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Mickey Boyd Schultz

August 24, 1942May 15, 2020
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Mickey Boyd Schultz, age 77, of Olympia, Washington, passed away on May 15, 2020. He was born in Ellensburg, Washington on August 24, 1942. Mick received his Masters in Counseling and his Masters in School Administration. He was married to Tamra Schultz on December 20, 1964.

Watch the memorial service: https://youtu.be/6OS1DCS-RZ8

Mick worked for 30 years in education as a teacher, coach, principal, and athletic director in Cusick, Washington and Newport, Washington. Since 1978 Mick had been a member of Gideons International and served as the Washington State President as well as participating in Bible Blitzes in Malaysia, Venezuela, and Nigeria. Mick served 30 years on the Dalkena Community Church Elder Board at his beloved home church in Dalkena, Washington. He was the State “B” Basketball Tournament Director in Spokane, Washington for seven years, inducted into the Washington State Athletic Directors Hall of Fame, and was an avid Washington State University Football and River Ridge Hawk Football supporter. In addition, Mick Schultz served as a Captain in the United States Army and was a military veteran who served in the Vietnam War.

Mick is survived by his much loved wife of 55 years, Tamra Schultz, brother Jan Schultz, sister-in-law Judi Schultz, daughter Deborah Olsen and son-in-law Daniel Olsen, son Stephen Schultz and daughter-in-law Tami Schultz, grandson Colby Schultz, granddaughters Rachel Bagnard, Cassidy Fike, and Makenna Schultz, grandson-in-law Eric Bagnard, nephew Tod McLaughlin, nieces Jamie Lynn Schultz and Christine Bruner, and beloved family members Lori McLaughlin, Sidney McLaughlin, Kaele McLaughlin, Eric Bruner, Ryan Bruner, Jessica Bruner, Aaron Bruner, Jim Irby, Dave Irby, Sue Irby, Garrett Wallace, Bradley Wallace, Aron Wallace, Teri Wallace, John Cupp, Lori Cupp, Tom Alongi, Linda Alongi, Maiya Alongi, Jenna Alongi, Joe Alongi, Betty Alongi, Lynda Walley, Al Walley, William Kearns, Christine Kearns, Kelley Kearns, and Rhett Kearns.

Memorial donations can be sent to: Gideons International, PO Box 140800, Nashville, TN 57214-0800.


  • Funeral Service with Graveside to follow

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Mickey Boyd Schultz

have a memory or condolence to add?

Larry Mellgren

May 27, 2020

Mick and I were Childhoods friends when he went to Cusick HS and WSU.
He was a great guy.

My condolences to the family.

Debbie Turner Hime

May 21, 2020

He was my art Teacher in High school at Newport art has been such a big part of my life because of him .I became a pastry chef I use art everyday. Mick was my favorite teacher and asst coach what a great person . Prayers to his family

Julie Campos

May 21, 2020

Mick was always a smiling face, a welcome word, and a great sense of humor. He was truly a man of God in all his many walks of life. Well done, Mick!

Mike Parker

May 20, 2020

I was appointed High School Principal at Newport High School in 1994
Mick was my AD and Art teacher there but he soon became much more than that for me...
He was a rock solid professional that I soon relied on heavily for wisdom and advice.
Mick had the driest of humor And often laughed at his own jokes....I remember him as a die hard Grizzly as well

I admired Mick for his commitment, moral character and work ethic

God brought him home Too soon!


May 20, 2020

We called him "Art". A genuinely kind hearted man. Always kind and encouraging. you knew when you disappointed him, he had that look that i had seen a few to many time in art class. Art was our 9th grade football coach and led us to an undefeated season. He basically stood on the sidelines and let us play whatever position we wanted. His kind soul and that constant little smile was always an encouragement. One of my favorite teachers. God's goodness was truely seen in him and his beautiful wife. His love for his students spoke louder than words.... A good good man.

