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Daron Joshua Navarro

July 22, 1988July 25, 2020
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Daron Joshua Navarro was born on July 22, 1988 and passed away on July 25, 2020 and is under the care of Funeraria Del Angel West Covina.

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Daron Joshua Navarro

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Brittany Porter

August 12, 2020

My tio Daron,

It took a bit for me to write this because it’s been hard to believe that you’re no longer here and accept that the words I may write were never said. It’s been so beautiful to watch you grow and create your new life and family, and I’ve been so happy to see you come around to all the family gatherings and get the little random calls from you.

Most of my memories flash as excerpts from our childhood and key moments as we grew older. When I think about you I can hear your laugh and the different expressions you would do when you were happy and excited, which felt like all the time because I can’t remember not seeing you without a smile. I think about a lot of pancakes, the smell of syrup and waking up on a weekend morning to you blasting music when I stayed with grandma too. I can hear you singing Cradle of Love on repeat when we were younger, but my favorite is when you would start off singing to Another Brick in the Wall..
I then knew it was going to be a good day and it always was. It played twice this last weekend morning on my way to work and all I thought was Daron is here and felt again, the day was going to be okay.

I’ll always remember the love and energy you’ve brought into all of our lives and won’t ever forget your smile and laughter. I love you.


Merideth Ajcot

August 11, 2020

No words can express the feeling of losing your partner in crime. I keep dreaming that you show up, or that you just watch us all. I expect for you to walk in through the door and say that your home. It’s different not having you here and blasting your music. There is no noise early in the mornings. No one scares me through out the day, and later on the prank wars would start. I have no reason to be cautious anymore and expect surprises. Parties and events won’t be the same anymore. You have always pushed me to do my best and lectured me to do what was right when needed. You were very proud of me to go to college. As you looked forward to taking road trips just to visit me, and to bring me wine to my dorm. You were excited to see what the future had for me. Now you watch over us as we will help watch over your loved ones. I promise to work hard because you always saw that light in me I couldn’t see. I promise to take care of Amari and Noah. I will always be by Mercy’s side. We have lost a very optimistic “Mr.Films”, but only God knew why you had to leave so soon. Take care of baby Q for us and enjoy paradise. There is no more suffering for you, but I want you to know that I love you allot. As we lost a loved one we know God gained an angel. May you rest in paradise Darrini❤️

Jocelyn Ajcot

August 11, 2020

Ooh Daron !

Never in a million years would I had thought that we would be losing you. You left my sister, but you left her with the joy of being a mommy.

Till this day, it feels so unreal. But I wake up each day telling myself that you are in a better place now. You’re no longer suffering nor in pain.

Wherever you are please look down at us & take care of all of us. I have one wish & I hope you can make it happen for me.

Give baby Quenton the biggest hug & a kiss he can ever have, never stop letting him know how much we loved him & missed him. We loved him from the day we found out he existed in my sisters tummy. Tell him that we knew he needed his daddy up in heaven with him.

Thank you for all the memories & all the love you showed us. For all the laughters & all the tears we shared.

I promise we will take care of Amari & Noah, they will never be left behind.

Fly high brother & light up the sky like a firework.
I love you & I miss you, see you soon.🕊♥️

Caricia Galindo

August 10, 2020

you are peacefully now sleeping in a world of purest light where angels sing there sweet refrain and where everything shines bright , you left a rainbow that will last eternally , rest in peace my angel , i will love you forever , the memories of you i treasure , daron you meant the world to me , may you rest in paradise my angel , heaven gained another angel forever in my heart , i love you to the best uncle i’ll ever have

Dean Porter

August 9, 2020

My Brother Daron, I still can’t believe you are physically gone, and I probably will never understand it. You will be forever in my mind & in those minds of who had the opportunity to know you. I will keep this short and to the point as our random text & phone calls were. Every time we spoke , the energy that came across was always warm, positive, and the joy of the moment. I regret not spending more time in person, face to face, to be in your presence… We always say, there will be time to get together, but that time is gone and I am truly sorry…. We will never get to have that backyard basketball rematch we had talked about or play in a turkey bowl , the little things that mean so much when you look back. You are Loved and Honored. Love You . Dean.

Martha Saucedo

August 9, 2020

Hey bro in law I’m still at lost for words and I can’t bring myself to believe that I will no longer see you.. I come over and I’m waiting for you to come through the doors.. I gotta say our bbqs and parties will never be the same again.. I will do my best to take care of Amari and my sister.. take care of us from up there bro.. we love and miss you 😘

Daniel Castillo

August 9, 2020

My boy Daron I’m lost of words bro you use to always be at my house I’d pick you up we would go to your moms job bug her for 20$ And as nice as your mom was she would give it to you and tell you be safe we grew up together bro when I got the call from Brandon I was lost bro my first childhood friend to loose I didn’t expect it to be you.... I’d never forget going down Huntington drive and you were in your Honda and you pulled next to me we started to race and you said what’s the R FOR I SAID PUT IT IN R FOR RACING LOL and you make That frown/smile u always made dammm bro I miss you man I know since you met your wife we got distant and then it didn’t help when I moved out West Covina but that’s what makes us men bro putting are familys first ima miss your funny videos man your random duweeee lol I’ll never forget you bro I still picture you leaving on that airplane ✈️ and I recorded you leaving up into the sky I remember telling my self under my breath good luck Daron I LOVE YOU BRO AND I MISS YOU things will never be the same and I will always continue to have your number in my phone you might of left from us all but you will always remain in my heart bro I HAVE RIP ON MY RACE CAR NOW BRO IMA GET ONE BIGGER IN MEMORY OF YOU BRO I HATE GOODBYES BUT SAVE BRANDON AND ME A SPOT UP THERE BRO WATCH OVER US AND TELL GOD HELLO LOVE YOU MAN YOUR CHILD HOOD FRIEND DANIEL CASTILLO A.K.A PANIK

Cindy Navarro

August 7, 2020

Missing you....
Brother ,
You’re the lovely Brother I’ve adored since you were small, And for me the day you left us was the saddest time of all. But all the memories that we shared from when you were a boy, Have only forever filled my heart with happiness and joy. You grew up and proved to be a man both fair and true, and every day through my life I will forever think of you.

Love you so much , and miss you dearly.

Cindy Navarro

August 7, 2020

Prayer for my brother; Daron
Dear loving father,
The presence of my Brother Daron in my life is a gift to me. Thank you for his life, His heart and his soul. Thank you for giving me someone to look out for, and who in return looked out for me. Even the disagreements we had between us was a blessing. Thank you for what I Iearned from my brother's life and love. He always made me very proud. So now I ask you lord, Bless my brother Daron with the abundance of your love and mercy. Cover him with your grace. Let Daron feel your tenderness touch his soul. Let Daron know your mercy sets his spirit free. I present to you, oh lord, My love for my brother Daron.
Open up the heavens to him. Bring him great peace and joy.
Thank you for his life and love.
All in the name of our lord Jesus Christ,

Ivett Navarro

August 6, 2020

My Beloved Brother.....
You were the greatest gift and joy brought to our Family. There is nothing more beautiful than having the honor of having you as my Brother.... I will always remember watching you grow up and seeing what a special person you were in so many lives. Your smile, laughter, and just always wanting to have a good time.

You were a good son to our parents, a kind brother, awesome uncle, an amazing husband and father and cherishable friend to so many.

I miss you dearly & will always love you

Love your Sister



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