Pay final tribute to a road warrior with a motorcycle funeral

For those who love motorcycles, riding isn’t just a hobby. It’s a passion, a community and a way of life. The highways and byways are sacred places filled with friends who are like family, beloved pit stops and years of cherished memories. Shouldn’t a devoted biker have a custom memorial service that captures the spirit of the open road?

Motorcycle or biker riding into mausoleum chapel for memorial service with urn and portrait in sidecar and other bikers looking on.

Motorcycle or biker riding into chapel for memorial service with sidecar containing portrait and urn.

Imagine a motorcycle procession with hundreds of bikers, a chapel of wall-to-wall motorcycle riders dressed in leather and favorite road anthems played loud over the speakers.

Imagine the ride from the funeral home to the cemetery, with an urn in a sidecar leading the pack. Imagine giving each guest a commemorative key ring before they ride away—a reminder to always live by your own rules.

Small key chain mementos with an image of a motorcycle on them Assorted soda bottles are displayed in an ice bucket for a tailgate service.

Imagine funeral planning differently

A funeral or memorial service should be a one-of-a-kind celebration. Everyone has their own unique story. How do you want to tell yours? Imagine is a book full of ideas for creating a beautiful and unforgettable remembrance for yourself or a loved one. Download Imagine to begin planning an unforgettable tribute today.


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