Rogaciano Salamanca Solis

8 April, 192826 September, 2022
Obituary of Rogaciano Salamanca Solis
Rogaciano Salamanca Solis, age 94, of Earlimart, California passed away on Monday, September 26, 2022. Rogaciano was born April 8, 1928 in El Platedado, Zacatecas, Mexico. Rogaciano is survived by his sibling Rodolfo Solis Salamanca, his sibling Salvador Solis Salamanca, his sibling Juventina Solis Salamanca, his sibling Misael Solis Salamanca, his child Otoniel Solis, his child Maria DeJesus Solis, his child Salvador Solis, his child Isidoro Solis, his child Juanita Solis Zapata, his child Roberto Solis, his grandchild Josefina Solis, his grandchild Margarita Solis, his grandchild Otoniel Solis Jr, his grandchild Eduardo Solis, his grandchild Maria Solis, his grandchild Lourdes Herrera, his grandchild Richard Guzman, his grandchild Salvador Solis Jr., his grandchild Brianna Solis, his grandchild Maria Angelina Solis-Garcia, his grandchild Ysidoro Solis, his grandchild Nicolas Rogaciano Solis, his grandchild Kassandra Solis, his grandchild Eileen Solis, his grandchild Roberto Solis Jr, his grandchild Jacob Solis, his grandchild Felipe Solis, his grandchild Jacob Gama, his grandchild Madeleine Gama, his great grandchild Emma Marie Solis-Ramirez, his great grandchild Ezekiel Solis-Ramirez, his great grandchild Lorenzo Solis, his great grandchild Jacob Rogaciano Solis-Irwin, his great grandchild Miles Harrison Solis, his great grandchild Theodore Meyers, his great grandchild Isaiah Guzman, his great grandchild Asira Solis, his great grandchild Damian Solis, his great grandchild Josiah Guzman, his great grandchild Xavier Solis, his great grandchild Janessa Solis, his great grandchild Armando Solis, his great grandchild Alexa Magana, his great grandchild Julian Solis, his great grandchild Ariel Solis, his great grandchild Christian Solis, his great grandchild Elexis Solis, his great grandchild Esabel Solis, his great grandchild Jadien Solis, his great grandchild Everly Solis, his great grandchild Zoey Solis, his great grandchild Phenniex Solis, his great grandchild Leilani Solis, his great grandchild Aliegh Solis, his great grandchild Booker Winrow, his great grandchild Ariel Solis, his great grandchild Jessica Solis, his great grandchild Danielle Solis, his great grandchild Miranda Maldonado, his great grandchild Stormie Solis, his great grandchild Eduardo Solis Jr, his great grandchild Tyara Jones, his great grandchild Tito Jones, his great grandchild Emry Solis, his great grandchild Ellie Solis, his great-great grandchild Nyomi Guzman and his great-great grandchild Alizay Guzman. A visitation for Rogaciano will be held Thursday, October 20, 2022 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (Rosary at 5:00 PM) at Funeraria Del Angel Delano, 707 Browning Road, Delano, CA 93215. A funeral service will occur Friday, October 21, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at St Jude Parish, 1270 E Washington Street, Earlimart, CA 93219. Serving as pallbearers are Salvador Solis, Isidoro Solis, Roberto Solis, Salvador Solis Jr., Nicolas Rogaciano Solis, Jacob Solis, Felipe Solis and Ysidoro Solis. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Solis family.

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  • Rodolfo Solis Salamanca Sibling
  • Salvador Solis Salamanca Sibling
  • Juventina Solis Salamanca Sibling
  • Misael Solis Salamanca Sibling
  • Otoniel Solis Child
  • Maria DeJesus Solis Child
  • Salvador Solis Child
  • Isidoro Solis Child
  • Juanita Solis Zapata Child
  • Roberto Solis Child
  • Josefina Solis Grandchild
  • Margarita Solis Grandchild
  • Otoniel Solis Jr Grandchild
  • Eduardo Solis Grandchild
  • Maria Solis Grandchild
  • Lourdes Herrera Grandchild
  • Richard Guzman Grandchild
  • Salvador Solis Jr. Grandchild
  • Brianna Solis Grandchild
  • Maria Angelina Solis-Garcia Grandchild
  • Ysidoro Solis Grandchild
  • Nicolas Rogaciano Solis Grandchild
  • Kassandra Solis Grandchild
  • Eileen Solis Grandchild
  • Roberto Solis Jr Grandchild
  • Jacob Solis Grandchild
  • Felipe Solis Grandchild
  • Jacob Gama Grandchild
  • Madeleine Gama Grandchild
  • Emma Marie Solis Ramirez Great Grandchild
  • Ezekiel Solis Ramirez Great Grandchild
  • Jacob Rogaciano Irwin-Solis Great Grandchild
  • Miles Harrison Solis Great Grandchild
  • Jacob Great Grandchild
  • Theodore Meyers Great Grandchild
  • Isaiah Guzman Great Grandchild
  • Asira Solis Great Grandchild
  • Damian Solis Great Grandchild
  • Josiah Guzman Great Grandchild
  • Xavier Solis Great Grandchild
  • Janessa Solis Great Grandchild
  • Armando Solis Great Grandchild
  • Alexa Magana Great Grandchild
  • Julian Solis Great Grandchild
  • Ariel Solis Great Grandchild
  • Christian Solis Great Grandchild
  • Elexis Solis Great Grandchild
  • Esabel Solis Great Grandchild
  • Jadien Solis Great Grandchild
  • Everly Solis Great Grandchild
  • Zoey Solis Great Grandchild
  • Phenniex Solis Great Grandchild
  • Leilani Solis Great Grandchild
  • Aliegh Solis Great Grandchild
  • Booker Winrow Great Grandchild
  • Ariel Solis Great Grandchild
  • Jessica Solis Great Grandchild
  • Danielle Solis Great Grandchild
  • Miranda Maldonado Great Grandchild
  • Stormie Solis Great Grandchild
  • Eduardo Solis Jr Great Grandchild
  • Tyara Jones Great Grandchild
  • Tito Jones Great Grandchild
  • Emry Solis Great Grandchild
  • Ellie Solis Great Grandchild
  • Nyomi Guzman Great Great Grandchild
  • Alizay Guzman Great Great Grandchild

  • Salvador Solis Pallbearer
  • Isidoro Solis Pallbearer
  • Roberto Solis Pallbearer
  • Salvador Solis Jr. Pallbearer
  • Nicolas Rogaciano Solis Pallbearer
  • Jacob Solis Pallbearer
  • Felipe Solis Pallbearer
  • Ysidoro Solis Pallbearer

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Thursday, 20 October, 2022


Friday, 21 October, 2022

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