Lavell Ann BALDOCK

January 30, 1947March 16, 2020

A shining light just left us. Lavell Baldock, poet, artist, and culinary whiz, has died of kidney failure, March 16, 2020 at the ripe young age of 73. Ready to explore her Golden Years, Lavell is now a cherished memory. Retired as the Fiscal Shrink, world’s nicest accountant, she was set to resume her early creative output. Sadly, not to be. Calgary-born Lavell was the beloved wife of Frank Baldock and daughter of Keith and Fran Ferris, sibling of Fay and Laurie. A celebration of her life will be held in the spring. Donations to Michael Garron Hospital Foundation. Her friend Jeanne wrote: Dear Lavell, my first and best Canadian friend. As soon as we arrived from France to live next-door You were helping right away Where to go shopping How to make scones Bringing banana bread and tea, seeing me tired through the window What a comfort to be loved immediately by such a close friend My happiness was to hear you laughing every day To see you quietly reading your newspaper in the morning Meeting you for a chat with some goodies of yours Near the blue small vases and crystal hens Near the flowers, the cyclamens To see your dresses, blue, purple, with long necklaces matching Always a clever word to say My writer, my painter and musician of a neighbor My Fiscal Shrink cheering me Always explaining precisely and clearly what to do. Sending me the right help, and an ear to listen So many lively stories, sharing the love of birds, of flowers, of food Honoring the friendship you gave me with no limit. Your house was ALWAYS open. Thank you, Lavell, And thank you, Frank, because there was no Lavell’s love without Frank’s love, No Frank’s love without Lavell ‘s love. I think of you when I see a cardinal, when I hear a robin, When I start planting for the spring. I think of you and I did not tell you enough. Now you know. Love Jeanne


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Lavell Ann BALDOCK

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Gerry Shikatani

March 26, 2020

It was always easy, very easy to be charmed when greeted by Lavell, dear Lavell, with that sparkle in her eyes, ready for what would be a time of lovely food, wine and story-filled conversations. Any occasion I’d meet with her and the amazing Frank, it was warm celebration. Her friendship and affection always enriched me, fortunate to be so generously graced, as were all her friends. Whether with laughter, nostalgic reflection or direct and sometimes smiling uncompromising honesty, came, it seemed, a sensitivity deep within her: her respect for others was moral, clear in the natural kindness and appreciation that flowed from her that brightened us all. While such sensitivity can bring challenging life situations, within her it drew forth a strength and creative passion that would flower into drawing, writing, and business wherewithal during her life – doubtless why it secured among her fiscal clients a reputation of legendary status.
The long constancy of love between Lavell and Frank was unmistakable - two brilliant and life-loving people, of two serious and amusing storytellers. The delicious morsels on tongue, a swish of faultless wine, and good talk was always in perfect set design: the cumulative of Lavell’s creative soul, the splendid beauty she made of their home that married elegance and cosy comfort.
I experienced that too in her work-in-progress: their Sheffield flat. She often talked with pride about their other home – and especially her source for many of the unexpected bargain finds – those appropriate touches - that gave her visible glee on their regular outings to the charity shops in the Woodseats district of Sheffield. Her face would light up especially with the name St. Luke’s – her favourite of those shops – where I imagine, the volunteers of St. Luke’s will fondly miss Lavell’s playful and sparkling eyes.

Alan & Catherine Gardner

March 26, 2020

What a sad occasion.

Only tempered by the many joyous moments we enjoyed over many years.

Most of all we’ll treasure her laugh – never to be forgotten, and thankfully heard multiple times over the last 30-plus years. So many pleasant occasions and memories, and always punctuated by that laugh! That’s what good times are all about.

Those memories will never fade, and we hope to make many more with Frank.

All our love,
Alan & Catherine Gardner

Tess Haines

March 22, 2020

So sad to hear about my next door neighbour Lavell passing. I remember so well when I was 8 and 9 years old, walking over and tapping on the sunroom doors to hang with Frank and Lavell. I don’t think I was ever turned away.. even in tax season. I would be there for hours, drinking ceres juices and will never forget it is where I tried pate and caviar for the first time. So generous!! Lavell talked to me and treated me like an adult guest. She critiqued my first poem (somewhat harshly! Haha but I appreciated it). Will miss you very much next door Lavell.

