Pak Wai Mak

November 27, 1928January 12, 2021

Pak Wai Mak was born on November 27, 1928 and passed away on January 12, 2021 and is under the care of Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home.

Graveside Service will be held on January 25, 2021 at 12:00 pm at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 3789 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC.

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25 January

Graveside Service

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

3789 Royal Oak Ave
Burnaby, BC V5G3M1


Pak Wai Mak

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Helen, Rose, Pak Wing Mak

January 22, 2021

Our Dear Cousin

We cherish our families living through the war at Bonham Road, your school lunches at our home, Mak clan birthdays where your mother and you enjoyed a drink, Chinese New Year, your wedding and births of your loving daughters, helping Helen board her flight to Canada, and the visits in Vancouver.

We remember your pleasant manner, in your welcoming, soft spoken down-to-earth way. We enjoyed your common sense, the old things you recalled and the new things you picked up.

You lived a long, meaningful life: raised a good family and opened their door to Canada, cared for mother and sister, and served the public well. Rest in Peace. You had a good life, and may it be even better where you are now.

Janet Mak

January 18, 2021

I remember Dad being taciturn when I was a kid. While Mom was strict on us, Dad seldom intervened in our studies or habits. However, when he said something, it meant serious …
Dad got quite some hobbies in his earlier years … cars, stereo system (referred to as Hi-Fi at that time), classical music, drinking beer & cognac. He liked switching cars from time to time and enjoyed going for rides. Still remember his red 2-door Alfa Romeo … we three girls had to squeeze into the back seat!
Knowing that Dad liked Richard Clayderman’s music, I brought him to see Clayderman’s performance at the Hong Kong Coliseum in the mid-80s. He really enjoyed the show. Dad had a taste for classical music – piano, violin & orchestra. In his Richmond house, he had a good stereo system with 6 loud-speakers. Whenever Mom was out for mah-jong gatherings, he would put the stereo on really loud, listening to his favourite music.
Dad came to Vancouver in 1988 and had enjoyed the leisure lifestyle. He was never picky about food & enjoyed basics like Starbucks, Subway & Tim Hortons. He liked watching TV - the CTV News & Movies/HBO channels were his favourite.
Dad’s health started to go downhill in recent years but was still mentally alert. Could not cheat him when talking about money! For his age, he could be considered as quite blessed.
Dad is now in a better world, with Mom. May he rest in peace … he will always be remembered from the bottom of our hearts!

Elise Kwan

January 18, 2021

Though Grandfather was seemingly reserved at times, he never failed to indulge my childish wants and interests. For many years, I would look forward to visiting Grandfather in Vancouver. He bought me a wooden string puppet at Granville Island when my mother said no. When I got severely ill during one of my annual visits, he thought of me by giving me a solar-powered moving doll to cheer me up. Over the years, Grandfather's health did decline, but he still loved to drink Tim Horton's coffee and ask about my day. My childhood would not have been the same without him. And as I take my first steps into adulthood, I will always cherish the memories we shared. You have been a very successful, kind, and hardworking person whom my mother reveres; you have truly lived well and influenced many people with your work ethic and personality. Rest in peace with Grandmother.

Jenny Mak

January 17, 2021

There are so many memories of dad...he bought me my first cassette player/recorder with a tape of Don McLean's American Pie, he took me to the Peninsular Hotel for high tea after Parents' Day at school and bought me my first Parker fountain pen, his funny pranks on the wrong phone callers, his love for tasty crabs, his passion for sweet desserts and his collection of vinyl records.

Dad never intervened in my studies or what I wanted for my future. Not once had he criticized me for getting a bad grade or doing something wrong. Even when I shattered the glass door to the balcony, he just held his anger to himself and never yelled at me. He was always just being there quietly and provided support whenever I needed it. Only after I had become a parent myself that I realized how tolerant and commendable dad's parenting style was, to accept us for who we are.

For the past 10 years we had regular hour long calls every Sunday, a time when he would open up and talk about, Hong Kong politics, US politics, technology and food. In the later years he had become more forgetful and kept repeating himself, yet he still showed great curiosity in new technologies and terminologies. 

Even though dad is no longer with us in person, he will forever exist in our heart. May he rest in peace alongside his parents, siblings and our mom. We will miss you Dad! God bless.

Sandra and John Lai

January 17, 2021

Met Janet in 1982 and her respectable parents in 1983. The admirable couple was open minded, approachable, friendly, humble and spoke words of wisdom to enlighten the younger generation. Didn’t often see them but they surely had inspired us the way to raise our family. Will greatly miss him and may he rest in peace and reunite with his loving wife in Heaven.

King Wong

January 16, 2021

Uncle was a taciturn when Julia and I met him 40 years ago. We respected him for his upright character. After we met more, we found Uncle knowledgeable and humorous. Being looked after by filial daughters, he stayed lively after his 90s. May Uncle's soul rest in peace and join Aunt in Heaven.