Scottie Lee Savery

January 6, 1970July 9, 2018

Savery, Scottie "Scott", 48, of Wichita, Kansas passed away on Monday July 9, 2018 in Wichita. Scott is the son of Roger and Barbara Savery and was born on January 6, 1970 in San Bernadino, California. Scott graduated from Salina Central High School in 1988. Scott loved Wichita State Basketball and attended college at WSU, where he earned his business and accounting degrees. He was preceded in death by his grandparents. Survivors include his loving daughter, Lauren Savery, parents, brother, Jeff (Chris) Savery, granddaughter, Lorelei Ray. Celebration of Life services will be at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday July 19, 2018 at Lakeview Funeral Home, 12100 E. 13th St. N., Wichita, Kansas. A reception will follow at 14320 E. Shannon Circle, Wichita, Kansas 67230.


  • Memorial Service Thursday, July 19, 2018

Scottie Lee Savery

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Margot Self

July 18, 2018

Thinking of you at this very sad time. With Sympathy. Margot Self

Jody Tieking

July 16, 2018

Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words after Scott's passing. He was Lauren's father and he loved her with all of his heart. But he was more than just Lauren's father to me. He was my husband for 10 years and I loved him. And even though we went our separate ways 17 years ago, we were always connected. We raised a daughter together. We had a special relationship even after we separated that most found strange, yet beautiful. We did not hate each other. We did not talk badly about each other to our daughter. We were a part of each other's lives and each other's family even after I remarried and moved on. He would come to our house often. Sometimes he ate with me and my current husband and our children. Sometimes he'd watch my younger children so my husband and I could go out. Sometimes my husband would help him with repairs at his house. Sometimes he would stay overnight at our house while we were on vacation to make sure Lauren didn't have parties 😊. Sometimes my husband would call him for his input on parenting Lauren. Sometimes he'd call me just to talk. Sometimes he'd take my youngest son to the park. One time I came home and found his pants on my kitchen counter that he left to have a button sewed on 🤣. Scott stood side by side with me, my husband, and my parents at Lauren's graduation. People often thought we were crazy. Many could not grasp the concept that ex's could be civil to one another. He was more than an ex-husband. He was more than my child's father. He was a true friend, not only to me, but to my husband and children. We're going to miss him so. ♡

Peter Corkum

July 13, 2018

Scottie and I almost exclusively had conversations on subjects we disagreed about. Light hearted we would banter and sharpen one another's wit. That was Scottie's strength. He made those who knew him better for it. He was smart, kind and unassuming. He never ducked or dodged commitment or responsibility. He loved his family. We shared a love for the same music and same debates. Though I am sad to know I will never have a new experience with the Man, the Memories of Scottie will be experienced until I sit beside him once again and finally prove to him I was always right all along.

David Dunlap

July 12, 2018

I have so many stories about Scott I don’t know where to start. First I have echo what Kerry Inglesbee said that Scott was a best friend and I wish I’d kept in better touch with him over the last 20 years. He always had a joke to tell. At dinner one evening with my family the joke telling started. By the end of the telling we had cleared out the restaurant, but not before a lady leaving leaned over to my mother and said “Way to go, Mom” as she left.
We became friends through music meeting in junior high band. In 1988 we drove to Monsters of Rock in KC to see Van Halen, Scorpions, and a little known band, Metallica. It was one of the greatest shows ever and I remember being so hungry and broke but having the best time with him. He made fun of me for being cheap (he’s right) yet he never declined a free meal from me or my family. That’s my paisley tie he’s wearing in one of the pics below. He has a big heart and was there for me through my best and worst of times, too. My heart is broken but his memory will also get me through this. I love Scott as the brother I never had and will miss him eternally.

Kerry Ingalsbe

July 12, 2018

Scott was my best friend growing up. We did everything together, from riding bikes all over the village, to playing sandlot football at sunset school as well as Indian ball at Centenial park. We had alot of childhood dreams we were going to accomplish together. He always had a way of making me laugh, like my nickname he gave me bald eagle(because of my crew cuts and my big nose), to complaining about me eating a whole box of cereal every time I spent the night...and of course on my wedding day asking me for confirmation that "I really wanted to go thru with it". He was my Best Friend growing up and my Best Man at my wedding. I only wish we would have been closer over the last 25yrs... I will truly miss you my friend.

Jennifer McBride

July 11, 2018

Scott and I went to high school together. He was always so nice to me and always made me laugh. One time my Mom was late picking me up from school and he stayed with me until she got there. That touched my heart so much! He was such a great guy. Prayers for his family.

Shawn Loder (Robbins)

July 10, 2018

Scott was a really close friend of mine in high school. He was always smiling and making jokes. He was a very kind soul. Scott, class of 88 loves you and we will miss you

Jody Tieking

July 10, 2018

Scott was an amazing man with an incredible sense of humor. He loved his daughter and granddaughter more than life itself. I think anyone who knew him is a little better off today because of him. I know I am. He will be dearly missed. ♡

Paige Murphy

July 10, 2018

Scottie was one of the most kindhearted, loving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He brought light to all people and situations he was in. Always cracking jokes and finding ways to make people laugh and smile. Over the years scottie has taught me a lot on how to be positive in any situation and not to take life so seriously. He’s been there for me through good and bad times. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone and I think that’s what I loved the most. He was such a special person and he will be missed by so many. Rip scottie. ❤️