Rosemary Shipton

March 22, 2020

Tax season will never be the same again - an hour in Lavell's office, sitting side by side. She had me well trained to organize my documents, so the forms could have been completed in half the time, but that was not the point. Lavell was the Fiscal Shrink, and that meant conversation - witty, wise, and original. She was always colourful, in her comfortable clothes, chunky jewellery, and opinions of certain CRA officials. And she talked of Frank a lot - they were one of those couples where you always thought of them as a pair: Lavell and Frank, Frank and Lavell.

Frank, I know you'll be lonely without your Lavell, but you have wonderful memories of all the years you spent together enjoying fine food and wine, travelling, and enjoying a laugh. Treasure those memories now - and Lavell will forever be with you.

Wayne Heron

March 22, 2020

My wife, family and I are so saddened by the loss of this wonderful lady. I will sorely miss the conversations and laughter we have shared over the years. Lavell was smart, funny, loving, generous and together with Frank, made an amazing and inspiring couple. She welcomed me and my family without reservation. Lavell, I truly appreciate all the time we have spent together. We were truly blessed by your presence and will miss your laughter.

Frank, our heartfelt condolences.

Gillian Maloney

March 22, 2020

Lavell was one of the most kind and generous people I have ever met. And the deep love Frank and Lavell had for each other was inspiring.

Pat and I have very many happy memories of delicious meals, fun and laughter, practical advice and deep caring.

So sorry for your loss, Frank, and for ours.
Gill and Pat

Jan Scott-Charles

March 22, 2020

Dear Lavell,

I am so sad and sorry that you left us way too soon.

I recall our always - colourful conversations. You always shot straight from the hip, no mincing of words, or beating about the bush. You called it as you saw it!

Your outfits were always as colourful as your conversations. You were outstanding in every way.

Such a beautiful soul!

RIP Lovely Lady - You will be greatly missed!

My sincere condolences to you Dear Frank.

Jan Scott-Charles (#26)

Margaret MacMillan

March 22, 2020

Dear Frank, I am very sorry indeed to learn this. What a sad loss to everyone who knew and valued her. You will feel her loss enormously. You were such wonderful partners and had such a good and long friendship and marriage. I hope that it will be some comfort at such a difficult time to know how much you meant to her and how well and thoughtfully you looked after her.

Yes, she was a passionate original—it is a lovely and apt description. Everything she did, she did with great gusto and thoroughness. And she had one of the biggest hearts I have known—she was endlessly kind and patient. I know only a fraction of what she did to help people and suspect it was vast.

I have been thinking back to when I first met her, at a party Gerald Utting brought me to with lots of people from the Star. We hit it off at once and when I said I had never done taxes she offered—typically—to do them for free. I remember really having to persuade her to let me pay her. Over the years she trained me—as she would say herself—to organize myself and keep receipts. And I never would have thought of doing taxes as fun but it was always fun to come and see her and to chat to the two of you.

It is very hard indeed to imagine someone so vital and engaged is no longer with us.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

With much sympathy and all best wishes


Linda Bramble

March 21, 2020

Hello Frank,
It's been too long since we have shared a sip of great conversation.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved Ben in October so I think I have a sense of your loss, but, I expect each of us is so different in how we experience deep loss. Devastation hits us in the guts when we should expect it but don't.

What has given me strength is Camus who said: "In the midst of winter I found my eternal summer. In order for that to manifest I must be open and be willing to take risks."

My condolences to you my dear Frank.

Linda Bramble

Jason Balgopal

March 21, 2020

Oh, how terrible to lose someone as unique as Lavell!

As a neighbour, at the street parties, she would tell you her view of the world, and not hold back (especially when it came to "those people" at the C.R.A.!). She would have the craziest stories about what the "tax man" was doing to the poor taxpayer.

She was generous and gregarious, flamboyant and fierce, unusual and unique. She was all the things a free-spirit could be.

And what a companion to Frank! Who can think of one without the other?

We had recently done a small kindness for her, and in return she gave us this lovely orchid. We have tended to it regularly and it flourished.

Sadly, about 10 days ago, one of the stems took a turn for the worse...and then the flower wilted and suddenly died.

It was as if the flower were connected to Lavell...

Thank you, Lavell, for the spirit you brought to our lives! You will be missed.