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Raymond Smith Sr.

June 2, 1950January 22, 2021

Raymond Smith, Sr. was born to Lucinda and the late Frank P. Smith on June 2, 1950. God called him home to rest on January 22, 2021.

Raymond graduated from Dunbar High School and attended the Community College of Baltimore, where he studied interior design. Shortly thereafter, he joined the United States Army where he served in Vietnam.

In 1975, Raymond met the love of his life, Dawn (Burrell) Smith. They were joined in Holy Matrimony on October 16, 1976. From this union, they were blessed with three children.

Raymond accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, and lived his life accordingly. He retired from the Howard County Board of Education where he worked for 28 years.

He was a very hard worker who loved, and was truly devoted to his wife and family. He did everything in his power to ensure that they were well taken care of, and would always give great advice and encouragement for them to do better.

Raymond’s smile would brighten up the darkest room. He was a kind and loving person and was a pleasure to be around. Everyone loved Raymond and he will truly be missed.

Raymond leaves to mourn, his loving wife, Dawn Smith, his three children, Raymond Smith, Jr., Cory Smith, Sr. and Dawn Renea’ Smith, one daughter-in-law, Alexis Smith, seven grandchildren, Victoria Smith, Mikayla Smith, Alissa Smith, Rayven Smith, Cory Smith, Jr., CorRon Smith, and ShaCaria Smith, his mother Lucinda Smith, five sisters, Yvonne Perkins, Lorraine Zimmerman, Lucinda Smith, Marlene Smith and Cathy Smith, four sister-in-laws, LaRessa Tate, Audrey Chavis, ShaRon Johnson, and Candice Burrell, two brother-in-laws Douglas Zimmerman and Thomas Johnson, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other family membersi and friends.


  • Memorial Gathering, Huntt Funeral Home, Waldorf, Maryland

    Saturday, February 6, 2021

  • Memorial Service Huntt Funeral Home, Waldorf, Maryland

    Saturday, February 6, 2021


Raymond Smith Sr.

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Keona Smith

February 5, 2021

I’m truly going to miss Uncle June. I remember always coming to visit the house to hang out with Dawn and always being excited to go see Uncle June because he always had a great story or something interesting to tell every time I started talking to him. I always learned something new about him or about the world every time I visited. I enjoyed seeing his smile, as I walked in and spoke to him and Aunt Dawn. I’ll never forget all of those memories! I’ll never forget his smile every time he seen me. I’ll never forget how much he expressed how proud of me he was and supporting me through my college journey. I seen him as a father figure in my life, due to his caring and accepting nature, and he will always have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten.

I love you, Uncle June. I miss you, and I hope you are resting in peace.

Lorraine Zimmerman-Zabdiel

February 4, 2021

My Dearest Brother,
I am missing you so much, I can bearly stand it. I keep telling myself that you are in a better place than here on earth; trying to ease the pain of the reality that we will no longer see you or hear your voice again while we are here on earth.

When we were "wee" little kids, we played together all the time. I guess in todays world we would have been called "Besties"🙂.
One day our playing together was challenge by some neighborhood little boys that you became friends with. When they asked you, who is that girl? You said thats my sister and she can play with us too!
They said "no" we are not playing with no girl! You walked be back home and got one of your hats to put on my head to hide my braids. We went back outside to play, and we meet up with the boys again. They thought that I was another friend of yours, and we all played together just fine...until my braids fell out of the hat I was wearing and then they started shouting "thats a girl"🤫and we are not playing with no girl!! you looked at me with sad eyes and without speaking a word. I known what your eyes were telling me. "Sorry sis they don't want to play with you because you are a girl"
So, I sadly walked home (and probably ended up playing with my dolls).
My brother that was so many decades ago. But I will never forget that episode when we were growing up. I also remember when almost everyone thought that we were twins. We are one year apart and both of us born in the both of June. I guess thats why they gave you the nickname "June".
I am going to miss you so were the solid rock in my life who gave me comfort during my many struggles in life.
May GOD bless your soul and welcome his good servant home.

Your sis,

Donya Zimmerman

February 3, 2021

Uncle June was very supportive of me and my dreams. Whenever, I visited him and Aunt Dawn, he always gave me good advice. We had great conversations about politics and current events. He was a humble and sweet man. I am going to truly miss Uncle June and I wish I had the chance to see him one last time to have one of our deep conversations.

Rest in Heaven Uncle June.

Love from your niece,

Donya Zimmerman

Audrey Chavis

February 3, 2021

Rest in Peace Raymond. You fought a good fight. You will be missed..

Dwight Jackson

February 3, 2021

Losing Raymond feels like losing my Brother, because our friendship goes back 60+years. There’s no one else alive who can validate my childhood like Raymond, because we grew up together.
Please allow me to explain. My family moved from Catonsville to Pimlico when I was in elementary school. I was angry, because I had to leave all of my friends and a girlfriend behind. The first day in the new neighborhood I was outside with my little cousin John, who slipped and fell while roller skating. Raymond was walking past and laughed. I was already angry and said”what so funny, fool?” Raymond simply shook his head at me and kept walking. Found out later that Raymond lived two houses down from me and we soon became best friends.
All through my life I’ve learned so much from Raymond. When we were kids we delivered daily morning, evening and Sunday newspapers, laying the foundation for our strong work ethic. Raymond taught me if you really want something, work hard and achieve it. By the time we were teenagers we shared a love for fashion, but there was nowhere in our community to shop. Raymond’s solution was to “hop a bus” to East Baltimore, about fifteen miles away. (We didn’t pay the bus fare-we literally “hopped “ onto the rear bumper and held tight!) We shopped for our clothes, placed them on layaway until we delivered enough papers to pay for our wares.
At age 22 I brought a new Porsche and didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. Raymond taught me drove me to the dealership. I believe he was happier than I when I drove that sports car home. He had a smile so big you couldn’t see his face. God, I’m going to miss that smile. 😊
Raymond encouraged me to move to Howard Co. twenty three years ago. I cannot tell you how much that insight positively impacted my life. Not only did my son receive an excellent, public school education but the value of the property more that doubled before I sold it twenty years later.
Raymond will always be with me, until we meet again

Derrick and Malaika Zimmerman

February 3, 2021

My uncle was a wonderful man and human being he always look out for those close to him he was always welling to help and always kept a smile we are going to miss you and always love you uncle June 😢👑 a true king

Robert Coleman

February 3, 2021

To Family,
I was working in the custodian office at Jeffers Hill Elementary school. The day building supervisor was on the phone complaining about on of the workers. She walked out the room, about 2 minutes later this guy walked in smiling from ear to ear. Well, that person was Raymond Smit. I set there looking at him thinking , I guy with that kind of smile can’t be that bad. That’s when I told Ray, get ready they are coming for you.that was the beginning of a 37year friendship . Ray cared about his family and would help anyone that need help. We went to the Jazz festively and had a wonderful time , that is one of many. I will say this , the work Ray has done it’s speaks for him.

Brittany Wiggins

February 3, 2021

You will truly be missed uncle June. You have always been the life of the party, and we will keep the party going for you ❤


February 2, 2021

💕💕 In memory of June with love. May God continue to keep and bless your wife and family.
Stokes family💕