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William Hayward Rogers III

August 7, 1948September 26, 2021

William H. Rogers, 73, known fondly as Bill to his friends and loved ones, passed away unexpectedly on September 26th from a heart attack. Bill was born to Evelyn and William Rogers on August 7, 1948. He graduated from Princeton University and earned his Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford University. Bill was very dedicated to his work in healthcare statistics. He continued working until his final year and was a renowned statistician and passionate about health care policy.

He was an eager learner who was always committed to learning throughout his life. Having studied computer technology during its infancy, Bill was always interested in adapting to new technologies. He wrote a word-processing program from scratch for fun (before Word existed), used a smartphone well before they were commonplace, and was trying to build his own fitness watch. Bill also loved the arts: he enjoyed theatre, playing the piano, and music composition.

At home, Bill was a loving husband to his wife Mary Rogers and a wonderful father to his daughter, Katherine Rogers. He was always there for his daughter for each stage of her life, whether it was playing or reading with her as a child or advising her as she grew. Bill was also devoted to his wife and often traveled with her to new and exciting locations around the world, seeing new places and trying new foods with her.

Bill is survived by his wife and daughter. He was patient, thoughtful, and most of all kind, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


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    Thursday, October 7, 2021

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    Thursday, October 7, 2021


William Hayward Rogers III

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Ted von Glahn

October 13, 2021

Bill: you taught me so much over the many years we worked together; but, while I'll miss the technical learnings, I'll most miss your kindness, your humor, a quiet intellect that I've not experienced with others. Your contributions to health policy and practice are enormous -- the trailblazing California "quality stars" systems is your work, now emulated nationally and in many other locales. Upon hearing the news, I took a long walk and had a good talk with you; thanks for listening yet another time. At this time of loss for your family, I most want them to know how much I valued our friendship and what you brought to my world. TED

Melissa Levy

October 7, 2021

My memories of Bill will always be shaped through the eyes of the child I was when I knew him. Even writing this, I am unsure whether Bill, or Mr. Rogers, is more appropriate; it was a time when any parent would be addressed in the same way, with the phrase “um, excuse me” and no names. But even from that limited perspective, Bill stood out among all the parents I knew for one key reason - his absolute adoration of his daughter, Rin.
Bill showed his love through acts of service and worked tirelessly for his daughter’s happiness. I remember during a childhood birthday Rin held at the science museum, I misplaced my ticket to an IMAX showing. Rather than risk us missing show time, Bill gave me his and waited through the film outside. Another year, Rin forgot some DVD we wanted to watch for our sleepover at home. Bill turned his 15 min drive to drop off his daughter into an hour long back-and-forth excursion in order to fetch the forgotten item. Throughout high school, Bill provided daily rides home, not only to his daughter, Rin, but also to many of her close friends. My house was the closest to the school, but Bill would drive us in a large circle to the furthest house first, so that we could all talk a little longer. As a child, the hours of time we consumed felt normal, but as an adult, I can appreciate the quiet dedication that underlay each day.
I know Bill’s devotion to his family continued into Rin’s adult life as well. From pragmatic career planning, to wise lifestyle suggestions, and even to startling relationship advice, Bill was truly the stalwart of his family. His absence will be felt dearly - my heart to his family during this difficult time.

Clint Packer

October 6, 2021

Twenty years ago I was introduced to Bill. Bill, Edward McEachern, Gene Nelson, and I started a company to measure patient satisfaction and discover and implement quality improvement initiatives from the patient reported data. This project included several very unique ways of interviewing patients, and evaluating and reporting their care experience. In a meeting of the four founders, Bill said we would write the programs ourselves. He proceeded to hire an excellent IT staff, and with his guidance we had Phase 1 of the program operational within six months, and the entire system design completed in a year.

Bill was without a doubt one of the brightest people I have ever known. We worked with him for over twenty years and he always provided unsurpassed intellectual support. He was able to accomplish analysis and implement system design that the presumed best and brightest were unable to accomplish. We will miss him greatly. Our prayers are with his family.

Debbie Dobbins

October 6, 2021

I worked with Bill over 20 years at Quality Data Management. His knowledge of technology and health care and applying his vision to enhance or create something new never ceased to amaze me. I never thought I would be working with applications that he help teach me to learn and I still use these skills today. He was extremely brilliant and so kind and gentle. I am glad that I had the opportunity of getting to know him and work with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. He will be missed by many.

David Adler

October 5, 2021

As is being said repetitively across the research world today, we have lost a giant whose influence spans a multitude of disciplines and generations of scholars. Little did I know of Bill’s special interest in Mental Health (though he already had influenced Ken Well’s career path at RAND and UCLA) when he came to Tufts in the mid-1990’s. For the past 25+ years Bill, Debra Lerner and I have worked together as what we call the “three legged stool”. Coinciding with a developmental shift in my own career away from academic administration to mental health services research, Bill was one of my early, continuing and most influential mentors. He always had a special place in his heart and mind for mental health issues which is where our relationship began, through both work and conversation over decades, continuing up to the week before his unexpected death. Together we explored the impact of depression (and other disorders) on patients, in health care systems, in the workplace and for caregivers; and how to improve their functionality and quality of life.
Bill was never entitled about the reality that he almost always knew what the outcomes would be of the many randomized controlled trials in which he participated! His erudition in the diverse and multiple areas of his interest was astonishing. His understanding and mastery of all things technological were incomprehensible. Bill was always showing this Luddite his latest project ideas; always one step ahead of where the rest of the world was. However getting him to finish things was often a challenge which poetically was part of our last discussion the week before his untimely death. Fitting that we all grieve together what cannot be replaced.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and with their permission we hope to further honor Bill through the use of technology he had long ago anticipated.

Jeff Paliwoda

October 4, 2021

I worked with Bill for the last 17 years. Although I have a technical background (MS Physics), I regularly relied on Bill's vast expertise, which he was always gracious to share with me. He was a brilliant man but more importantly a kind and gentle soul. I'm glad I had the privilege of both knowing and working with him.

Pengsheng Ni

October 4, 2021

I worked with Dr. Rogers in recently years. I was deeply impressed by Dr. Rogers' hard working, intelligence, and kindness. He was a true gentleman.

I can only hope to know him early and want to express my deeply condolences to his family.

Katherine Rogers

October 2, 2021

Katherine Rogers

October 2, 2021

Jan Singer

October 2, 2021

I worked with Bill for 17 years at MHQP.

He was a brilliant and kind person who added so much to the quality of our products.. He will be sorely missed by all his work colleagues.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Jan Singer
Former SVP of Programs
Massachusetts Health Quality Partners