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Johnnie Mathias Long

October 17, 1958May 16, 2020

With a heavy heart I would like to share that my dad passed this morning. I've seen quite a few Facebook posts already but I wanted to share this with our friends and family.

My dad was special, if you really knew him you loved him. If you were just meeting him, you were like, "who the hell was that guy?" He was a real horseman and he cared about the others like him. So many people have stories about "Hustlin' Johnnie Long... I remember when I was a kid he even had a sign for his horse trailer stating it. As kid I remember going the Delta, Toomey, and other people's farms so dad could "break their horses". I would get scared for him because he would get bucked off or brushed against the wall but he would always get up, brush off, and get back on. He was a real life cowboy, he was Hustlin' Johnnie.

Growing up around the track and tagging along with my parents I became "Little Johnnie". No matter how old or big I got, I would say to myself how come they never remember my name. Now thinking back, I didn't realize that it was a compliment because it showed how much they thought of him. Yes, there has been good times and bad. There's a lot of memories that are flooding back to me now because this is the start of trying to remember my dad because he's no longer with us.

Some of our best times were working together at the farm and the track. I envied how tough he was and how many people liked him. A lot of times we acted like best friends instead of father and son. I know we would've been closer if I would've stayed working in the horse industry because that's who dad was.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped my dad along the way. The last year and half has been a trying time. Dad was the toughest man I've ever known and he would never stop moving forward. Thank you Dad for showing me the world doesn't stop for you and keep pushing ahead. Thank you for taking care of mom and I, giving my kids their 1st pony ride, we will miss you. It will take some time to get over not having you with us. I promise I will get our girl some riding lessons...😉

I can't help but think that he and his buddy Murray Craddock are already hanging out.

I love you Hustlin' Johnnie... that guy, he's my dad.


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Johnnie Mathias Long

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Mary Hollyfield

May 29, 2020

This o

Bonnie Breaux & Billy Stelly

May 27, 2020

First time I met Johnnie. I was pre-warned that Johnnie had a personality out of this world. Johnnie would say and do anything for a laugh. Good hearted as there ever was. Billy and I will miss ole
Johnnie. He could make you laugh and give you the shirt off his back. Rest in peace cowboy. You are a legend at Delta Downs.

barbara sowers

May 24, 2020

Wow, Johnnie long. Haven't seen him since high school. I had heard that he went to Louisiana. Figured like most race trackers that it was just for a while. Then, I heard that he found a wife down there.

Sounds like he didn't much. He was always good-hearted, good for a laugh , somebody could never forget.

Sounds like he was much like his father who was handy with a lot of things. As well as good with the laugh. His brother C with all the descriptions that I see Johnny's friends make, they could be describing C as well. Both were handy Horseman, and do most anything with a horse, and do it well.

School field trips were fun for sure when Johnnie was on the same bus. Poor bus driver, haha.

No we didn't keep in touch , but I did hear updates from his brother C from time to time. And it was a bit of a big shock to see it on Facebook my old Hometown neighbor, Farm Boy, Horseman, race tracker that I hadn't seen in Forever had passed away. From all your descriptions it sounds like it was a life well-lived, and a life of Honor. I don't know how he passed but I hope he was comfortable.

Hey Johnnie, since you made it up there before I did and apparently it sounds like you appreciated a good Pony I got a couple of good ones up there ,some of the best. Help C look out for them until I get up there with you guys okay? Fond memories. My heart and prayers go out to Johnny's Louisiana family, his son, may God wrap his arms around him as he raises Jonny's grandchildren.

Sharon “Peveto” Hamilton “Ms Hambone”

May 21, 2020

Johnnie Long and this picture of him and whoever captured it should go down in the Hall Of Fame💙🙏

Carol Wantz

May 20, 2020

One winter day me and Johnny went to the backfield near a pond will the cows stayed until it was time to come into the barn and milk the cows it was a good snowy day we had a toboggan it went up the hill oh yes I am Johnny's on together went down and hit a spot went flying in the air at was really fun but we tried and tried could never find that spot ever again don't matter we still had a load of fun laughing and joking then we went to the hay barn we had a rope where we used to swing we have some City kids they asked us is that string to ring the bell for the cows come in we had to tell him know we're just having fun I don't think they quite understood don't matter we had some fun then we had her horse saddle in a rope what's the scoop shovel one rode the horse and pulled the other sometimes we would fall off course it's a nice snowy night close to Beaver going too fast hope it kept falling off and getting back on that was fun one way then in the milking Barn milking the cows we had people visiting we would tell him been down we have something to tell them so we took squirt them in the eye with the milk sometimes they would love some wasn't happy on it sometimes we would play the game tie each other up see how long it it would take us to untie but Johnny was little faster untying his self and I was I always thought that was pretty cool our dad would take us to horse shows they had a class called back-to-back their back we'd have to walk Trot and Canter horse with no saddle on of course Johnny was little at that time didn't take much to turn him around possibly run the class had a good time but was sore to next day then Johnny had this red man chewing tobacco he said Carol try some of course I did he forgot to tell me to spit the juice out I done swallowed some got pretty sick I think I turn different colors but Johnny thought it was really funny it was I shouldn't have done it by the way I'm his sister Carol 6 years older in Johnny God bless his family and friends

Tracy Taylor

May 20, 2020

Johnnie could always brighten your day with some story that was wild and most definitely true. He was a big help to us the last couple years and this breaks our hearts. Hopefully he and Murray are talking trash somewhere. 💙

Vickie Mosier

May 19, 2020

I am sorry for your loss. I meet Johnnie a few years ago. He was a kind man and a friend, he will be missed. He is in Heaven riding all the pretty horses.

Traci Baird

May 19, 2020

Johnnie was a real cowboy. A real horseman.
I always loved when he ponied me before a race.
He ponied me my very first race I rode. I know so many people have so many great memories of him. He will be missed. It’s not goodbye old friend- it’s I’ll see ya later

Lorna Sue Miller

May 19, 2020

The most real fried anyone could have. Always knew where you were with Johnny . One of my very best true friends. He will always be in my prayers.

Linda VanBebber

May 18, 2020

So sorry to hear of this news today. Johnnie always had a big smile and loved to make you laugh. He loved to holler and cut up when we ponied together. I remembered that App horse he rode forever. They were both tough as nails. Rip Johnnie Long.


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