Mr. Man On Lui

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LUI, Man On

Mr. Man On Lui passed away peacefully at the Foothills Hospital, in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at the blessed age of 92 years.

In 1949, Lui married Wan Kwei Ng. They moved to Hong Kong and had 2 girls, Mary and May.

In 1955, he immigrated to Canada ahead of his family, sponsored by his Auntie and Uncle Gar Wing Lui (Sim and Suk). Lui lived in a boarding house, took ESL classes, and worked for a couple of years as a dishwasher/cook at the Langevin Restaurant. Lui saved everything he could and invested $4400 to buy a half interest in the Cecil Coffee Shop in 1958. Two years later, he bought his partner’s share of the restaurant and in May 1960, Wan and their 2 daughters moved to Calgary.

The family business was hectic especially for the young family, with Lui and Wan starting at 5:00 a.m. every day. They made everything from scratch; including donuts, butterhorns, cinnamon buns, pies, French fries, the daily soup and daily specials. That meant early mornings and late nights, working hard. Lunchtime lineups used to stretch out the door and around the corner as the family fed workers from Hook Signs, Mutual Movers, Loomis, Liquid Nitrogen, Alberta Poultry, Glenmore Boats, the Calgary Dog Pound, Alpha Dairies, Maytag Appliances and Calgary families coming down on Calgary Stampede Parade day. They lived in the tiny apartment above the restaurant, making it a bit easier for the long working hours and taking breaks.

Lui and Wan had 3 more children, Nancy, Perry and Betty growing the family to 7 people. Supporting a family of 7 was no easy task, but Lui was always able to take the family on outings, such as Banff, St. George’s Island (Calgary Zoo), Bowness Park and Happy Valley, on Sundays after the restaurant closed at 2:00 p.m. He loved his family very much and supported going to school assemblies and graduations, celebrating festivities such as Christmas and birthdays.

In 1971, Lui and Wan saved up enough money and took the whole family back to China and Hong Kong to visit relatives that they hadn’t seen for years, taking a side trip to Japan. It was an epic trip for the whole family, a trip of a lifetime.

Lui and Wan owned and operated the Cecil Coffee Shop for 35 years. They retired on October 1, 1992 with Lui and Wan helping to raise grandchildren. Lui enjoyed fishing at the community lake and travelling with the family. They travelled extensively to China, Indonesia, Europe, the United States, Australia and the Caribbean; and sailed on dozens of cruises, often with the entire family.

Lui was extensively involved in the Calgary Chinese community, as he was a member of 5 associations: Sue Yuen Benevolent Association of Calgary, Wu Yi Association of Calgary, Hong Kong Chinese Immigrant Association of Calgary, Hoy Sun Association of Calgary and Eng/Ng Affinity Association of Calgary. He loyally served as the Treasurer of the Sue Yuen Association for over 30 years and travelled as far as China to attend international conferences, representing the Calgary contingency.

Man On Lui leaves behind his wife, Wan Kwei; his children, Mary and Ken Yee, May and Gary Yee, Nancy and Manley Yuen, Perry and Rita Lui, Betty and Danny Gow; his grandchildren, Tammy and Wylie Diegel, Kevin and Joanne Yee, Jennifer and Seward Pon, Brian Yee, Elizabeth, Madelaine, Rebecca and Rachel Yuen, Madison and Darrien Lui, Brandon, Bradley, Brett and Danielle Gow; and his great-grandchildren, Taylor and Tristan Diegel, Jordan, Jayden and Kendall Yee, Kenzie, Gabrielle and Brodie Pon.

“Dad we miss you so much. We miss your talks and wise advice, your clever jokes, interesting stories and fun folk songs. You loved us so much and you never held back, taking little for yourself. We love you so much Dad. Do you hear us Dad? Thank you and thank you Dad. Take good care until we meet again.”

Those wishing to pay their respects may do so at a Visitation held at Foster’s Garden Chapel, 3220 – 4th Street NW, Calgary, Alberta (across from Queen’s Park Cemetery), on Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. A Funeral Service will also be held at Foster’s Garden Chapel on Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. Interment will follow at Queen’s Park Cemetery.

Expressions of sympathy may be forwarded to the family via the website


  • Visitation Saturday, 14 July , 2018
  • Funeral Service Sunday, 15 July , 2018

Mr. Man On Lui

have a memory or condolence to add?

Nancy Ulrich

16 August 2018

I have known Mr. Man On Lui for quite sometimes. He came to pick up his prescription at Costco. And over the time, I have been fortunate in getting to know him. He always had a smile on his face while waiting for me to serve him. He was very patient when his meds weren't ready. Never said an unkind word to me or the staff. To me, Mr. Man On Lui was a happy man.

A man with a few words, and yet in his presence, I have always felt at ease.

