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Crystal Michelle Sanchez Ortiz

August 17, 1994May 18, 2020

Crystal Michelle Sanchez Ortiz was born on August 17, 1994 and passed away on May 18, 2020 and is under the care of Funeraria Del Angel West Covina.

They are survived by Elva Sanchez (Mother), Angel Sanchez (Father).

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  • Elva Sanchez, Mother
  • Angel Sanchez, Father

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Crystal Michelle Sanchez Ortiz

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Rafael Ortiz

June 3, 2020

1994 was a very special year for many of us. Tia Beatriz and tio Beto came to Los Angeles for the first time, and my sister Elva was about to give birth to her first born. The week before giving birth, we were able to take our aunt and uncle to several places like Griffith Park, Beaches, and other places. My sister, Elva, with her belly ready to burst, was enjoying everything like if she was not pregnant. Finally, the day came when she gave birth to a baby girl. August 17, 1994 on a Wednesday afternoon, Crystal Michelle Sanchez was born. At that time, I was working in near, and I remember getting the news and heading to San Dimas hospital right after work to see my sister and her newborn. This day forever changed my sister’s/Angel’s live, my parents and my brothers, and of course mine too. It seems like yesterday when Crystal was playing in the house, and I would hear her cry but it was part of her playing. Also, when she would listen to Enrique Iglesias and she had a love bird look in her face. Or, the days when we would visit them, and then she would cry because we were leaving, and she would ask why we couldn’t all live together. Many lovely memories when we went camping, and I was always willing to carry her on my back when she was a baby and a toddler. Eventually, camping at Yosemite became our family trip, and that was a special place for her. She was able to share this special place with some of her friends, which we all welcomed them. As a young adult, I saw some of her doings, but she has really taught me a lot about her dedication to her spiritual life, and still being able to work and get her degree from Cal State Fullerton. She has done a lot more and touched many lives, which many of us have yet to accomplished. I tell my daughters that their cousin Crystal is an excellent role model for them, and many people. Crystal, you will forever remain in my heart, and I know that you are in Heaven. Thanks to GOD for this gift. I love you!!

Rossie Patlan

June 3, 2020

My Sweet Crystal,
Truly a great example of a Godly Woman. One whom loved God without any borders. Whom dedicated and praised God with her life. A young beautiful woman whom inspired many to do what was right. One whom sacrificed her life to serve others for the Glory of God. A wise, disciplined and loyal servant to Our Lord just as Mary our beloved Mother was. That's part of the legend you leave here on earth my sweet angel!
I praise and thank God for giving me the privilege to have walked this crazy journey of life with u for almost 6 years. We went through so much in that short time. Good days, bad days, laughter, tears, fights, talks, stress, sweat, bruises, drama, boy talk, and a whole lot of "let go let God" moments. And it was through all of that and amazing faith, that we became family. Our bond was truly blessed by God's grace and that is why my heart aches as it realizes that for the moment we will be somewhat apart. And I say some what because through faith I know God has given you so many gifts and one of them is to be able to intercede for us. To be able to be with us wherever we pray. U continue to show us how present you are in our lives. You're now just a prayer away and getting our home ready for when we get to go to heaven. God always chooses what's best he's proved it with u. And with your style of life u lived here on earth u leave us a message letting us know exactly where you are at, in Paradise! Enjoy paradise my sweet angel you have definitely earned it! I know ur in heaven praising God for all of his wonders. And I know u are in heaven dancing with your one and only true Love! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I wish I could give u a "Huge Rossie Hug" but for now receive all of my love and hugs through my prayers.Until we meet again Forever in my Heart u will remain!

Carolina Perez

June 3, 2020

My dearest Crystal,
I’m going to miss you so much. I’m so thankful to God that you were part of my life for the past several years. I truly felt so close to you, like sisters. I will miss our talks and adventures. You always had such an adventurous beautiful soul so full of faith. You showed so much fearless courage and I could tell that God had always been living in you. I remember you telling me that you take the verse “ya no vivo yo, sino Cristo en mi” so seriously and that’s how you were able to be so courageous in all of our retreats. You’re literally one of my role models, especially when it comes to living our faith! You also had such a great sense of humor! I’ll miss our great laughs, book club nights, Yosemite adventures, and so much more. Ill even miss all of our difficult moments in the group because ultimately it brought us closer together. And though you’re not with us physically, I know that spiritually you’re still looking down at us from heaven. I continue to carry you in my heart. I love you very much.

Jasmin Geronimo

June 2, 2020

Dear Crystal ,
You will be truly missed. I would love to hug you once again but I know God makes no mistakes and I trust that you are in a better place. His plan is perfect even when it’s difficult to understand. Thank you for being such a great example and sharing God’s love. Your love for God was unquestionable. You showed it in many different ways. A true woman of faith. You were there for me during my darkest moments, my healing, and my spiritual growth. Thank you for helping me get closer to God and helping learn things I didn’t know. Truly admire your strength, faith, and leadership. No matter how difficult things were, you continued to trust in God. You will be remembered as a strong, dedicated, and determined woman of God. It was a blessing to serve by your side and learn from you. Te quiero mucho y te voy a extrañar. 🙏🏼

Brooke Paz

June 1, 2020

I met Crystal at CSUF, where she became an early supporter of my Students for Life club. She was wise beyond her years, providing the encouragement and level-headed insight I needed when things got difficult.

