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Larry Daniel Enlow

November 26, 1947November 17, 2016

FAA Inspector Larry Daniel Enlow of Orlando, 68, was killed in a plane crash in Georgia on November 17, 2016. Larry was the beloved son of Lawrence Reuben and Avis Gertrude Enlow of College Park, born on November 26, 1947. He was admired and esteemed throughout the national general aviation community, where his outstanding airmanship, expertise in numerous disciplines and dedicated efforts enabled the Orlando Flight Standards District Office to achieve the highest standards of professional performance. His contributions will have a lasting impact.

Larry attended the University of Florida, served as an officer in the Vietnam War with distinction, and held a General Contractor license. He became Vice President of Hubbard Construction Company, building the foundation of Epcot Center and numerous roads and bridges into the Disney area. His hobby as an aviation instructor and Designated Examiner led him to a second career in the Federal Aviation Administration, overseeing nearly all aspects of the most active aviation training area in the world. It is his wife's professional opinion as a pilot that the FAA will need to activate an entire Air Force Reserve squadron to fulfill his role. In addition, Larry mentored those less experienced around him and came to regard them as "his Pups". He had great admiration for Mr. Ron Alexander, who also died in the accident with him, and who was inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. God must have wanted two Copilots for Himself and took only the best…

Loving husband to Terri Lynam Enlow, Larry was also the adored father of Lara Jennifer Tiberian and Emily Marie Nickley and Grandfather to Emma Grace Tiberian, Alexander Scott Tiberian, Evan Lawrence Nickley and Luca Ryan Nickley. He was cherished by his cousins Darlene Dee Abstein and Allen Eugene Burris, his son-in-law, Adam Scott Tiberian, and his mother-in-law, Nancy Every El-Hajj. His calm presence, patience and his kind, considerate and discerning nature earned him many close, personal friends. Larry was renowned for his personal standard to achieve the highest quality of excellence in any endeavor. He always made himself available to help or perform any project and it seemed there was nothing he could not do! He was -- in every way -- deeply passionate about family, friends, Golden Retrievers, airplanes, cars, champagne, shrimp, paper towels and using the proper tools! Everyone loved him for those qualities and many are deeply wounded by his absence and will treasure his memory for their lifetimes. A terrible loss will linger long for me but it was an honor and privilege to know Larry; as his wife, I was truly blessed and will be grateful always.

A memorial service is scheduled for November 26th, 11:00am, at First United Methodist Church of Orlando, 142 East Jackson Street, Orlando, FL 32801. Donations to a favorite Veterans organization such as Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+ rating from Clark Howard) are requested in lieu of flowers. Thank you to all who are posting.



  • Memorial Service Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Larry Daniel Enlow

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Lynda Marion Rerych

June 22, 2017

My heart is broken. My junior high school sweetheart. Every encounter with him was so rich, so good. I honestly believe there was not a bad bone in his body or mind. My deepest sympathies to his wife and family and friends. In my mind, Larry Enlow will live forever.

Gabriel Jorge

April 27, 2017

I only had the pleasure to fly once with Larry for my initial Flight Instructor Certificate in 1999, he was very professional and a a wonderful person. I interacted with him in several FAA meetings and it was always a pleasure to hear him talking about any aviation subject. Make God be with him always and with his family.

