was infectious. I remember when he was teaching himself classical guitar playing 4 different rhythms at the same time - it was mind blowing to watch. He would wake up at 3am to get in 2 hours of guitar practice, then go for a 2 hour bike ride and still get to work before me. Larry even let me tag along on a few of his weekend bike rides. I can still remember those rides and his kind, patient attitude. At work, he never minded the long hard projects. He would just put his head down and go until it was finished... and he always finished with his big smile. Working with Larry is something that will always bring back fond memories. We’ll miss you Larry.

Ron Noblett

May 5, 2020

I met Larry in the late 80s at Compaq. It didn’t take me long to run into Larry’s crazy sense of humor. Our friendship began. I’m sure everyone that knew Larry was aware of all of his natural talents, including practical jokes! Here's one from long ago.
Around ‘90/’91, I was managing a project to develop new audio capability (more than just the “beep” noise) into the next series of PC’s from Compaq. I was told to select 2 engineers to develop the feature. I knew I had to have Larry on the Project. He could do anything. We spent the next few months developing with several companies including Microsoft on the new “sound” capability.
After some time we finally got our proto hardware. I thought, THIS is our chance to really show everyone the great work we had done. I pushed Larry and the team hard (too hard) and asked them to work lots of nights and weekends to make schedule. It was stressful but they got it done. Finally, I asked Larry to package up several of the protos to distribute to all the internal PC development teams for their integration work. You see, I had built up high expectations about the great audio solution the team had created and now was the time to prove it. Success would be Ours!
So, Larry gave me the proto kits and I passed them out to the teams. Within minutes I was receiving a flood of calls about the “not so good” audio product. I ran down to the first lab I could find and I asked them to show me what was wrong. They turned it on, it booted, and then the Loudest BELCH came out of the PC. And, every keystroke they hit just repeated the BELCH. And it was LOUD.
Ok, so I couldn’t be mad, that was a really good one. And Larry had just created the first “virus” on the PC by embedding a sampled BELCH in the new audio board. I ran back to our lab and there was Larry acting like nothing was wrong but handed me a disk labeled “Belch fix" to distribute to the teams.
I’ll always miss you Larry.
You made life fun!
Fly high Buddy.

Diana Lafferty

May 5, 2020

Larry was a true, dear and long-time friend. We met while working at Compaq and both living in The Woodlands. We shared a love of music, laughter and cooking up shenanigans (mostly Larry’s ideas!) while at work and throughout many variations of Compaq. So much fun, fun, fun going out in those days – seeing live music, playing pool or darts with great friends, great food and of course margaritas! Larry was an amazing guitarist, and even taught my son how to play. I would send him beautiful pieces of guitar music over the years that I heard, and he introduced me to Robin Trower! Everyone always loved to hear Larry play. He helped my daughter with her first rescue dog –- she quickly added three more and always said she was channeling Larry! He was a kind, generous and gentle soul – a true friend of almost thirty years. It feels surreal that we’ll have to go through the rest of our lives without him but I know his journey continues, his spirit lives on, and like I told him when I saw him last -- we’re all just walking each other Home. He’ll always, always be in my heart, and so until with meet again Lar, I love you and cheers!

Veronica Ortega

May 3, 2020

I’m lucky I met Larry and spend time with him playing pool or darts. He was super charismatic and funny. I love him and I’ll make sure his beautiful grandson Saul loves him, even if he’s not around. Rest In Peace and see you later 🙏

Donna Supernaw

May 1, 2020

Larry was a true hero to those of us who shared his infinite love and compassion for dogs and their well being.
A life well lived; a man admired by so many and a void never filled by all who love him.
Condolences to his family - may sweet and lasting memories soon replace your grief.

Tara Batista

April 30, 2020

You are an inspiration and I always admired you for your compassion and dedication to animals. I always enjoyed our talks and pruning the huskies when they were blowing their coats. You were just a great human being all around and it was a blessing to have you as a friend. I rest assured that you are in a better place now and spending forever with all the animals you helped over the years that have passed. You will be greatly missed here!