Johnny Ceballos

January 31, 1974August 8, 2018

Johnny Ceballos was born on January 31, 1974 and passed away on August 8, 2018.


  • Visitation Saturday, August 11, 2018

Johnny Ceballos

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Sandy Barrios

August 11, 2018

No me puedo imaginar lo que están pasando pero estamos aquí para ustedes. Llámanos para cualquier cosa ó a cualquier hora. Un fuertísimo abrazo de parte de mami y yo. 💛

Charles Giannone

August 10, 2018

I first met Johnny when he was five. I had called his house to confirm a date I had with his mom and he picked up the phone and said, "My mom said, she doesn't want to see you," and he hung up. I fell in love with the kid immediately. After his mom and I started dating We were inseparable. His favorite tv program was "the Hulk" with Lou Farigno. He loved collecting G.I. Joe figures. I also taught him chess. I took him to Macy's to meet the great chess grand master Larry Christianson who autographed a chess book that Johnny brought with him. He had a very happy childhood thanks to his wonderful mom, Blanca, who doted on him. Johnny and I had the same elementary school teacher. Her name was Ms Waters, small world isn't it? we used to go to the movies, parks, Barnes and Noble, Florida. Johnny was also very smart. His mom and I used to take him the Queens College to take computer classes when he was 11. Our favorite movie theater to go to was "The Drake" on Woodhaven Blvd. It only cost one dollar. My all time favorite movie that i went to see with him was called "High Road to China" with Tom Seleck. But he also enjoyed James Bond MOvies, Star War Movies and most of all Cantinflas movies that his mom and I would take him to see. I can still heard his huge laughter throughout the movie.
Johnny and I also went alot to the library. Johnny liked to read. He had a thirst for knowledge. Johnny, the time we spent together, you me and your mom was the best time of my life. I will cherish those memories forever. I will love you forever johnny.

Juan Mauricio Arango

August 10, 2018

class/school mate from kindergarten-1
6th grade.
one of those kids who stood out to me because of his cool personality then. cant say much about after 6th grade as we went on to different jh and high schools.

may he r.i.p.

Stephanie Ceballos

August 10, 2018

I remember going to have that amazing pizza at Humberto’s with you Johnny !! I had the best time that night. You were always so much fun. We loved that pizza so much...
You would always send me a picture of the last slice of pizza whenever you visited Humberto’s, with a caption “I saved you a slice”....
How much I would give to share one last slice of pizza with you...
I’ll miss you

Steve Ceballos

August 10, 2018

There really are no words to explain the sadness and pain that I feel. Memories help us to remember those we loved.

My brother and I had a tight big bro/lil bro bond and it feels like just yesterday we were talking about getting together and spending some quality time.
I have great memories to remember him by but one really stuck out the most to me because this one I held onto throughout my life.
He showed me this tool to build relationships,
"it takes 17 real connections before you have built an actual relationship"-Johnny.
To me i took this so seriously like "what do you mean 17 connections bro"-Me.
He explained to me that connections are reaching out for birthdays, anniversaries, overcoming obstacles, and especially to just tell them hello or I love you. I have used this tool most of my life to build connections both professionally and pure freindships.
When I explained to him that I have been using this tool he taught me for most of my life he said "how did you remember that!" I told him you are my big bro and I look up to you and want to make you proud of me. I keep hearing him tell me "Im so proud of you baby bro , Keep going!"
This will be my last connection with you bro but you will always be in my heart.
Thank you!

Randy Ceballos

August 10, 2018

Always in our hearts and never forgotten
Johnny5 forever

R.I.P bro