Juventino V Calderon Jr.

April 13, 1949November 18, 2021

Our beloved brother, Juventino V. Calderon, entered into rest Thursday, November 18, 2021, at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. Juventino was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico on April 13, 1949. He graduated from El Paso High School and attended Beevile College in Texas, where he received his apprenticeship in masonry. Juventino was very close to God and always carried his bible with him. He was always ready to go to church rallies, crusades, and his Sunday services. Juventino loved attending bar-b-ques, birthday parties, and family gatherings. One of his favorite pass times was to go on the Yakima transit and eating out at KFC, Taco Bell, and Burger King in Yakima. He loved watching old western movies and football. He is preceded in death by his father, Juventino Calderon Sr., his mother, Santos Maria Calderon, baby brother Samuel Calderon, brother Enrique Calderon. Juventino is survived by his sister Mary Valdivia (Arturo), brothers, Dan Calderon (Rebecca), David Calderon (Nancy), and numerous nieces and nephews. You will be greatly missed dear Brother Viewing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30, 2021, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. with a Celebration of Life service to be held at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Both events will take place at Keith & Keith Funeral Home, 902 W. Yakima Ave. Interment to take place at Terrace Heights Memorial Park.


  • Visitation

    Tuesday, November 30, 2021

  • Funeral Service

    Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Juventino V Calderon Jr.

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Maria Calderón

November 30, 2021

(Continued memory) I remember seeing uncle Junior ‘s slippers placed perfectly at the edge of his bed so that they were there ready and waiting for him to slip into once he woke up. I remember his striped matching pajamas and thinking to myself that when I grew up , I was going to wear slippers and matching pajamas. Uncle Junior had some puzzles that he would let us play with as well as some coloring books and crayons and crossword puzzles. When it was time to go to sleep he would tuck the blankets tightly under me. Little did he know that once he left the room I’d kick and loosen up the blankets. Once it was morning time, he’d pour me a heaping bowl of cornflakes with a ton of sugar. I remember observing him dump the kitchen trashcan and re-lining it with newspaper I attempted to do it myself at times but was never a successful or as fast as him LOL. I remember opening the refrigerator and seeing lunch meat that was off-limits. We all knew it was uncle Junior’s. There were times when my cousins and I or my siblings and I would get a little too excited, we’d be running around. Uncle Junior would act like he was going to take his belt off and spank us. This is when I would go hide and sit by grandma. I learned to try not to tell uncle Junior that I was bored because he would tell me to go stick my head in the toilet or to walk around the house with my eyes closed. One of the last memories I have of uncle Junior is when he came to visit me at the hospital after I had little Adrian. Uncle Junior was very loving, caring, and patient. Rest in paradise uncle. I love you.

Maria Calderón

November 30, 2021

Some favorite memories I have of uncle Junior are of him meeting my sisters and I, at the bus stop early in the morning. I remember it being so cold but he was always so darn warm we would have him wrap his hands around ours to warm up. I remember sitting on uncle Junior’s lap and reaching into his shirt pocket that held his little black comb, pen and pencil, a little notebook and even a tiny little Bible.I would style his hair all sorts of ways. My favorite was when I would split it down the middle and comb it side to side. I remember sitting on grandma’s front porch and uncle Junior would hold my music notebook for me while I practiced playing my saxophone. I remember asking uncle Junior for money so that I could go across the street to buy a snack or walk to the motorcycle shop to buy a soda and sometimes to buy an ice cream from Smokey when he didn’t believe that it was my birthday for the hundredth time that year LOL. Uncle Junior would reach into his pocket and take out his plastic coin holder that you had to squeeze for the coins to come out. I remember going with uncle Junior and grandma and Aunt Liz a couple of times to church and not having any idea what was being said since it was all in Spanish. My favorite part was when it was time to sing because then I got to play the tambourine LOL. I remember helping uncle Junior get grandma’s items from the storage area in the back yard. We would help her price everything for the bazaars and flea markets. I remember sitting in the living room with uncle Junior and grandma watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, The Price is Right and MASH. I remember Playing bingo with all my siblings and cousins every holiday and always wanting to have more than three cards but never grabbing more than that since uncle Junior was the quickest bingo caller in all of Yakima. When I would spend the night at my grandmas house I remember peeking into uncle Junior’s bedroom in awe of how neat and organized it was. ( to be continued)

Amanda Calderon

November 24, 2021

Where do I even start.. it’s been years since I’ve saw you, heard your voice, combed your hair, ate your cereal with enough sugar to cause diabetes, sat on your lap, wore your pajamas… I could go on and on.. being the only niece that actually lived with you at grammas and learned YOU in your day to day basis I can definitely say how blessed I was to have you there and to care for me. I hated the bar soaps you would give me cause it made my skin itch (lol) but I loved using your hair products after taking a bath. You always rubbed your Mexican oils on my wounds and would laugh cause it would hurt telling me to behave like a girl and not a boy. There was something so natural about the way you cared for others, you truly were a man of god and healed so many without even knowing. Thank you for taking care of our grandma the way you did, and thank you for teaching me the things you did… I appreciate all the giggles you gave when you’d let me tickle your neck! That sound of laughter was truly the sound of wonderful memories I’ll treasure forever! Please tell everyone in heaven that I look forward to rejoicing with you all! Rip uncle Jr. And tell my dad little red loves and misses him sooooo much.! He needs you and Im glad you guys are all together 🖤

Crystal Ramirez

November 24, 2021

Uncle Jr.,
I have many fond memories of you. I remember sitting on your lap combing your hair, with the smell of your hair product. Making us a sugary bowl of Frosted Flakes for breakfast, and letting us sleep comfortably in a set of your pajamas.
Many years have passed since I’ve seen you, and I hope you can forgive me for that. But I will always hold close to my heart what a wonderful, God loving man you were.
Tell grandma, grandpa and uncle Henry hi for me & sending the biggest hug up to all of you.
Thank you for being a wonderful uncle & leaving such a lasting imprint in my heart at such a young age.
You will be missed, but we know you’re rejoicing on the streets of gold.

Crystal Ramirez (Calderón)

Evita Ramos

November 24, 2021

Some of my fondest childhood memories of my uncle are sitting on grandma’s porch with him and waiting for the ice cream truck. Sneaking him a Eskimo ice cream cause grandma wouldn’t let him have it. Him waking up early and meeting us kids at the bus stop to wait with us. Holding our hands in his to warm us up, he was always so warm. Sitting on his lap, and him letting us comb his hair however we wanted. Seeing him working at the fair, he was so proud of his job. Spending the night at grandmas and him tucking us in ever so tight, and waking up to a heaping bowl of cornflakes and lots of sugar lol. Just hanging out watching jeopardy or wheel of fortune with him and grandma. Can’t forgot him calling bingo on Christmas and him going so fast I couldn’t keep up. His love for Jesus and his dedication to his church. More recently I got to see him after 20+ years, and his smile never changed. I’m going to miss my uncle so much. He loved us kids like his own, and I’m proud to call him my Uncle!