Diane Earl Timm

September 23, 1944September 4, 2018

Diane Earl Timm was born on September 23, 1944 and passed away on September 4, 2018


Diane Earl Timm

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Cheryl Kirkelie

September 14, 2018

Two days ago at about 4am I awoke and read an email informing me of the passing of my child friend and former classmate Diane Time...I have had her on my mind for several weeks and wish I had paid attention to those "nudges" and given her a call.
We lived across the street from each other and spent a lot of time together...sleepovers, tried tanning on her garage roof one time, a party in her basement when her parents were out of town, sewing matching dresses in our Home Ec. class, sneaking cigarettes from her parents and then smoking down by the creek, waiting in her bathroom in the morning while she brushed her teeth so we could go catch the school bus, playing neighborhood baseball in the "lower forty, sledding down Thiessen Hill, and eating pickled onions and ice-cream out of her refrigerator after school...Such fond memories..but one of the best was when we saw Elvis live in 1960 (or so) at the baseball stadium in Portland..We started out by vowing that we would not the end of the concert, we were standing on the bleachers screaming our heads off...We had gone our separate ways over the years but had kept in touch, talked by phone met for lunch. and talked of days gone by ,our families and our love of our fur babies. I will miss you my friend

Diane Heesch-Nims

September 13, 2018

Dear Famiy,
Diane and I were best friends during seventh grade while attending Concord Grade School.
We played volleyball at school.
We spent a lot of fun times together walking to each other’s homes during summer days.

We “hung out” together with other friends in high school.

After graduation, Diane went to college back East and I took a bus to Utah for my first year of college.

After her career as a flight attendant, Diane came back to Oregon. She spent a few years at the Oregon Coast.

Finally, she returned to live in Canby, OR. I was so glad. We weren’t able to visit as much as we would have liked, but we did keep in touch.
My last visit with her was at her home in Canby. I brought my little dog with me. Her little dog was her companion. The two dogs played together while Diane and I took our time visiting and recalling old times.

I will miss my dear friend! My hope is that we shall meet again.

Love to her brothers and their families. You were so kind to her.

Thank you,
Diane Heesch-Nims