Marla Funge-McLaughlin

May 20, 2020

Mr. Schultz was part of the scenery of my childhood. From school to Bible School. He was a military hero and a great man who was a great role model for all of us. He will be greatly missed.
RIP Mr. Schultz.

Karla Johnson-Wright

May 19, 2020

Mick had a great impact on my life as a young girl and teen at Dalkena Church. He always had time for us, he always checked on us. He genuinely cared for us. Such good memories! Debbie and Steve were our friends growing up. Our Dad was Pastor Jerry. Was sad to hear of Mick’s passing, would like to see he and Dad catching up! My love and prayers go out to the family. I am so sorry for your loss Tamara, Debbie , Steve and family! Grateful for glory! With love ~karla

Vicki K Bronson

May 19, 2020

When I began teaching in Newport I met Mick, and I knew right away what an upstanding and solid person Mick portrayed! My two girls were fortunate to be students of Mick, and through his influences have become wonderful artists. His presence in this world will be sorely missed, and I know that we can see him again!

Norma Schettino

May 19, 2020

I am so saddened by this news😪 He was such an awesome man. I treasure the 17 years I got to work with him at NHS, and my end of the school year plaque from his art students. He always distributed the "left behind " art treasures.

Vicki Vogel

May 19, 2020

Mick and Tamra, I was blessed to have been able to live in your little home on Westside Calispel and have you as my "landlords". I could feel your love for Jesus exploding around you in every word/action/emotion etc... You shared your horses, dogs, kittys (even letting me have Butch :-) and your beautiful garden. Now you Mick, are in the presence of our Lord and knowing we will see you again brings a bit of joy in our sorrow. Give dad a hug for me and I will see you again.



Watch the memorial service: https://youtu.be/6OS1DCS-RZ8

Mick Schultz - Husband, Dad, Papa, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle, Mentor, Teacher, Coach, and Friend. His faith was the number one priority in his life, but his family and friends were a close second.

People who knew Mick remember him as a “good man” whose actions modeled a life of honesty, integrity, wisdom, and hard work. He was kind, caring, humble, and had a way of connecting with each of his family members on an individual level. He was unique in many ways, but what’s most incredible is that he had a way of making those around him want to be a better person, a better Christian, a better family member, and a better friend.

Mick had a very steady, quiet confidence that many of his family and friends respected and loved. Not only did he “talk the talk” when it came to his faith in Christ, but he “walked the walk”- and he did it incredibly well. Mick wasn’t “preachy,” but shared his faith boldly. He had the uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time. His love for Jesus showed.

As his granddaughter, Rachel, said:

“[Papa] studied his Bible more than anyone else I’ve ever known. He read it cover to cover countless times. He knew death wasn’t the end of this journey... He knew where he’d be going. He knew he’d be in Heaven with God for eternity… He handed out Bibles to more people than we can count and brought many into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Mick was looked up to and respected by all of his family as a kind and Godly man. Jan Schultz, Mick’s younger brother, said it well:

“Our age difference meant that we didn’t play on the same team or have the same friends, but Mick was not only my big brother but my hero. He was my hero when I was in elementary school watching him score touchdowns, making points and 20 assists in basketball, making a play on a rocket ground ball to third base. He was my hero when he married the Pend Oreille County rodeo queen. He was my hero when he went to Vietnam and my hero when he had two beautiful babies. He was my hero when he had a positive influence on thousands of students. He was my hero traveling the world helping the Gideons spread the Word [of God]. He was my hero when the two beautiful kids became two outstanding adults...”

Mick’s family was everything to him. Not only was he a wonderful brother, but Mick was an incredible husband throughout his 55 year long marriage to his beloved wife, Tamra. The two met while attending high school in Cusick, Washington. Tamra said, “We never yelled at each other, and I loved him very much. We did everything together - the Gideons ministry, WSU football games, we taught Sunday school, we worked in the same school district and on the ranch, sang in the church choir, and so much more.” Mick was only separated from Tamra when he would travel on Gideon mission trips. They were a great team that complimented each other well.

