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Create a timeless legacy

Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, the cemetery space you select can be as unique as you are. The Buyer’s Guide to Cemetery Property will give you all the details on selecting a permanent resting as a beautiful and lasting way to remember a personal story for generations to come.

Types of Cemetery Property

Whether you choose in-ground burial, aboveground entombment or an option for cremation, cemetery property provides a final resting place for family and friends to visit and reflect. This free guide will help you choose the property that best suits the personal wishes, family preferences and cultural traditions of you or your loved one.

Plan ahead for peace of mind

Planning funeral, cremation and cemetery arrangements in advance will help to alleviate the stress of your loved ones having to second-guess what you would have wanted. A plan can help friends and family to better cope with the loss, allowing them to focus on what's most important—celebrating your life.

Experience the Dignity Difference

Your plans move where you do

If you pre-plan a funeral with a Dignity Memorial provider and then relocate, your arrangements are fully transferable to more than 2,000 locations in North America.

Bereavement assistance

Grief doesn’t end just because a funeral does. We offer grief counseling for 13 months after services are provided and access to an extensive grief library for as long as you or your loved ones need it.

Honour your faith and customs

Our extensive network of funeral homes is staffed with caring associates trained to meet the needs of people from all walks of life, so you can ensure your customs will be honoured.


Check out the Verified Testimonials and see what customers are saying about their experience with us.

“They walked us through every step of the process. During these times it is difficult at best to know or understand what needs to take place in an extremely short amount of time. The staff offered recommendations but ultimately the decisions were for the family. Preplanning is the key to helping this transition less painful.”

Verified Customer

January 2021

“Having the services prepaid and preplanned made a huge difference and allowed us to focus on my Mother's celebration rather than the services and other needs. Well worth taking the time to setting up arrangements and payments ahead of time. I was frankly astonished. It had been at least a dozen years or more since things were set.”

Verified Customer

February 2021

“I am so very glad that I had prepaid and preplanned my husband's memorial service. The process was seamless. I have also preplanned and prepaid for my own service so that when the time comes our kids don't have to deal with too much. It certainly is a relief to me to have had the foresight to do all of this.”

Verified Customer

March 2021