Arthur Henry Sullivan Jr.

March 3, 1947December 4, 2018

Arthur Henry Sullivan was born on March 3, 1947 and passed away on December 4, 2018.


Arthur Henry Sullivan Jr.

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Robert Johnson

December 16, 2018

I met Art in 1968 at DMAFB. He met everyone with a smile and truly made them feel welcomed. Art was a great friend and we had fun whenever we got together. I will miss Art. My deepest sympathys goes out to Debbie and all of the Sullivan family.


December 15, 2018

For our dear brother in Christ:
To me Art was a prince of a fellow. He made others to feel special. He showed a true concern for the welfare of others and went out of his way to show it.
He noticed that I had a weight problem and a bad knee which made exercise difficult. Art told me they had a large exercise bike and wanted to give it away. He even delivered it to our house clear across town. Later I was able to lose weight and get a replacement knee. He often came down from his seat on the back row to visit and see how we were doing. Once he asked me how I was able to jump so high when playing volley ball at church gatherings. I told him that at Stinnet Tex high school I played on a team that won the district. [ I also was an over-achiever.] Art enjoyed speed. He told me of the fun he had on a jet ride from Tucson to Texas with the AZ air guard . They went at a speed measured - Mock. While working at the AZ air guard he participated in delivering fuel bladders to the desert where they were camaflouged , filled with fuel for our tanks and trucks . He also worked on saving the military funds by putting larger new wings on the 'wart-hog' fighter;thus extending their useful life.
He was a care taken with Debbie for their grand-kids. He often told me he had to leave right after services so he could coach the grand-kids ball games. We often talked about our concerns and experiences helping our children with their drug rehab .
When he had rang the cow-bell to signal the completion of his cancer treatment ; he told me to include him in the worship-services schedule because he wanted to take part and he did. "His light showed by his good deeds and through this we Praise God!

Patrick Callahan

December 10, 2018

In September 1968, I came to Tucson as a GI not knowing a soul. My roommate, Doug Grimes, introduced me to three other Gi’s stationed at DM. There was Dave Jones, Bobby Johnson and this soft spoken, quiet gentle giant named Sully who nearly crushed my hand when shaking it. He had an unforgettable smile and demeanor that started a 50 year friendship. After we went our separate ways, we lost contact for years but when we ran into each other again, it was as if we were out having a beer the night before as we did in our earlier years and no time had passed. You just don’t find friends like Sully anymore. My brother in arms will be missed dearly and never forgotten. We will meet again. From Pauline and myself, our deepest sympathy goes out to Debbie, children, grandchildren and all of the extended Sullivan family. You have been blessed to have this incredible man be the rock of your family.

Cal & Pauline Callahan

Candee Johnson

December 9, 2018

Buddy will be missed by his friends in Lake Wales and the Class of '65. Love, Candee Davis Johnson and Larry Linton

Michelle Sullivan

December 8, 2018

We lived in Benson for a bit. My mom had gotten a job so things changed a bit. I watched my mom cook so I figured I would take charge.and have dinner ready when dad got.home. I made mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and homemade gravy. Well when my dad got home he was surprised. He cut into the chicken, it was badly undercooked, we put it in the oven. He sat down to try my potatoes and gravy. My potatoes were.too runny. And my gravy was thick and lumpy. My dad smiled, saw that I was on the verge of tears and plopped some gravy on his plate and poured mashed potatoes over it. Lol I love you pops.

Bryan Sullivan

December 7, 2018

Uncle Sully -

You were always Sully to me ever since I was a little kid. I always thought your name was Sully until I joined the Navy and everyone started calling me Sully. I only let or liked the nickname when my friends called me by it. I didn't feel as though I deserved that title because to me that nickname was reserved for you.

I have a lot of cool memories of time spent with you but one that comes to mind often times while rollin down the highway on my harley is the time you gave me a ride on your motorcycle when you and the family lived in Benson AZ. I thought that was just the most awesome thing in the world when you rode out onto the interstate and opened it up. I remember you saying, "your probably the only kid you know that's gone over a hundred miles an hour"! I can say that now cuz you're gone and you won't get in trouble. It was only for a few seconds but that memory has lasted my entire life.
You had a way of always making me feel like I was important to you, you always wanted to talk and you were never too busy to listen. You had that look of interest when we spoke.
I remember we drove around Lake Wales Florida and you pointing out places that you and my dad used to go fishing and other places of interest to you from your younger days and I also remember when you pointed out the hospital that I was born in. That was really cool of you to do and I will always remember that trip.
There are so many things about you that will stay with us, your family, thank you for being the very cool Uncle Sully that you were and I will miss you. I don't remember the big hugs that your famous for but I'll tell you that I certainly do remember the punches to my shoulder.
Your nephew - Bryan

Kim Stalker

December 7, 2018

Another camping picture...

Kimberly Stalker

December 7, 2018

Art and Mary (camping in Ocotillo 2017)

Kim Stalker

December 7, 2018

I had so much fun camping in Ocotillo with Art last year. It was cool to have him out with us (plus Debbie, Dakota, and Connor) to see what Mary and her family love to do. He even threw on a helmet and let my brother Brian (Mary’s husband) take him out for a ride.

I’m a quiet and shy person around people I first meet, but Art always talked to me and made me feel so comfortable around him. He made me feel like family, and I loved that about him. He also was so sweet to my daughter and always told her how beautiful she is 😊

Every time I saw him, he always made me laugh. He was so funny. I loved his sense of humor. I think the first time I met him he was telling everyone a story about asking the vet how much it would cost to put a dog to sleep. I can’t remember how much the vet said, but he said he told the vet he had a gun or something and would just do it himself (kidding, of course). I think the vet thought he was serious and just imagining how awkward that would have been for the vet cracked me up 😂

I will miss him so much. He was definitely taken from everyone way too soon. I hope the wonderful memories of Art help everyone get through this difficult time. Xoxo

Kelli Sullivan Hiers

December 6, 2018

I will miss you so much. I cant put into words what that conversation we had after dad died and you reassured me that I hadnt failed him like I truly believed I had, meant to me. Thank you for that. You were my favorite uncle, I loved when you and aunt Debbie would come visit and we would belly laugh. I am sure gonna miss those hugs. I love you and will miss you forever. Your niece, Kelli