Mick was Debbie’s number one confidant when she ran up against a challenge, whether it was a personal or professional struggle, or a life threatening hospital stay, Mick and Tamra would be there at a moments notice providing support. Steve and Debbie could count on their Dad no matter the situation. They knew his love was unconditional.

When Steve was little, Mick would catch Steve hiding behind the couch trying to watch TV late at night. He would put Steve on his lap to watch Johnny Carson’s opening monologue before both of them went to bed.

Mick was such a loving father and grandfather. He was giving, wise, and present for all of his children and grandchildren. As his granddaughter, Cassidy, said:

“Papa AKA ‘Pops’ was not only a great grandpa, but an overall amazing and giving person, that I can only hope to be more like one day… Going through school, Papa was always there for me and told me how proud of me and all of his grandkids he was. I will be forever grateful for how much Papa helped me with school and how he taught me to be a better person.”

Acts of service and generosity were Mick’s love languages and we all felt it. Christmas was a very special time for him and Tamra. He loved when the family could all come together and celebrate. Mick and Tamra were world class decorators and loved to “deck the halls” with all their fun Christmas decor - they had a deer head up on the wall in their log home that Mick would put the red nose on so it looked like Rudolph. They were also the world’s best gift givers - from Tamra’s famous hot chocolate, beautiful wrapping paper and sports teams mugs with some extra gift cards or cash tucked inside.

Mick was extra generous to Tamra at Christmas. For example, Tamra would say, “Oh no Mick! We decided we weren’t going to get each other very much.” This happened every Christmas morning!

Not only was Mick generous with his family he gave support to many organizations. When Debbie looked at his bank account a couple days ago, she discovered that he was regularly giving to many organizations such as Options Pregnancy Center, Union Gospel Mission, Disabled Veterans, American Heart Association, Paralyzed Vets of America and on and on. This did not include Mick and Tamra’s tithes to Evergreen Christian Community, Dalkena Community Church, Village Missions, Young Life, Tyndale Bible Translators, World Vision, Surge International, and the Gideons. He would give quietly without recognition and his family knows he probably did more than they’ll ever know. Mick also made sure Tamra had enough money saved for her to live a very comfortable life after he was gone. He was incredibly thoughtful and caring.

Mick had a love for athletics coaching both Steve and Debbie in high school. He taught at the high school and was always around - probably to try to keep them out of trouble. It worked for Debbie, but not always for Steve. Mick and Tamra never missed a game when Steve was playing college football. This was when Mick was the Athletic Director and would have to manage a high school football game in Newport, then would drive all night across the state to be at every game, only to turn around drive home, and do it all over again the following week.

Steve recalls one game when he had a game two hours south of Portland. Steve told Mick to not worry about driving all night so Steve wouldn’t worry about him and Tamra traveling. Steve remembers having his best college game in a barn burning win, being on the field after the game, wishing his Dad could have been there, only to see Mick walking across the field to shake his hand and tell him “good game!”

When Steve and Debbie became teachers, their Dad was there to support and help them. He was Steve’s number one fan as he coached the River Ridge Hawks football team, especially when his grandson’s Colby and Brad were on the field, as well as when Steve coached Makenna in basketball her senior year. Steve looked forward to his post game conversations where Mick would have to occasionally talk Steve off the ledge after a tough loss.

Mick and Tamra were continually present and would attend as many of their grandkids' events as possible - dang near every one. From watching his oldest grandchild Rachel to his youngest grandchild Garrett, his love for athletics has been passed down to all of his family. He, along with his whole family, were able to attend Makenna’s last basketball game at Saint Martin’s University in February...and he wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Makenna remembers his post-game texts after every game: “Excellent game! Tough to lose. Very proud of you for many reasons. Get rest on Sunday. Then leap out of bed Monday morning and get to class. We left some chocolate pie in your fridge.”

Mick and Tamra both loved Cougar Football. They were die hard fans and would stay to the end of the game even when the Cougs were losing, it was snowing buckets, or the temperature was below freezing. Debbie knew when the kids had spent time watching sports with their Papa. She would come home to Rachel and Cassidy yelling at the television, mimicking their grandfather… “What?! That was a foul ref - come on fellas!” or “Geeze, come on Cougs!!”

