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Margaret A. (Dorland) Morris

October 3, 1947June 24, 2020
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ANDOVER - Morris, Margaret A., age 72, loving wife, mother, "Mema", sister, and aunt passed away Wednesday, June 24, 2020, with her family by her side. Margaret was born on October 3, 1947 in Larned, KS, the daughter of Fredrick and Dorothy Dorland. On October 3, 1968 she married Larry Dean Morris in Wichita. Together they had three children, Stacey, Rebbecca, and Patrick. Margaret was a food manager for 24 years for the Andover school district. Margaret was one of the longest living members of Generations Church, where she loved serving the church through cooking many Wednesday night meals and other church activities. During the holidays, Margaret was known by her family for her homemade noodles and no-bake cookies. She was also the recipient of a national award for her infamous "Cake in a Cloud" recipe. Margaret was a proudly devoted "Mema" and will be greatly missed.

Margaret was preceded in death by her parents; sister, Sylvia Flaming; and two brothers, Leonard and Glenn Dorland. Survivors include: her husband of 51 years, Larry D. Morris, of the home; daughters, Stacey and husband, Mike Terhune, Wichita, Rebbecca and husband, Christopher Bazaldua, Andover; son, Patrick and wife, Annie Morris, Rose Hill; sisters, Mary and husband, Charles Fleming, Evelyn Sommerfeld; grandchildren, Andrew and wife, Tabitha Terhune, Samantha Terhune, Gabriel and wife, Emily Terhune, Anntonella "Skye" Morris; great grandchildren, Angelina Terhune and David Terhune; mother-in-law, Udee Acosta; nieces, nephews, and extended family.

Visitation with family present from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday, at Lakeview Funeral Home, 12100 E. 13th Street North, Wichita. Celebration of Life service 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, at Generations Church. Interment will take place in Andover Cemetery, Andover. Memorials have been established with Generations Church, 425 N. Green Valley Drive, Andover, KS 67002 and Wheat State Retreat, 11105 S.W. 86th Terrace, Augusta, KS 67010. Send condolences via www.MyLakeviewFuneralHome.com


  • Frederick Dorland, Father (deceased)
  • Dorothy (Burris) Dorland, Mother (deceased)
  • Larry Morris, Husband
  • Patrick Morris (Annie), Son
  • Stacey Terhune (Mike), Daughter
  • Rebbecca Bazaldua (Chris), Daughter
  • Leonard Dorland, Brother (deceased)
  • Glenn Dorland, Brother (deceased)
  • Syvia Flaming, Sister (deceased)
  • Mary Fleming, Sister
  • Evelyn Sommerfield, Sister
  • Andrew Terhune (Tabitha), Grandchild
  • Samantha Terhune, Grandchild
  • Gabriel Terhune (Emily), Grandchild
  • Anntonella Skyelynn Morris, Grandchild
  • Angelina Terhune, Great Grandchild
  • David Terhune, Great Grandchild

  • Michael Terhune
  • Andrew Terhune
  • Gabriel Terhune
  • Christopher Bazaldua
  • Angelica "Annie" Morris
  • Dayton Poe
  • Samantha Terhune
  • Skye Morris
  • Angelina Terhune
  • David Terhune


  • Visitation with Family Present

    Monday, June 29, 2020

  • Celebration of Life

    Tuesday, June 30, 2020

  • Graveside Service

    Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Margaret A. (Dorland) Morris

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Denise Edmonds Edwards

June 28, 2020

Sending love from the family of Geree and Ken Edmonds. Thinking of you all. Any family who would like can find me on face book at Denise Edmonds Edwards. Atwater Ca.

Wayne Duggan

June 28, 2020

Larry, Becky, Stacey and Patrick. Cindy and I want you to know you are in our prayers at this most sorrowful time. Cling to the wonderful memories you have and let them comfort you . Praying God will help you though the difficult days ahead.