Robert Jex

January 6, 2017

I worked with Larry at the FAA's Orlando Flight Standards District Office. I have never known a finer, more righteous man than Larry Enlow. He was the consummate professional and mentor for so many, including me. I was honored to deliver one of several eulogies at his memorial service, and am pleased to share with the reader a bit of what I said.
Let me tell you about the Larry Enlow that I knew on the job.
To say that Larry Enlow was an FAA Inspector is like saying that Albert Einstein was just a math teacher. The first time I ever saw Larry, Ill never forget it, he was speaking in Lakeland at the FAA Safety Center, as it was then known. That's where we do the great big Sun-n-Fun air show every year. Larry, Obie Young and Steve Brady helped put that place on the map. Well, Larry was doing a detailed review of every flight training aircraft accident over the last three years. I watched Larry for just a minute, not really knowing who he was, and was convinced that he MUST have been the FAA's Regional Administrator. He carried himself in such a way that I just KNEW this was someone important, someone with imprimatur. And, he spoke with that familiar cadence that I call Larry Enlow Special English He looked you in the eye, said it once, slowly, and didn't have to repeat himself.If you knew him, you know exactly what I mean. And all that in the first minute!
Over the years I came to know Larry not only as a friend and mentor, but as a true leader, in fact the best guy I ever worked with, hands-down.
Do you want the guy who's in charge, or do you want the guy who knows what's going on? Sometimes Larry was the guy in charge , but he always was the guy who knew what was going on. He was a masterful and balanced leader, a guy who took the initiative, got things done, got them done right, and always to an impeccably high standard. And he took care of his people! Consider these facts about The Great Larry Enlow:
-He was Principal Ops Inspector for several of the largest flight schools in the world, simultaneously, including: Embry-Riddle, Phoenix East, Aerosim, ATP and several smaller schools. That's a full time job.
-At the same time, he flawlessly managed 60 hard-charging Designated Pilot Examiners by himself, also a full-time job. And his files are bulletproof: never once did Big FAA ever find any discrepancies.
-But no matter how busy he was, Larry always had time for you!
-He knew the difference between management and leadership, and did both as only an expert leader can.
-He had an enormous circle of influence. Among his many initiatives, Larry helped launch major upgrades to the way pilots are tested, and helped lead the development of what is now called ACS, or Airmen Certification Standards;
-He was the lead official for the Orlando District at Sun-n-Fun, leading a large team on nearly all aspects of our operational planning there for many years.
-He gave check rides in so many of the old warbirds like the B-17, B-24, B-25, and his beloved DC-3.
-He had excellent instincts on accident investigations, asked insightful questions, and knew how to drill down on a lead.
-He recognized talent and potential in others very early and helped recruit so many good people who are now either DPE's or FAA employees.
-He hated public speaking, but was actually pretty good at it anyway. He remembered names, faces, events, and details; what a tremendous gift!
-He never lost his temper, and always kept his head.
It's as though the poem If by Rudyard Kipling was written about Larry Enlow.
Larry was an Inspector's Inspector, a professional's professional, a gentleman's gentleman, and, of course, a pilot's pilot. I travelled with him for years over thousands of miles and learned so much about our profession just by sitting next to him in the car or in the aircraft. I have consciously tried to go just one day without mentioning Larry's name or something I learned from Larry Enlow, but it is not possible.
Larry's loss hurts deeply, it's supposed to hurt. If there's something nice you can say about Larry's passing it might be this: Larry had a profound influence on everything and everyone around him, and he Went West doing something he loved to do. And one more thing: Larry Enlow's influence is in all of us. That means, whether you realize it or not, he's a part, of all of us. And someone who lives on in us, has never truly gone away.
Godspeed, Larry Enlow!

Laura McColm

December 30, 2016

Larry was a remarkable man, and is sorely missed. Condolences and love to family and friends at this close of the year, and safe journey to Larry. Rest in peace.

Steven Moore

December 17, 2016

Jack McCormick

December 7, 2016

Through my groups airshow work over the years, I had the great pleasure of getting to know Larry through interactions with the ORL FSDO. He was a great friend to general aviation and provided immeasurable assistance in the accomplishment of our mission.
In addition, Larry and I became friends and would meet for dinner whenever he was in the area for training.
His and Ron's loss has hit this community very hard and we will struggle to accept it.
My sincere condolences to the family but, please know how much we all thought of him.

December 5, 2016

I worked with Larry for several years at the annual Sun-n-Fun Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, FL. As Chairman of the Fly-Bys and Showcase daily event I found Larry very helpful In solving problems as well as guidance in making special events possible from the FAA stand point. Larry was always willing to listen and give good advice on how to get things done safely.
His loss will be a loss to all of us at Sun n Fun as well as to the entire flying community.
William F. McKee M.D.
Chairman Fly-Bys & Showcase
Sun n Fun Fly-In & Expo
Lakeland, FL

Obie Young

December 2, 2016

Obie Young

December 2, 2016

Brandon Moore

December 1, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting and flying with Mr Enlow at the FAA AFS-60 Flight Standards Div in the King Air 90 as a contract instructor. We contract instructors where saddened to hear of the loss of Larry, as he always brought a great attitude and smile to the flight program offices whenever he was there. RIP Mr Enlow and may you find clear skies and favorable winds.