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Jacqueline Pongowska Hunt

June 15, 1932August 4, 2019

Jacqueline Pongowska Hunt was born on June 15, 1932 and passed away on August 4, 2019.


  • Celebration of Life Friday, August 9, 2019


Jacqueline Pongowska Hunt

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Christine Higgins

August 9, 2019

Dear Stephanie and Kevin,
Hearing that your darling Mum has gone is very sad news. She definitely was a very strong woman and I feel very privileged to have known her. We had a very long friendship and visited each other no matter which side of the world we were on. It was wonderful when Jacquie was able to visit us at our home in Dunbogan, Australia. We were right by the sea and we would cycle along the seashore on a lovely bike path all the way to a coffee shop where we could watch the pelicans. In the mornings we would have our breakfast overlooking the ocean and watch the dolphins surfing. We had lots of fun together. She was a real inspiration to me as she managed her life so well in spite of difficulties in her later years. Sharing the sorrow when her beautiful Julie died. We remembered Julie very well from when she babysat our girls and they loved her too. Jacquie always kept up her activities as long as possible. Even when Parkinson's reared its ugly head she still managed to cycle as long as she could. Then she took up drumming which she dearly loved. It was amazing that Jacquie was able to come for the special event at Philemon Wright last year and that she was so lovingly celebrated and recognized by so many. Unfortunately I will not be able to come to the service for your darling Mum but will be thinking of you all.
This is how I will remember her:
“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller
It was such a pleasure knowing Jacquie and I will miss her.
Thinking of you and sending strength and courage as you celebrate the life of Jacquie.
Lots of love and hugs.
Christine Higgins
“I didn’t know then that death’s first effect is to bring the deceased to life in the minds of those who have loved that person, and with a clarity and intensity never again equalled.”
- Gabrielle Roy

Rick Higgins

August 8, 2019

Dearest Jacquie, you have been such a vibrant and loving part of my and our lives for 45 years now. My memories of times and talks and arguments with you seem to have had no beginning and until I pass they shall have no end.
Hiking and biking in the Gatineau hills and in Australia. Beach walks. Lively dinners and home stays. Crying together over Julie. Talking with, at and over each other on endless ideas and reactions to education and societal conventions. Whether you were geographically challenged - smile. Our shared love of poetry.
Jacquie you made a huge difference in my life.
Remember our talks about Tagore? Well, I cast off now with this fragment of his.
“I think of other ages,
that floated upon the stream of life and love and death and are forgotten,
and I feel the freedom of passing away.”
Float well, dear friend,

Sue Ward

August 8, 2019

Jacquie was our long serving membership person on the Club Tread Executive, our hiking group, where I served two terms with her. Jacquie's reputation in the Club was legendary. After three events guests were required to join and if they did not, or if former members were late in renewing, she would track them down and ask them to get right on that. You did not want to be "that guy who was yet to pay up". My other memory of her was the book review program she hosted at the university radio station. She often said she greatly admired the interviewing style of Eleanor Wachtel of the CBC. Jacquie had a keen mind and a sharp tongue to match. There is another bright star in the sky tonight... virtual hugs to surviving family members and friends, Sue Ward

Jon Lo

August 7, 2019

It was a pleasure getting to know Jacquie at Parkwood Place for the few years that she was here. I am still baffled every time I am reminded that she poured so much of her time and love to edit and produce 11 issues of her famous, When We Were Young: a short newsletter that highlighted personal stories of other residents and staff members at Parkwood Place. It was inspiring to see someone work so hard to promote others around them, and she was always so humble and hesitant to take credit for herself. Thanks for the great memories, Jacquie, you will be missed.

Barry Gaetz

August 7, 2019

Jacquie was one of the first persons I came to know when I joined Club Tread about 25 years ago. I will always remember how she displayed a rather plucky attitude about things, and she never hesitated to let people know what she thought about matters on occasion. I recall that on one of my first hikes that Jacquie was leading -- it was somewhere in Thetis Lake Park, I believe -- we had stopped for lunch. After I had finished my apple, I threw the core away, into the nearby bushes. Jacquie immediately said to me: "Pick that up." I replied, "Oh, that doesn't matter. Apple cores aren't litter and --" She cut me off right there. "Pick it up," she demanded, rather imperiously, I remember. I immediately got the distinct impression that if I did not pick that apple core up she and I might resort to fisticuffs or something. So I, sheepishly, retrieved the apple core from the bushes. To this day, I have never thrown away an apple core into the bushes or anywhere else other than some kind of disposal container. This little woman had a remarkable way of influencing people even on little matters. Rest in peace, Jacquie.