Jessie Mantle

January 19, 1932September 2, 2021

Jessie Mantle, age 89, of Victoria, British Columbia passed away on Thursday, September 2, 2021. Jessie was born January 19, 1932. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy can be shared with the family below. Arrangements entrusted to the care of First Memorial Funeral Services, 1155 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia. Phone 250-384-5512


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Jessie Mantle

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Fiona Sudbury

October 9, 2021

I met Jessie in 1988 at the 2nd Nursing Theory Congress in Toronto, a smashing gathering of nursing nerds. I had just finished my Masters and was new to the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gerontology. Two years later I moved to Victoria and reached out to Jessie. She introduced me to the many wonderful nurses working in the Victoria LTC community. So many told me they became committed to working in eldercare because they had studied with Jessie at UVic. Jessie helped us believe in the importance of our work.

Howard Brunt

October 8, 2021

Jessie was my colleague in the School of Nursing at UVic and provided me with mentorship and support throughout my career. She was full of compassion, intelligence and wisdom; a true triple threat. Her curiosity and passion for research were fully integrated into her excellent clinical practice with the elderly. Her work informed and changed nursing practice for the better and she will always be remembered as a nurse’s nurse.

Nora Lewin

October 8, 2021

Jessie loved life and she lived it to the fullest!

Eileen Curteis

September 27, 2021

I first came to know Jessie at Queenswood, our Sister of Saint Ann Retreat Centre in Victoria, when she came to take her Reiki training with me.  Little did I realize at that time what an important part she would play in my future.  When Queenswood closed in 2010, Jessie came along as a supportive friend at a time when I needed her gifts, her skills, her knowledge.  She was one of our founding members of Queenswood Holistic Healing and Spirituality Society.  She worked tirelessly along side Sharon Burkmar, our co-founder with myself, along with Marnie Bradfield and Sandra Price, our treasurer.  Perhaps one of her greatest gifts that touched me deeply was her faith and belief in God's goodness and her unselfish way of loving others.  She was an inspired woman, multi-talented, fun to be with and loved by so many.  You will live on in our hearts and in our memory, dear Jessie.

Mary Buzzell

September 25, 2021

Jessie was an incredible friend. I remember her for her caring, compassion, and thoughtfulness. We met at McGill University School of Nursing. She had a passion to learn French. Jessie moved in with two French sisters who spoke no English! We travelled widely across Canada and beyond. Jessie will be remembered in so many ways. I miss her deeply. Mary Buzzell

Marnie Bradfield

September 20, 2021

Jess was my first prof at The University ofVictoria when I returned to complete my Bsc in Nursing. She was so inspiring and engaged in her teaching, it motivated me to put the best of my ability into her courses. She later encouraged me to go to grad school (and wrote me a reference letter). That was Jess’s nature..she encouraged and mentored..and supported students,colleagues, friends, ..and I think even a few adversaries.
I went to grad school, and it was one of the greatest “gifts” of my life. Thank you Jess,. As I’ve told you, I would never have done it without you.
Jessies became a friend, and in 1986 when we were on sabbatical, she looked in on my mum who was in care facility. Jess help and support guided me later, through my mum’s palliative journey.
I could not pay sufficient tribute to Jess for all she contributed to her profession teaching, research, mentoring, and in her “gifts” to the lives and health of her friends.
In 2005, Jess visited us when we were on our annual visit to South Africa. She was with us for a month and my husband (as a South African) felt we must really showcase the country to her. Hence evolved a wonderful, fun journey that took us from Zimbabwe to Capetown, Always observant and insightful, Jess saw things, made observations and asked questions that gave us “new eyes’ for South Africa !!
Jess became part of our family. She sewed little dresses for our grandchildren and accessories for me. She attended our youngest daughter’s wedding with Belinda and our first grandchild’s baptism.
We shared many interests in wide and various aspects of spirituality. Our contemplative retreats were treasures in this pilgrim journey.
Jess’s interests in gadgets and technology .. her creativity/generosity live on. .I.e Two sewing a treasure for a refugee mother and one for gran thrilled with all “extras” that came with Jess’s machine.
Jess,our unique and precious friend, we miss you terribly.

