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Jim Romero

October 1, 1964August 5, 2019

Jim Romero, age 54 passed away on Monday, August 5, 2019. Jim was born Thursday, October 1, 1964 in Denver, Colorado.

Those special to Jim and shared in his life are: his mother, Flora Pacheco; his siblings: Jose Julian Romero JR, Sophia Pacheco, Dennis Romero, Roger Benavidez, and Kenneth Benavidez. Carrying on Jim's memory are his numerous loving nieces and nephews. Relatives receding Jim in death are: his father, Jose Julian Romero, and Susan Romero-Dabney, and Odessa Donovan.

A graveside service for Jim will be held Saturday, August 17, 2019 beginning at 9:30 AM at Olinger Highland Cemetery located at 10201 Grant Street in Thornton, Colorado.

Fond memories of Jim and expressions of sympathy for his family may be shared using the guest book link below.


Jim Romero

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Jamon Rodrigues

August 17, 2019

I don’t remember uncle Jim too much, because I was so young when I was around him. But I do know he had a big heart & endless stories too tell. “Dunnie don’t do no doo-doo” is one that forever stuck with me. Rest happily uncle.

Flora Pacheco

August 14, 2019

Jim,Joe and I were going to go to the store by my house. The guys were on their bikes and I was walking. I had to stop to rest several times. When I rested the guys rode circles around me waiting for me. I told Jim “to go ahead I’m coming”. He turned around and said “Goat Head!! Why did you call me a goat head?” I said “I didn’t I said go ahead.”

It took us all day to get there but we eventually made it.

Jose Romero

August 14, 2019

My brother Jim. I’ll always remember our bike rides together. I’ll never forget and we will ride together again soon. Always and Forever Joe.

Ken Benavidez

August 14, 2019

Taking my little mom shopping all the time, she needs a step stool to get into the vehicle. This time Jim was with us and in helping her get into it he said “come on big girl”! LOL Not in a mean way. But again Jim was always cracking jokes. We still say that to my mom getting in the car. We still chuckle but now it means a whole lot more! I will miss his joking around and acting goofy all the time. :(

Paul Pacheco

August 14, 2019

One time me and my uncle were somewhere and he it was time to go, so I said "let's get out of here." So he said ok and started to skid his feet across the floor towards the exit. I asked "what are you doing?" He said "You said let's skid out of here, so I thought it would be fun to try it", and start laughing. So we made it a joke everytime we left places. He always found a way to laugh about something. He helped me to not take life so seriously, and there is always room to laugh.

Anna Benavidez

August 14, 2019

One of my favorite memories of Jim was when he started to call me “MeAnna”.

I had called moms house one day while he was there. He picked up the phone and then asked who is this? I said “It’s me Anna”, he proceeded to say “I don’t know a MeAnna”. From that day on that name stuck so at Walmart “Hey MeAnna want to do this” or at moms house same thing. 😊

Didn’t like it so much at the beginning but now I’m thankful for the laughs and time we shared visiting or helping mom out. Him sleeping on our couch or on moms floor after having a meal or his snacks for the movie.

He will be missed for years to come. Such a nice and loving person and a great brother in law!

Paul Pacheco

August 12, 2019

This is and picture but a really good one. I probably wasn't born yet when this picture was taken, but when I came across this picture, I had to have it. Uncle Jim top left, uncle Dennis in middle, my dad Paul top right. Uncle Kenneth bottom left, and uncle Roger bottom right.

Wendi Yadauga

August 11, 2019

I have enjoyed the friendship of Jimbo for a very long time and for that I am so thankful; but it's to short! I reminded him of his sister that passed away and he spoke of her often to me. He loved Susan deeply and you could feel it. I told him I am not Susan but I would be proud to call him brother. His love for hard rock/metal was a common thread and watching the energy he had was a delight. Always knew the pony tail came off here comes the Hulk! Beautiful smile and special friend are just the start of who Jimmy was. I miss ya already lol big brother.

Alice Foust

August 11, 2019

Jimmy you were always my brother. You help me more then you will ever know. I lost a piece of my heart the day we lost you. Bart and I will never forget the last coversation we had together. I love and miss you brother!

Emi Badalucco

August 11, 2019