Wayne and Cindy Duggan




Lived Life October 3, 1947 through June 24, 2020

Generations Church | Andover, KS
10 AM, Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Celebration by: Celebrant Cyndi Pearce
Andover Cemetery | Andover, KS

Recipe’s, where did they come from?

Children learned to cook at the side of their mothers or grandmothers and there was no need for recipes, because the techniques were shown and passed down through words. Early, handwritten recipes are often just a list of ingredients, more of a reminder, than what we consider a recipe today.

Welcome and thank you for joining us in the celebration of Margaret. I am Celebrant Cyndi Pearce, co-worker to Margaret’s husband Larry, daughter-in-law Annie, and honored to be a part of this tribute. When we think of Margaret, we can smell the delights coming from the kitchen and today, in her memory, we will live her life in steps, recipe steps, as she is a recipe, not to be duplicated, yet a memory to continue sharing.

There are 5 fundamental pieces to creating an original recipe and Margaret knew just that, and put these 5 steps into play each time she cooked, so let’s get started and see what we can “whip” up when her recipe comes together.


Fred and Dorothy Dorland welcomed their 6th child, Margaret Ann, in Larned, KS. Home for baby girl began in a small house with two bedrooms that were filled with their taste testers as Margaret, being the youngest, looked up to siblings, Sylvia, Leonard, Mary Jane, Glenn, and Evelyn. When it’s time for school, it’s Pastor Heibert who picked them up and brought them home and I think it’s safe to say, that after a long day of learning, the Dorland’s had their own group of food samplers ready to try out new recipes upon their arrival home.


After graduation, Margaret went on to work at a nursing home, as a nurse’s assistant. Here, colleagues saw her as “caring, protective, and went above and beyond for each patient,” and this caught the attention of a staff cook named, Larry Morris. They’d talk in passing and one day, he decided to ask her out and did by placing a note on her brown Ford Falcon that said, “Would you like to go for Pizza?” She replied with a, “Yes,” and he, being a gentleman, picked her up for their first date to Shakey’s Pizza, yet upon their arrival, Larry realized he’d forgotten his wallet. She said, “Well, let’s go back and get it.” His dad said, “At least now, she knows what she’s getting in to.” This was the summer of 1967 and Larry got her number after this first date. There’s more time at the drive in, food from Pancake House, and other outings, and when on one date, spontaneously, as Larry knew she was the one, he asked her, then and there to marry, and just as she did to the note on her windshield, she said, “Yes.” A sky blue, ankle length dress is what she picked and he, a tux with white jacket, a black bow tie with pink carnation, and together, on her birthday of October 3, 1968, the two main ingredients of her recipe began to mix and would soon add some sugar and spice when they welcomed children Stacey, Becky, and Patrick. Some joke, “That her birthday was picked as their wedding day, so that Larry would never forget them.” By the way, he is the one that picked the date.

One of Larry’s earliest memories of marriage and Margaret cooking is her making an apple pie a few weeks after they wed. He took a bite, “said something that wasn’t very flattering,” and it’d be 35 years before she made another one and he didn’t like that one either. Because it was pumpkin. He doesn’t like pumpkin and he’d also learned all those years ago, not to say a word about her cooking.

Let’s get back to their children. Margaret continued to work another year or so at the nursing home and Larry moved on to Koch Industries as the two spent a good year together before the doctor told them they were expecting Stacey. They were happy. Scared. It was all new, yet each pregnancy went well, and each child got a good 4 years before the next ingredient was added to the mix. Stacey remembers Grandpa Fredrick coming to watch her as Margaret was in the hospital caring for Larry after a propane explosion and once they returned home, she watched her mother care for her father so gently, changing bandages, as well as she continued to work. She also said, “I remember mom fixing ginger tea from her own recipe. It was nasty, but mom knew it would fix what ailed us. I’m not sure what she put in it, but it worked, every time. I’m convinced it wasn’t the tea, it simply was mom’s love.” She goes on to say, “People say that certain smells can trigger memories and mine is cantaloupe. Mom loved a good cantaloupe in the summer, and I tried so hard to like it, but could never stand the taste. I could tell from the minute I walked through the door, that mom had cleaned one.” A sweet smell that will always trigger a memory of her. When traveling “to see family in Miami, Oklahoma,” Stacy recall’s, “Mom asking dad to take the scenic route, even if it took an extra hour. She loved to stop, look at every mom and pop store, and EVERY Dollar General in a small town, was her favorite too.”

