Stuart Lester Fox

August 23, 1939July 14, 2019

Stuart Lester Fox was born on August 23, 1939 and passed away on July 14, 2019.


  • Committal Service Monday, July 22, 2019


Stuart Lester Fox

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Marilyn Pishny

July 22, 2019

Stuart and I were close in age. He and I grew up as playmates and I don’t recall us ever having disagreements. He would play house with me in Dad’s trailer with him being the daddy, of course, and sometimes Kathy would be our child—-when she was willing. In turn I would play trucks and cars with him in the big sand pile in our back yard. He didn’t even get mad at me when I gave him a pretend cup of sand to “drink” when we lived up north. Mom sure did tho as she tried to get it out of his mouth! Guess we were both too young to know better.
Stuart, I know how much you loved Isariya and your boys and grandkids. You were a great husband, father and grandfather and I know how much they will miss you. I will miss you too.
You’ve got your wings now so fly high and fly free!
I love you and your family so much. Till we meet again, Marilyn

Kathy Janaky

July 22, 2019

Stuart, was one of the best brothers a sister could have. He was a kind, considerate person. He never got mad at me, his little pesky sister. We had a lot of fun growing up together. He taught me how to ride a two wheeled bike, when we were on a vacation, with mom and dad. He also asked me to help him at times, while he was working on his car. I learned a lot from him about cars.
I know he was a great husband, father and grandfather. He loved them all very much. He always put his family first.
I will miss you dear brother, till we meet again.
Love, Kathy

Stacy Fox

July 21, 2019

I will always remember Daddy with great love and admiration. He was always the leader of the family. On his 70th Birthday we celebrated by taking him to the Daytona Experience and he drove a NASCAR at speeds up to 140mph. He was so giddy as he got dressed, he put his fire cap on sideways. We all laughed as they helped him get situated. What a wonderful example of living your life to the fullest always!

Anastasia Fox

July 21, 2019

I remember my grandpa was always around at all of our events. He came to every concert, graduation and sometimes baseball games. I loved when he came to Guy’s games because I got to spend time with both my grandparents. I remember one night we all went out to dinner, he was telling all his stories from his childhood and they were so interesting. I just remember sitting there thinking “Wow! My grandpa is cool!” I mean he was talking about when he used to drag race... mind blown! I loved my grandpa and he will forever have a place in my heart.

Guy Fox

July 21, 2019

I remember my Grandpa always being interested in every topic I brought up in a conversation. He loved hearing about my baseball, school, and church experiences. He was a great listener. He was also definitely the one who gave my Dad the quick wits he has today. When I was spending time at their home with my sister he would make the funniest jokes. I learned a lot from him. I also remember the ducks that would always come up to their porch and my sister and I would stare in awe. I love him and miss him so much. He will always have a place in my heart.

Ronald Fox

July 21, 2019

Stuart was my younger brother and we always enjoyed times when we would get together with family and communicated often when he was doing his stint in the U S Army as well when he lived nearby us in Illinois. I had the pleasure of going to a few Corvette shows with him and our mutual interest in cars. The times we spent together was always a happy and fun filled time and I will always remember them and our family get togethers. I am grateful I was able to be with him and the family as he graduated from this phase of life to the eternal. GOD is good and will grant us peace an comfort in our loss.

Brady Fox

July 21, 2019

The love and shared experiences are too many to list here, I will cherish those moments forever. He was truly a loving husband of 54 years, but he was also my daddy for 53. I’m having some difficulty believing he is gone, but I know where he is, there is everlasting peace and love.

Taylor Fox

July 21, 2019

I hold on to many warm memories of my grandfather. I’ll never forget traveling up to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with him and my dad when I was younger, and meeting IndyCar drivers for autographs. When my grandfather and I flew home, he bought me a milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery, and we proceeded to laugh hysterically together as our AirTran plane battled heavy turbulence the whole way home.

My grandfather’s stories and life helped me realize how important family is. I’ll take those fond memories with me forever. He was always present at all of my band concerts and visited me at work in high school. I’m grateful for his love and will chose to remember him with a smile on my face!

Robert Pishny

July 20, 2019

Stewart had special love for his Wife, his two Boys, and Grand Kids, they will miss his warmth and careing forever, he was always there for them..

Stewart was a true patroit, loving his country, and the military, serving in the United States Army, over seas ,and here at home.

God speed STU, you will be forever missed, as will your generous
smile,and pleasant nature, you are loved by all..

Brother in law Bob Pishny 🇱🇷 xcbnaf🇱🇷

Brian Fox

July 19, 2019

I'm very proud of my father. He married the woman of his dreams in a time where interracial marriage was frowned upon. While in the US Army based in Thailand, he met our mom through a friend. Soon after they met, my mom said she traveled to San Francisco for advance schooling and actually left my dad in Thailand. My dad was distraught that he might lose her to someone else back in the states. He rushed out to the airport the day she departed and while still in uniform (the first time she'd seen him in uniform) said how much she meant to him. They had been married 54 wonderful years as of June 4, 2019.