William Kaveloh Jr.

November 7, 1929August 8, 2018
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William Kaveloh (Bill) Jr. known as Dad, Grandpa, Gramps & Gman to his family, 88 years young, passed away peacefully, with his family gathered around his bedside singing Because He Lives, as he ended his earthly journey, on August 8th 2018, and was welcomed to his eternal life with his Lord and Savior. He leaves behind his wife of 65 years Marion, his daughter Diane (Lee), son’s Todd (Sandy) and Scott (Julie), his grandchildren Jason (Shannon), Derrick (Chrissy), Jenifer ( Seth), Sonja (Caleb), Cassie, Kristen and Tyler, along with his great grandchildren Brandon, Hailey, Hunter, Dillon, Shelby and Ryleigh. He began his earthly journey in Royalton Illinois on 11/7/1929, the youngest of two boys born to Robert and Sue Kaveloh, he was preceded in death by his brother Robert, and his parent’s Robert and Sue. His parent’s had to make a difficult, big move during the depression, going across country to Tucson, a place they had no family, or friends, after his dad became gravely ill with black lung disease, from working in the coal mines, and was told, he must move out west to survive. Bill was only seven years old when they arrived in Tucson, although he would ultimately make Tucson his life time home . He attended Tucson High, then joined the Navy, serving his country on an aircraft carrier. After returning home, he married the love of his life Marion, and started their life together. He first went to work on the Southern Pacific Railroad, staying there eight years before joining the Tucson Fire Department, making that his career, he retired from the department after 20 years of service, reaching the rank of Battalion Chief. He then started a second career as power plant safety officers, first working at Arizona Electric Power, Apache Generating Station in Cochise AZ, then moving to Springerville Generating Station, Arizona Power, when it opened in Northern Arizona, before finally retiring for good. From the time he was a boy, he was taught all the different aspects of the construction trade, he and his brother built his family’s first Tucson home as teenagers, with their dad’s direction, he went on to build several spec homes, as well as his own family’s homes in Tucson, and a cabin in Pinetop AZ. Throughout his life, he pursued his lifelong passion for hunting, evident when you look at the many trophy mounts hanging on the walls of the cabin in Pinetop, they still remain there today. he hunted in Canada, British Columbia, Alaska, and all over the US, he loved to tell all of us the stories of his various hunting trips. In his later years, he and his wife enjoyed some traveling, but many a summer afternoon, you would find him sitting on his porch swing reading his favorite author Zane Gray, or just dreaming of building a self- sustaining property where he would grow, and sell organic beefsteak tomatoes that he loved so much as a kid! Some of his favorite times were entertaining all of his family by making his mom’s famous fried pork chop, fried potatoes & onions, fresh green beans, fried cornbread, tomato & onion salad & strawberry shortcake, all while reminiscing over his adventure packed hunting trips! The cabin in Pinetop was a gathering place for the family, many wonderful memories were made as the grandkid’s grew up visiting, fishing for crawdads in Billy Creek, sledding in the cinder pit, belly boat fishing in Rainbow lake, cutting Christmas trees, having snowball fights, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit….. it was our family’s “happy place”, to gather together, and relax. Sadly when Marion was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the decision was made to move back to their Tucson home, although he sold their beautiful cabin to Derrick family, one of his grandson’s, making their dreams come true, it remains in the family, so the memories continue…. thanks Gramps!

We love you Dad, Gramps, G-man, until we meet again.

I Corinthians 2:9 But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.


  • Funeral Service Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • Graveside Service Saturday, August 18, 2018

William Kaveloh Jr.

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Chrissy Brown

September 9, 2018

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures. Gramps told me "Chris, you might as well take a seat, this is going to take a while". And he was right. I miss hearing him calling me Chris. Living in a home that he built, surrounded by the animals from his great adventures, is like having a constant hug from him. It might be a while Gramps, but save me a seat.

Derrick Brown

September 8, 2018

I still can't believe how quickly everything happened. I remember sitting next to you at the player piano singing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree" thinking you were the biggest, coolest Grandpa around. I remember how proud I was of your hunting accomplishments when my friends would come up to the cabin with me. I remember when Mom would talk about how you broke down in the hallway of the Pediatric ICU when Grandma and I got in the accident it would make me tear up. I remember the day you agreed to sell us the cabin, it made a lifelong dream come true. Most importantly I remember our last real talk over the phone when you were at Health South, and the things we spoke about. Like you telling me you were secure in your salvation, and would see us all again one day. Love you bud, until we meet again one day...