Later, I was introduced to Options United, an incredible pro-life non-profit that was seeking some new hires. Crystal was looking for a job so I encouraged her to apply because of her passion for the pro-life movement. Of course, she got the job and excelled in her work at the call center.

A few months later, I myself applied at Options United and reached out to Crystal for advice. I was incredibly nervous for my interview and wanted to know what to expect. She graciously calmed my nerves and helped me prepare. For the next two years, we worked together to help mothers and save babies. I truly looked up to Crystal and aimed to be a better call responder like she was. She was a quick learner and finished her tasks so efficiently. She was also strong, smart, quick on her feet, and tough, but laced every word in gentle kindness and compassion.

On March 1st, my former coworkers at Options United gave me the opportunity to speak to Crystal over the phone one last time. I would’ve loved to visit her, but I had moved to DC by then. I was so grateful for the chance to tell Crystal how I felt about her - how I’d always looked up to her and valued her friendship - things I regret I had never said before. Even though she couldn’t respond, I was reassured that she heard me. That moment taught me to always tell people how much you care about them because you may not get the chance again.

Crystal was incredibly loyal, discerning, thoughtful, measured, and sure of her faith. She’s always inspired me in so many ways, and though I’m deeply saddened to hear of her passing, I know that she is safe and pain-free in the arms of our Savior.

Jorge Ibarra

May 30, 2020

Dear Crystal, so much time has passed and with each moment that we shared together, we got to know more. I am glad and proud to call you best friend because you were one of my few really good friends I have. Your love for God is something that I have admired and a great example to follow. You were so selfless because you would empty yourself to God entirely. Every single retreat or Friday that we would go, I remember and I rejoice that I got to be part of your life in the service of God. You taught me so many things but one thing I remember the most is faith. From our ups and downs that the group faced or we all faced in our lives, you would always turn to God, having faith and trust in Him.
And even though I jump around in this writing, i do so because our memories together pop up my head. I recall when we would go to school together, our talks and our laughs, and every time I think of you, I remember you trying to find the best in things. There are times where I laugh because of all the adventures we had together. It definitely will be something I miss, every time I see a picture of you, or Pass by a place that reminds me of you, I smile. I smile because of the memories and I can only remember the good times we had together. You were gone so soon from this earth, but you were so ahead of your time and age, and now I understand why you were. I will always remember your eyes set on God regardless what would happen, even with fear, you trusted God more than anything, I will ALWAYS remember you like that, trusting God. Crystal, it was an honor to have met you, to spend time with you, to adventure and to work together in so many missions, to laugh and cry together when times were hard, to help others and guide them to God, to unite the group and go to places to explore with the group, and also to sing with you adoring always the one who have given everything to us for the Glory of God!

“Porque para mi, vivir es Cristo, y morir, es una ganancia.” - Filipenses 1:21

Lili Cortes

May 30, 2020

Four years ago we had the blessing to meet Crystal and work together as a family and team at Options United. Her desire and courageous faith brought so much love and determination to speak for the unborn. She was God’s special instrument and with her ‘yes’ countless lives have been saved. We will always remember you Crystal. We miss you and love you so much! We know that you are in God’s special grace and soon we will be together again.

Options United

Martha Magallanes Lawler

May 29, 2020

My condolences to you and your family. So sad this happened to you cousin Elva, and my tía Ramona. Prayers for you and your husband. God bless you.

Daniel Rosales

May 29, 2020

I've known Crystal a long time. Ever since I saw her I knew she was someone very special. I think we really started talking and getting to know each other at a retreat in the mountains in 2015, apparently me talking about Lord of the Rings really called her attention to me when she told me years later. Crystal was and still is the most special person in my heart. She taught me a lot about God and myself and no one believed in me as much as she did. I still cannot see lions or anything about Tolkien or books and everything without thinking of her. I can't even sit down on a bench or a couch now without remembering to save her "spot" at the corner seat.
I first took this photo of her at a wedding reception we went to in Duarte. I remember her not smiling as much for the shot and I was determined to get that smile so I did my best to make her laugh and I ended up forever capturing that smile on this photo. I still miss her now but I know that she walks with me now and I carry her in my heart still. I hope that by when my time comes I can go see her again and read her books with her. I can't wait to tell her all the stories and experiences I have when I see her there in heaven. Thank you for everything Crystal, I'll be there again someday.

Enriqueta Frausto

May 28, 2020

Crystal y yo no solo eramos tia y sobrina, eramos como mejores amigas y ella me lo llego a decir una vez. Nos divertiamos mucho desde que ella era chica pues las dos estabamos enamoradas de Enrique Iglesias. Desde chica me decia secertos segun ella, de grande me tenia confianza y respeto. Nunca se me olvida que cuando llevo serenata para el dia de las madres a su mama y abuelita me dijo que me la mandaba a mi tambien. La extrano demaciado pero se que esta con Dios y no sufre mas. Algun dia nos encontraremos y jamas nos diremos adios 🙏

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