Stacey was their “fly by the seat of your pants kid,” and Becky was the one next to mom in the kitchen “sifting” through the pages of cookbooks and she also, remembers her mother “teaching her to read with Dick and Jane storybooks and how when the family took a trip to Pike’s Peak and Becky go so altitude sick, they had to leave early, yet instead of being mad, her mother showed kindness and compassion.”

Patrick was born a few weeks early after Margaret had decided to take the children she babysat for to a movie and once home, just as Stacey and Becky had drifted to sleep, Larry came to wake them, as the baby was on its way. Patrick weighed in at 11 lbs. 2 oz. and he and Margaret stayed in the hospital for a month, because his leg was broken during delivery and she, had to heal. One of Patrick’s earliest memories are of his mom rubbing his back as he’d have horrible migraines when young.

She’d gathered her main ingredients. A loving husband, 3 beautiful children, now for step 3 which is to look for recipe inspirations everywhere.


Breakfast began with her hollering, “Whose having oatmeal? Who for Cream of Wheat? And whoever answered first, won. Becky was usually the winner with oatmeal, but Patrick being the baby had no competition and got Pop-Tarts. Some mornings were even cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, where she worked nights, or Hardee’s where Larry worked as a security guard. These two, night tours, helped with many extras such as letter jackets and a couple of trips to Hawaii. Made that inspiration a little more worthwhile.

Her more colorful recipes may be inspired from bologna. Yes, you heard me right and can sing along when I spell, B-O-L-O-G-N-A and Stacey was the lucky one who got to sit on the grinder as mom ground it up. She’d make a spread out it, cooked on the fire like a hamburger and Larry, he’d put a block of it on a sandwich.

Margaret was frugal, as you can see, oatmeal, leftovers from work, bologna, however dinner wasn’t skimped on. Everyone was around the table at 5 where collective favorites were beef stroganoff (where she used real beef tips) and fried chicken with mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, and corn. Now, Patrick couldn’t have dairy, so she made sure to hand churn him a special “Ice cream mixture from 7-up” and each of them said she made amazing ice cream from snow.

She found inspiration in making her family happy in the day to day and the same is for holidays. There is always a cake on birthdays and one year, Patrick got a special treat, as he celebrated on a plane to HI and the pilot came out and presented him with a set of wings. Thanksgiving is to Oklahoma where her brother Leonard lives, and you’d find her in the kitchen, hand making noodles to go with chicken. Christmas is a live tree trimmed by the family together, each have their own individual ornaments to hang, even now, anyone who joins the family, she presented a special one to them too. A thought that still brings a tear to eyes when they remember the time, she handed them theirs. Once all is finished, an angel is placed atop the tree before all settle down to watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or A Charlie Brown Christmas. Stacey’s favorite gift was a, “hope chest.” Becky remembers a year of mom saying, “We don’t have much money, but we’ll make it work” and as they woke there were gifts all around and stockings filled, and Patrick’s was a letter jacket. One tradition her grand and great grandchildren still share is bags of presents, with a stocking on top. Stockings hold a special place in each of their memories. Halloween is homemade costumes from trash bags or white shirts, yet if it were cold, it didn’t matter what you wore, as she covered them in jackets before she’d let them out the door. Easter is sunrise service rain or shine. 4th of July is out to Cessna Stadium to watch the flyover and city fireworks that followed, and more recently, in their home, now with land, everyone is over with a big meal and firecrackers, then as the sun sets, it’s time to hand the children flashlights to hunt the turkey Grandpa Larry says roams the property. A story best told by him.