Lee Brown

August 22, 2018

Well Bill, your race is finished.
I remember the first time I met you. You were a very large man, with very large hands. I was a young guy just out of the Marine Corps, but in a lot of ways still a kid. I was taking Diane out on a date and I had a 2" wide leather watch band on, and you suggested I wear a watch with a more appropriate band, and you just happened to have one I could borrow. After four years dating Diane, you blessed me by placing her hand in mine. I already had a son, being a widower, but you never treated him any different than if he was born to you as a grandson.
You were responsible for me finding the career I never considered. I was happy being a brick layer, making good money and had self satisfaction of hard work. You pointed out that I could do both. When construction started gong downhill in the late 70's I decided to get serious about the department. When I got on in '79, you retired the next January saying it would be harder being related to a battalion chief than if you left. Your plan was always to leave after 20 years, but that is always the plan, not always done. I couldn't imagine a better career that the fire department.
You and I always joked back and forth about the Navy vs Marines, and I think l always won😊. I can say that now. However the other day I tripped over your tennis shoes, and I think you finally got me back.
This last year hasn't been the smoothest, but I was honored to bring you to our house for a couple days. We actually talked more substantively than before. You were awake at midnight and later. We could see you being restless but trying to be quiet, and then apologizing for being a pain, you weren't! I think Diane needed that time. You wanted to ride on the Last Alarm truck. I think you were happy, and l was honored to drive it for your last ride on a fire truck. Thanks for you! RIP until we meet again. Say hi to mom and dad.

Diane Brown

August 22, 2018

My First Love
My First Hero
My Dad
Dad today we said goodbye to you for the last time on our earthly journey, I already miss you terribly. After your beautiful service, I went to see mom, I'm glad she has no understanding in one way, because there is no pain of her loss, but profoundly sad for her, that she lost the one that she shared her life with. I held her hand and whispered that she went with me, and that I said goodbye for her this morning. I have a treasure chest of memories to hold close, I believe that's God's gift left for us when a loved one is no longer here..... I walked past your shoes this morning, and I remembered when I was 13, and crying because my feet were size 11, you quietly bought me a very expensive pair of Capizos, the night you got me off the bus before leaving on our youth group trip, to tell me that you had accepted the Lord before anybody else, in case something would happen to you, you wanted me to know, how you rocked our father daughter volleyball game my freshmen year because you were the tallest dad there, driving my friends and I to the lake for a water skiing trip after being hurt at a fire the night before, and in the hospital all night, asking for money to go out after church with the youth group, and you would give me a twenty, just in case, corsages for me whenever you brought mom one, walking me down the aisle at my wedding, with your voice cracking, kissing me on the forehead as you put my hand in Lee's hand, saying go with God my many more, I will treasure as long as I live. I'm profoundly grateful to God for the opportunity to bring you to our home for several days toward the end of your earthly journey, God provided His balm of forgiveness, that He generously applied, and it permeated every heart hole of hurt's and misunderstanding's, I believe it to be one of His miraculous gifts in my life, that I will be eternally thankful for. Dad I love you, I miss you, and as Chrissy said, save me a seat.❤

Jim Grasham

August 18, 2018

Most of my memories of Bill were on the job. He was my favorite captain. He gave me the confidence as a rookie firefighter to do whatever I wanted with my career as a firefighter and make a difference.

As many will say, he was one of the biggest men I had ever met. Stronger than many realized. One time at a house fire Bill told me to check the attic for fire extension. The ceilings in the house were 10 ft. high so I turned to go and get a folding ladder when he asked me where I was going. I told him. He told to hang on as he lifted me up through the scuttle hole by my ankles. I weighed 220 lbs back then and I had 90 lbs of fear in. He lifted me like I weighed nothing and held me up there for several minutes. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Sonja Tafoya

August 16, 2018

We love you Grandpa

Barry Smith

August 15, 2018

My prayers are with the Kaveloh family,may God comfort you during this time. Bill was the kind of man you didn't forget once you met him,much less after getting to know him. I had the pleasure of friendship with his sons and my belly filled with meat from his hunts in years passed. Never won a single argument with the man, but got good advice and opportunity to learn construction and life lessons from him. I can only imagine the void that is filled in heaven by his presence there. I look forward to meeting him there,and thank God for loaning him to this world.

Joy Lynne Bishop

August 13, 2018

Bill was a big man with a big heart; big enough to lovingly enfold my big family of 9 siblings and parents. His spiritual and emotional support saw us through the death of my daddy and the myriad of details that needed attention after. He was a mentor to my brothers, for which I am so very grateful.