Dance the night away with a disco funeral service

Unique lives deserve unique celebrations, and when it comes to creating a memorable and custom funeral service, your Dignity MemorialĀ® provider can help. If he always thought he should be dancing or she never went anywhere without her platform heels, a disco funeral might be a fitting memorial.

An older woman smiling and dancing in the middle of a circle of people cheering her on.
A shot of a woman and a man's legs walking down the street in disco attire.

Imagine a shimmering disco ball and every beloved Bee Gees hit there is

How about a light-up dance floor, Polaroid pictures, a disco dance contest and “Stayin’ Alive” sunglasses for everyone who attends? It’s OK to have some fun when you plan a celebration of life. In fact, it's really meaningful to incorporate those little details that deeply reflect a person's passion into a customized funeral or memorial service.

The hand of a female DJ spins a record at a disco themed reception.


Imagine funeral planning differently

A funeral or memorial service should be a one-of-a-kind celebration. Everyone has their own unique story. How do you want to tell yours? Imagine is a book full of ideas for creating a beautiful and unforgettable remembrance for yourself or a loved one. Download Imagine to begin planning an unforgettable tribute today.


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