Her inspirations are colorful and fun, they’re also filled with hard work when she’s at the factory where she buffed motorcycle helmets, then on to ABC Childcare Center as the cook and nurse, before beginning her 24 year career, working her way up to food manager, for the Andover school district. If we’re honest, we can truly say, next her family, cooking, and career, her faith was the rock that she leaned on as she “was one of the longest living members of this church, where she loved serving through cooking and various other church activities.”

She was a constant at events her children were in. The girls’ Christmas pageant’s, Patrick’s many sports and you often hear, “You see a whole different kind of love when someone becomes a grandparent,” and this would hold true for Margaret when not only grandchildren came along, but before that, the spouses of her children. Mike for Stacey; Chris for Becky, and Annie for Patrick. Mike says, “She was kind, loving, accepting, and always made him Cherry Mash.” Chris met her, “At church, and she enjoyed watching him and grandson Drew play in the worship band. She may go enjoy their music from a far, but she was there, nonetheless.” And Annie, she met them at their 50th anniversary party where she “remembers walking in to see the fancy dishes set out,” and Margaret and Larry said, “they knew Annie was really special, right away and Margaret loved her red hair.”

Grandbabies. You can imagine the smile upon her face at the baby showers where they played games, trying to figure out how to surprise her, yet one time she’d be the last to figure it out and when the latest great grandson’s party happened, she knew right away. Just as she and Larry did for their children, when she became a “Mema,” they were in the stands for any volleyball, football, or band event that grandchildren Drew, Samantha, Gabe, and Sky had. And she and Larry, they haven’t missed a single Andover Trojan Night in 20 years. They had hopes of watching great-grandchildren Angelina and David thrive too. Now, she’ll be that little spark that shows up when they need an extra little push.

Margaret had a passion for cooking, the kitchen is where you saw her most, but when she wasn’t there, it was with family, playing domino’s, working jigsaw puzzles, watching Disney movies, and in her quite time, hours were spent reading Anne of Green Gables and more recently, coloring intricate pictures with colored pencils. Keeping her creative mind busy.

Her inspiration was full of love, laughter, and color and she cherished every minute of it.


When looking for inspiration, sometimes, you add a little too much of an ingredient and it’s how you choose to handle the extra that dictates the outcome and how she handled the news after a visit to the doctor for chest pain, showed the family how stoic she truly was. The doctor placed his hand on her knee, said, “You might have cancer” and after scans and blood work, confirmation that Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, hand settled in her lung, was found. It’s not a cancer and there are no answers on how this settled there. She’d never been a smoker and after a fight, she beat it with chemo, yet her body never fully recovered from the treatments and through the process her liver scarred, and her body slowed. So, though she rid her body of the cancerous ingredient, sometimes there are components in our recipe we can’t control the outcome of.


Larry, and her group of taste testers, surrounded her one more time as she took her last breath this past Thursday and peacefully joined her Lord and Savior in eternity.

And this brings us back to the beginning. Recipe’s, where did they come from? This one, from a generation of love. Combine a husband, daughter’s, son, their partners, grandchildren and great, from blood and not, once you add the many friends too, her mixture never saw too much sugar or spice. All the ingredients simply mixed together just right. What will your recipe contain and how will you get started? Well, we’re here to help. As you leave today, you’ll find a gift of a whisk with her beloved No Bake Cookie recipe attached as well as many of her cookbooks to choose from. Take one of each, use the recipe and share the cookies in her honor. Take a book, pick a random page and recipe. Whether you like all the ingredients or not, make it and do as she did, take all that your given and make the best of it, one recipe at a time. Margaret Ann (Dorland) Morris, was the main ingredient that once combined, made the perfect batch of love.

Celebrant Cyndi Pearce | 316.734.0401 | Celebrateslife@Att.net