Mick’s love for athletics also made a huge impact on his son-in-law, Dan who is also a huge sports fan. Dan said,

“I was blessed to know Mick as a friend, wise father figure, and disciple of Christ who set the example of how every man should live. I always looked forward to spending time with him and will cherish the good times and great memories. Looking forward to seeing him again in God’s glory and where the Cougs play in the Rose Bowl every Saturday.”

Mick was humble. Humble to the point where people (including his family) had to dig to find out all the things he had done. Here’s our chance to brag on a few of his accomplishments:

● Mick worked for 30 years in education as a well respected teacher, coach, principal, and athletic director in Cusick and Newport, Washington.

● Mick received recognition as Athletic Director of the Year six times in District Seven. He was the State “B” Basketball Tournament Director in Spokane, Washington for seven years, and inducted into the Washington State Athletic Directors Hall of Fame in 2003.

● Since 1978, Mick was a member of Gideons International and served as the Washington State President as well as countless other roles supporting the Gideons, including Bible Blitzes in Malaysia, Venezuela, and Nigeria, giving out thousands of Bibles. We would not learn about how dangerous some of his trips were until he returned and shared stories like visiting prisons in Venezuela and walking amongst the prisoners giving out Bibles. That didn’t seem to bother him at all because he was doing God’s work.

● Mick served 30 years on the Dalkena (doll-kenna) Community Church Elder Board at his beloved home church in Dalkena (doll-kenna), Washington. Where he and Tamra were married and attended for over 60 years.

● Many people don’t know that Mick is a Veteran. He served as a Captain in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He was asked to continue in the service but he chose to be a teacher instead. Tamra remembers back to when Mick was in Vietnam. She explained, “I was on my knees in prayer every morning and every night asking God to bring him back home safely.”

As amazing as Mick’s accomplishments were, what stood out to his family and friends was his fun sense of humor. He could quickly come up with a witty comment that had everyone rolling with laughter. His daughter Debbie stated, “You could always just look at Dad after something funny was said, and the expression on his face and eye contact would make you laugh harder. I liked how we could look at each other and know what the other one was thinking.”

Here are a few things that the grandkids put together that they’d like to share about their Grandpa:

● His chuckle - we’ll never forget Papa’s chuckle when we did something ridiculous like making a very detailed PowerPoint on the many different types of poop or when he appreciated Dan or Colby’s bad joke with a playful smirk. Or,his chuckle when Grandma would watch “Christmas with the Kranks” for the 15th time and die laughing at the bathing suit scene.

● His witty humor - he constantly made funny comments that would make us die laughing. His humor was clean and on point. He had a way of imitating a woman that would make us all laugh like crazy.

● His love for sweets and Grandma’s cooking - he loved a good cup of coffee with a cookie, some ice cream, or a slice of apple pie. He really enjoyed Grandma’s pot roast and homemade spaghetti, or when Steve would make him a good steak. Needless to say, he probably had all of these things for his first meal in Heaven with Jesus.

● His “gum tree” - at Christmas he continued Uncle Ned’s tradition of tying gum to the pine tree outside the log home so that the grandkids could “pick” off the “ripe” Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum. He told us grandkids that it was a gum tree.

● His projects - whether it was the treehouse he built for us grandkids, painting a sign for the church, or installing a volleyball net and basketball hoop so he could sit on the deck and watch us all have a good time. To name a few.

● His Influence - his grandson, Colby, said he was a “great father, awesome grandfather, and an even better Christian.” Colby remembers going to Grandpa’s house where the fishing poles were always ready for him to dip into Calispel Creek just because Gramps knew Colby couldn’t wait to catch a fish.

They say some memories fade, but Mick’s memory will not be forgotten. He left a lasting impact on everyone he came in contact with. We love you, sweet Pops! We will see you again in Heaven someday.

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