Brian J. Peppers

November 1, 1968February 7, 2012

Arrangements under the direction of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park, Toledo, OH.


Brian J. Peppers

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Ben Shaperio

September 8, 2021

Your love of life made me the man I am today

Ima Hog

April 30, 2021

Your love of hot dogs and dietary mineral water will always be remembered. If there is ever a way to travel in time, I will bring you back to the future so that you can see the current weight of this years champion. Then I would take you back so that you could rest.

Ben Stanley

March 10, 2021

I miss you so much my dear sweet, sweet boy.

Griffin Korn

December 18, 2020

Goodnight my sweet prince. I have only just recently heard the story of the man behind the infamous meme that originated sometime in early 2005 on ytmnd so I cannot say I've been here since the beginning. However, upon learning about your tragic life (some of which may be completely fabricated) I took an interest in you. It is sad that your story came to such an early and abrupt end but, maybe someday science will allow us to travel back in time and get to know the real Brian J. Peppers. Until that day I leave you with not a goodbye or farewell but rather see you again.

Alex Crawford

September 15, 2020

I will never forget when Justin Whang did a video about you, i've fallen fascinated with you ever since.. RIP ya meme. Btw he left in a time machine.

Devin Watkins

August 24, 2020

You were taken too soon.. god bless you Brian.. you myth... you legend... my wife chose you over me and that’s something I have to live with.. but you will always be a brother to me. Sleep well king.

Roman Polanski

July 22, 2020

Thank You For Your Participation in Our Ceremony in 2004 - You Were and Continue to Be An Inspiration to Our Cause !!!!!!

Gay Ball Strangler

July 14, 2020

If only I had a time machine to visit you in the past. Brian no, you're the man now dog.

Ethan Brian

July 9, 2020

You where a good man Brian you will be missed

You're The

April 15, 2020

All your base are belong to Brian.