Bridget Shumka

September 17, 2021

Twenty-nine years ago this month, I met Jessie Mantle. She was the professor of my very first class at UVic as I started my BSN. A wonderful teacher, she inspired me to trust my intuition and to value my curiosity and creativeness. Jessie was wonderful, kind and caring and over the years our friendship grew. I always say that she got me into so much mischief though dowsing, palm reading, astrology and shopping. I like to pretend that I was never guilty. When I think of Jessie now, I especially like to recall how much fun and laughter we shared. I remember asking her advice as I was considering leaving nursing and going into real estate. Well, wouldn't you know that she had just learned to dowse, so she suggested that she use her special pendulum to determine my future. Strangely enough, it answered positive to both real estate and nursing. Always trusting Jessie's sound advice, I began my exciting career in real estate. Years later she admitted that she had never really mastered the pendulum technique!! I did eventually return to nursing.
One special memory was the time that I wrote and she endorsed something about me that was published in a local magazine - which almost got us into lots of trouble. Luckily we managed to get out of it. We decided that if they did plan to send us to jail, we would insist on the same cell and laugh our way through our prison sentence.
And, laugh we did, often, and every time we got together or spoke on the telephone. We came up with spontaneous ideas and adventures. I loved the time she played the outdoor piano and I sang at Cattle Point. We felt like stars; even though there was no audience.
Jessie was the most fun friend I have ever had and I do miss her. We did make a pact in the past 2 years that both of us will be reincarnated at the same time and we will become Nurse Practitioners and work with the Inuit.
Farewell dear friend and, please start working on your dog sled skills. Iditarod here we come!!

Elizabeth Laugharne

September 15, 2021

My memories of Jessie will always bring back those associated with her enthusiasm and willingness to accept the challenges of being offered a
first time Gerontogical Clinical Nurse Specialist, Juan de Fuca Hospitals - School of Nursing, University of Victoria Joint Appointee position.
She came to Victoria determined to succeed and to be able to share her nursing and teaching experiences with those Care professionals faced with the ever increasing complexity of health related needs of the elderly!! How fortunate we were!! Her legacy remains never to be forgotten by those who have followed in her footsteps!! Bless you, Jessie!!
Elizabeth Laugharne
Associate Executive Director, Health Care Services (Retired)
Juan de Fuca Hospitals, Victoria, B.C.

Naida Hyde

September 14, 2021

Jessie was a force; she lived life large and with contagious exuberance. She and I became friends just over the past two or three years although we had met at Positively Africa on its Board. I have a background in Nursing from U of T (6T4), Boston College Master's in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, and then teaching on their faculty. Jess and I enjoyed spirited reminiscences about her career and mine over lunch at Cattle Point, Fernwood Square, or anywhere else she wanted to go.
I miss Jess terribly. I miss her kindness, her thoughtfulness and her caring. She told me I was on her prayer list. That was a first for me although spirituality is central to my life. Early in the pandemic she decided to call me each evening since I am alone. We had great phone talks, some short, others extended. She soon told me that although she had started calling me because of my need she soon realized how much she enjoyed our talks. We had great laughs.
Jess was a mentor to me about aging, about which I feel immense gratitude, especially how to age with grace and appreciation for help offered.
And now she has joined the wild and strong women ancestors who surround and guide me.
Lucky me!

Alice Baumgart

September 14, 2021

Jessie was a long-time and wonderful friend as well as an imaginative and impactful nursing colleague. Visiting Victoria will no longer be the same for me without Jessie there. Jessie and I are both Vancouver Island girls, she hailing from Chemainus and me from Duncan, towns in the Cowichan Valley which are just a few miles apart. When we were both working as clinical instructors at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, we would often travel together on the Nanaimo ferry to visit our families on long weekends. My father would meet us and drop Jessie off at her parents in Chemainus enroute to my parent’s home in Duncan. Later, I followed Jessie to Montreal to study at McGill and to benefit from boarding with the same Geoffrion sisters with whom Jessie stayed during her Montreal years---yes, they were relatives of hockey great, Bernard (Boom Boom) Geoffrion. Both of us benefitted from the proficiency we attained in speaking French by living with people who spoke little English and through the experience of living in a very French part of Montreal.

As others have noted Jessie was a person of many parts. What good fortune to have known her for so many years and to enjoy the blessings she brought into our lives.