Jewish Headstones, Monuments & Markers

With an expertise in Jewish headstones, monuments and markers, we know that choosing the right memorial is an important decision. It is a permanent choice that will create a legacy for a unique life. Our Dignity Memorial® professionals have the expertise and experience to help you choose the perfect cemetery property and memorial to honour Jewish tradition and family preference. You can feel comfortable knowing you have selected a lasting and dignified memorial.


Create a lasting legacy

Your life is one of a kind. Shouldn’t your final resting place reflect your special story? Choosing cemetery property is an important step in creating a family legacy, establishing a place of remembrance for future generations and paying tribute to a special life. The Buyer’s Guide to Cemetery Property answers all of your questions about this important decision, even if you choose cremation.


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Jewish headstones, monuments and grave markers

There are many customizable components of an everlasting memorial. You may choose to design a single, double, family or estate Jewish cemetery memorial. The size, shape and colour can vary as can the personalization or ornamentation you may choose to include.

A Jewish upright monument with Star of David inscription and stones.

Design options

From simple upright granite monuments and large stone statues to markers including a birdbath, cremation bench or a simple plaque, design options for Jewish memorials can vary depending on the rules of the Jewish cemetery, local traditions and family customs and tastes. Jewish headstones, monuments and markers can be made of stately granite or timeless bronze with endless options to enhance beauty and personalize the memorial, though in most Jewish cemeteries, images of animals and human beings are not considered appropriate. Your local Dignity Memorial provider can walk you through the options to choose finishes and designs reflective of your family's tastes, culture and religion to memorialize your life or the life of a loved one with dignity and honour.


The Jewish unveiling custom is a service of commemoration to dedicate a memorial, and it is held within the first 11 months after death—anytime between the end of shiva and the yahrzeit. Jewish custom holds that the memorial is revealed at once, with the removal of a cloth from atop the memorial. A rabbi may preside over the service and offer appropriate prayers and a eulogy, or your family may opt to conduct a service themselves.

Placement in cemetery property

The Buyer's Guide to Cemetery Property is a great place to start as you begin to think about your funeral and burial options. This guide offers information on various types of properties you may choose for personal or family memorialization. These include:

Our providers offer many unique and beautiful properties with a range of styles and locations for your legacy. Several of our cemeteries include specially designated sections for members of various faiths and cultures, making it easier for communities to gather and commemorate with special ceremonies throughout the year.

Planning a Jewish memorial

Our professionals are here to guide you through the process of honouring Jewish customs and to help you understand all of the design options that are available to you for cemetery property and Jewish memorials.

Contact a Dignity Memorial pre-planning advisor and begin the process of memorialization with expert assistance and care. We are dedicated to assisting Jewish families in creating an honourable legacy of life for generations to come.