Susan Janet Collier

January 22, 1960June 1, 2019

Susan Janet Collier, 59 years young, was born on January 22, 1960 and passed away on June 1, 2019, with her family by her side.

She was born to the late Robert Joseph Collier & Mae Jean Collier. Susan is survived by 4 children, 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, 2 nieces, 3 nephews, and one great niece and great nephew. Children are, Jennifer Collier, Robert Collier, Samantha Collier and Sara Collier. Grandchildren are, Dylan, Celina, Jeremy and Jaida. Great grandchildren are, Jennifer, Aiden and Aleah. Nieces are Jessie and Katie. Nephews are James, Jason and Andrew. Great niece is Giuliana. Great nephew is GianMarco.

Susan was one of nine siblings. Two brothers have passed away, the late William (Joey) and late Michael. She is survived by the following siblings, Danny, Cathy, Mary (Joanie), Sherry, Patrick and Terry.

Susan was a single mother, a kind hearted person and would help anyone in need. Susan was immensely proud of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and leaves behind nothing but beautiful memories. Susan will be dearly missed but NEVER forgotten.


  • Visitation Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • Funeral Service Thursday, June 13, 2019


Susan Janet Collier

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Sara Collier

June 14, 2019

Dear Mom, I just wanna tell you that I love you and miss you so much!! I wish that you were still here with me & everyone else but, I know you can’t be because you were fighting a silent battle for so long & didn’t tell us because all you wanted to do was protect us, when I was always trying to protect you! But only because I love you and I know you love us too! I’m not mad at you though Mom because it takes a strong and loving person to do that and you are that person!You we’re so tough & stubborn but I’m so proud of the way you kept on going with your life, the way you stayed yourself and didn’t let it get you down!! You kept on telling us in the hospital that you were tough as an Ox and that you were a fighter!! Mom you’re right you are a fighter, a fighter that overcame tough situations and smiled through it all. I’ll always be thankful for the time and years I’ve had with you even through your last days of life and the very last time you got to come home with us!! I thank you for raising me to be the person I am today, I may have been hard on you and have gotten mad at you but, I always loved and cared for you! I’m sorry you had to go through this cancer battle but in the end you didn’t go through it alone you had all of us with you by you’re side till your very last day! Even when we were sad you kept telling us that you were going to be okay and now I know you are. As much as I want you here physically you deserve to be at peace! I love you Mom I always will and I will always miss you, I’ll never forget you! I’ll forever miss you calling me every 5 minutes even though it drove me crazy!!! I’ll miss your voice, I’ll miss you lying down on the couch watching CP24, forensic files and Live PD and hearing you say “taser him, taser him”😂 that was the best!! I’ll miss you walking through the door every morning, I’ll miss you calling my name to wake me up out of bed, I’ll miss everything about you I love you Mom Rest In Peace♥️💙

Samantha Collier

June 13, 2019

My Dearest Mommy where do I even begin, you were the best anyone could ever ask for I’m so happy and thankful that I can call you my mommy you raised Me and all of you’re children as a single parent. You are Wonder Woman that’s for sure and even through difficult times you still kept that smile, I’m so proud of how strong you were I will cherish all the memories and times I just want you to know, I will miss you forever and I’ll love you for an eternity and the day God called you home I know that you took all the memories with you. My Dearest Mommy I love you

Dylan Da Silva

June 12, 2019

You were the best grandmother anyone could possibly ask for! You were the most caring and strongest person I’ve ever met. I will never forget how you took care of me Celina and Jeremy, We practically lived with you, you were like a second mother to us. Not only were you the best grandmother, you were also the best great grandmother to jenn and Aiden. Jenn would love to go for sleep overs at great grandmas, and I know she will have lots of fun stories to tell Aiden. I’m going to miss our morning conversations in the laneway before work sooo much! We all miss and love you SO very much! Rest peacefully, you deserve it more then anyone!

Natasha Pyle

June 10, 2019

Where do I start this woman right here was loving kinda hearted will help anyone in need I still remember when I first brought both of my sons over I still remember when I would sleep over Susan was a lovely woman I still can’t believe this omg can’t stop crying

Jennifer Collier

June 8, 2019

I have so much I could say about this beautiful woman, but my stories and memories would never end!! What I will say is, My mom was loving, gentle, kind, understanding, patient, funny and always there for anyone in need. But above all, she was our protector, the rock for her kids and the glue that will keep us together!!!!

Lori Hargreaves

June 8, 2019

There is so much I could say about this wonderful woman, but there's not enough space or time, I never trusted anyone with my daughter but Sue, she was a great babysitter/bestfriend/gramdma/mom
She was karissas favorite person in the world other than her parents, she filled in the empty grandma spot for karissa and she filled in the empty mother spot for me, i lost my mom 14 yrs ago but I gained another one 5 years ago, Sue and i shared so many laughs,& secrets, she was always great for advice. She was a great friend to George and i, she helped us when George was ill, and had open heart surgery,we couldn't have done it without her, she was always there when we needed her, she will be deeply missed by George, & I and of coarse her lil TIMBIT, that was her nickname for karissa.
We loved her very much, it will never be the same without her.
R.I.P Sue you are sadly missed by many.

Greg Antwi

June 8, 2019

She was a wonderful kind and a sweet lady I'll never forget always making us laugh I always ask Sara how u were doing and always had a great time wen u came with the squad to CNE can never forget tht but i'll miss u very much and love u ur in a better place r.i.p Mom

Sunny Sandhu

June 8, 2019

She was a great friend, an amazing person and a wonderful mom. She always cracked jokes with me and always started the day off with telling me how the weather was. We had soo many laughs and good times together that I could never forget. Such a hard person to ignore but such an easy person to love. Her personality was so happy and her smile was as bright as 100 suns. She was such an a strong and amazing person and she always made peoples day with her jokes and singing Elvis songs. I could never forget such an amazing person, she was always wanting to watch movies, cops and forensic files. She’d always say taser him when watching cops and it just cracked us all up. We were like homies, always teaming up on Sara making jokes about her wanting pizza when she’d say she’s sick of it. I’ll always remember that amazing woman.

Jason Collier

June 8, 2019

My memory of susan janet collier is. She was a amazing person a great aunt she loved everyone plus helped others that were in need She was a great mother and she was always nice warm hearted kind to everyone also she was the best aunt anyone cloud ask for.

Mallory Dority

June 7, 2019

Sue was a great neighbour and fun friend. We shared many laughs, living in the same building and she enjoyed my husband joking with her. We will miss her and her sexy legs (my hubby made me type that last part about her legs!) RIP Sue.