Holly Ellsworth - Clark

November 24, 1992September 8, 2020

Little Holly: Dead and Gone. 1.5x a person but champion of everything small. A great soul with little time to waste. Babysitter, Baker, Bike-Breaker Extraordinaire, Inventor of the Bready-bear, and feared nemesis of all bicycle chains and carrots. Eater of all the plums on the tree. Fierce Competitor in hand soccer, pioneer of the knee-tilt in women’s wrestling, and ready to talk back to her coach in the middle of the match.

She moved through life with determination, though she felt the same fear as the rest of us, and maybe she felt everything more strongly.

A competitive soul who loved and encouraged her competitors. Proudly intolerant of bullies of all kinds. Brave enough to fail if she wanted to try something new – to try now even if asked to wait, to try even if she didn’t know how. She became accomplished through her failure while the rest of us were waiting, and inspired us all to try. A sensitive little girl with no time to put up with your shit. She loved the world and left her mark on it, and the scars of her love remain on our hearts.

6-7 time national heavy-weight title holder and Pan American champ in wrestling. Beginner in Jiu Jitsu, Coach in MMA. Comedienne. Gardener. Painter and inveterate drawer of pictures. Writer of an uncatalogued number of surprising and beautiful songs. Musician, Band Leader and Hard-assed property manager. Daughter. Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Sister, Friend.

She saw Death standing at my shoulder and laughed at us both.

Holly Rae Ellsworth-Clark

Proud Calgarian

Born: Clarenville, Newfoundland, November 24,1992

Died: Hamilton, Ontario 2020

Family would like to thank Holly’s friends and extended family for the support and love and often heroic efforts provided during the long search for Holly. We extend special thanks to the people of Hamilton who supported us and continued the search for Holly when we needed to return to Calgary. The family would like to extend their profound gratitude to Holly’s good friends Elle and SL for taking the lead in the search for Holly when we did not have the strength.

Memorial events are planned for Hamilton and Calgary on the 26th of September and October 3rd respectively. The memorial in Calgary will be small but streamed – so we don’t all get Covid19 and die. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the 541 Cafe and Eatery in Hamilton, or a charity of your choice.


No public services are scheduled at this time. Receive a notification when services are updated.


Holly Ellsworth - Clark

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Jenn G.

September 26, 2020

Holly, I never had the pleasure to meet you in person, but you have touched my heart profoundly. I love you immensely.

To Holly's family and loved ones, my sincere condolences. What a gift it must have been to be in the presence of such a beautiful soul. I hope that you can find solace in knowing that Holly's memory will live on and warm our hearts for years to come.

All my love,
Jenn G.

Diana Jacobs

September 26, 2020

Holly I have never met you but have had the pleasure to meet your family they showed so much love for you just know they never gave up ❤️❤️❤️ Dave and Greta you will always be in my heart

Tracy Trebych

September 26, 2020

Dave, Greta, family and friends. I am so sorry for the loss of your girl. Although I didn't know her, it feels as though I do. My heart is broken along with yours. May you find comfort in the memories you hold most dear. Fly high Holly, may you forever find peace. Sending you and your family so much love. May Holly's loved ones find strength in the coming days.
Holly has always mattered💖

Elizabeth Gray

September 18, 2020

My condolences to Holly’s family and friends. May love sustain you through the healing times to come. May you find deep and lasting peace in the years ahead.

Holly’s great gift to this city, through your efforts and deep love, was to bring the people of Hamilton together to search for her and uniting so many in those efforts.

As an Indigenous woman I have seen the pain of families and communities while searching for missing women and the ripple effect of their deaths. My prayers go out to Dave, Greta and Elle, to all who loved Holly. My heart goes out to you ❤️

Thank you for bringing out the best in Hamilton. May we learn from this and ensure that no one goes missing in this city unseen and unloved and unfound.

Toby Tinordi

September 17, 2020

I wish I knew Holly! She feels like a force! I offer my condolences through my dear friend Charles. She touched his heart and so she touched mine. So very sorry for your loss and my heart believes that she is at peace...

Lisa Gibbins

September 17, 2020

Words are not enough to begin to describe the beautiful and empowering descriptors of the beautiful Holly.
My family lived vicariously through my brother Dean as he shared your fear, terror, hope, determination, and helplessness as you looked for your beautiful Holly.
I can only share my most heart felt sorrow for your loss and your suffering.
I can also tell you that reading about Holly’s incredible life is truly inspiring. It has had a profound impact on all of us who were lucky enough to know her or of her, even if it was just through the passionate stories shared by those that loved her so much.

Our deepest sympathies
Lisa Gibbins and family

Denise Hebb

September 17, 2020

My heartfelt condolences to all the family and friends of dear Holly. I didn’t know Holly but she touched the lives of so many in our Hamilton community. RIP beautiful girl

Judy and Ray Powell

September 17, 2020

How well we remember the first time we met Holly. It was in the University of Calgary’s family garden. Dave, Greta and family were living in the university’s family housing at the time as we had been earlier. We were enjoying sharing gardening, university, Newfoundland heritage and other life stories with Dave and Greta when Kate, Caleb and Holly joined us. Holly was somehow riding a tricycle that was much too small for her and speaking passionately about something that I don’t recall. It was her fierce determination to be heard that shone through. We witnessed this same determination in Holly so many times in the years since. She was never afraid to speak her truth, especially in defence of someone else. In recent years we were so delighted to attend several of her performances especially the farewell one in Calgary before she and Randy moved to Toronto. What a wonderful sendoff onstage in a local brewery with all her friends and family bringing potluck food to share. The professionalism of the very large band brought together for the event and sense of optimism for the future was palpable. That was the last time we saw Holly and we will remember her best from that joyful night as seen in the photo below.
Dave, Greta, Kate and Caleb - you are an incredibly delightful, creative, and loving family, we look forward to making many more memories with you all.

Valerie Gordon

September 17, 2020

I am from Calgary now in Hamilton and like many leaving messages I didn't know Holly personally. But now I do. The person who wrote about Holly tells me so much about her...about what she loved and disliked, what she was passionate about, the person Holly was and is. Reading it, rather than feeling sad I was smiling. You encapsulated your girl so utterly and completely, and oh I so wish I'd had the opportunity to truly know her. I think we would have had some adventures. I know that to have written this you have as much joy at having known Holly as you have pain for losing her and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you for letting the rest of us know the girl, the woman, the daughter, the sister, the friend and all of the amazing things that made her who she was. I guess that's why she was so tall...there was just so much of her to fit in one small space. By the way, I also feel that she would have laughed a LOT at this obituary. I wish you peace and many happy memories.

Cheryl Paterson

September 17, 2020

Sending love to your family from Hamilton, Ontario. I will definitely donate to 541 on Holly's behalf. Holly's disappearance and your family's incredible search efforts touched the hearts of many of us in Hamilton. I am so very sorry for your loss.


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