You will surely be missed, but I know God has a big plan for you.

He needs you home; until then, we will meet again.

Nancy Ulrich

Betty Gow

12 August 2018

Hi Dad,

Well, it has been just over a month & I miss you very much! It still seems unbelievable that you’re not here. I walk around your house looking at your things. 😭😭😭.
Mom had a nice dinner with me & Brett brad & Brandon today. Moy is with Nan & the girls.
Well, mom seems to be doing good. She was sweeping out the garage today & I was picking out the dried up flowers & watering them. She was playing her MJ game then doing a puzzle I brought. I curled her hair & did her nails too.

Well I was trying to tell her about the comments that were written on the obit website about you. I became weepy. She just said that’s what happens when you get old. That’s life. Then she told me how you were always thinking / worried about me & that you loved me very much.

Love you dad!
Miss you dad!
You’re the BEST dad always & forever!!!

May Yee

17 July 2018

Dad, I LOVE you so much & I MISS you so much 😢😢😢 Rest in PEACE 😘😘😘

Mei Yen Yuen

16 July 2018

Dear Doging,

I always loved hearing you call my name: "Ah Mad-lie!" or "Mat Mat" or even when I called and you said "Oh, Ah Yen Yen Ah!". And who could forget the classic "Watermelon!". It's been my favorite fruit for years and I'm proud to tell everyone that it is also a nickname that you gave me.

There's so many memories of you in my life and everything makes me think about you. Did you know I bragged about you to my friends when we went on a hike this past Monday? You were always leading the group on hikes and us kids would be running to catch up to you. Even last summer when we went on a walk with Popo you walked ahead of us and wouldn't stay in the shade of my umbrella. But you always looked back to make sure we weren't too far behind.

I remember how when I got laid off at work, you took that as an opportunity to spend time together. Making me lunch, going grocery shopping or going to the bank together. I am so glad it didn't get you down for long! You and Popo were always my two biggest cheerleaders.

I don't regret a single time I reminded my friends that Friday nights were booked because I was going home for dinner at your house. I'd ask if you wanted more food or dessert until you got mad at me: "I AM BAU I SAID!", "I am nothing!", and that one time you said "I need to go away!" before escaping from the table.

I'm so glad to have had you in my life for 26 years Doging! It's true that you'll always be my hero. I love you and will miss you dearly. But I know I'll see you again.

Love with hugs, kisses, and foot massages,


Nancy Yuen

16 July 2018

Hi Dad

I miss you so much.
Everywhere I go reminds me of you.
Mom is doing pretty good.
She misses you a lot.
She's been kind of quiet.
But she'll be ok, don't you worry. We're on it.

We went to visit you today and we were so amazed at all the flowers.
I think they were freshly watered too.

I hope you liked the video we made. We worked really hard on it.

I just want to say thanks Dad for everything.
You were the best dad ever. And you are right, we do have the best family, Dad.

Miss you Dad. Love you Dad.

Mary Yee

15 July 2018

Morning dad!
We all miss you very much.
You are always in our thoughts
Though you are no longer here with us
It’s your special day today.....
Sunny 26 degrees, perfect weather
Everybody’s here to be with you
To celebrate your amazing life....
Till we all meet again...
Love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kevin Yee

15 July 2018

Good Morning Doging,

What a beautiful day we have to honour your time you spent with us. You have helped build such an amazing family that we are so lucky and proud to be a part of.

Even though our communication was limited, with my limited Chinese speaking skills. We could always make each other laugh and smile. I knew I hit you funny bone limit when I would hear the “Ahh. Get out get out”

Cecil was always a great place for great tasty meals, where a kid could get anything from hamburgers and fries with apple pie for desert to that aweful tasting ginseng soup we occasionally had to drink. Birthday parties were also fun, I remember even though we were closed, you would still open the doors to see what a patron needed and sometimes just give them a free coffee, but, a lot of times you would still serve them a meal if it was possible.

There are so many great things I will always remember and cherish. Thanks for all the great memories. Enjoy your special day, it is going to be great! I will see you later...

Rachel Yuen

15 July 2018

An open letter for my GongGong:

Dear GongGong,

I love you and I miss you.

You were always someone I could comfortably be myself around. You were a best friend, a father figure, and a cool grandpa all in one. I'd do stupid, crazy things and all you'd do was laugh and smile. I miss your laugh.

A couple years ago I was really struggling. The anxiety I experienced was seriously awful, but I wouldn't change a thing because it meant that I decided to come live with you for a couple months. You made life at the time so much more bearable, even if you didn't know it.

I'll really miss the way you woke up at 7am just so that you could make me muk paay for breakfast and see me off to school. And even though I didn't appreciate it then, I'll miss the way you brought me sweet potatos while I studied. I don't think I ever realized how much those little things meant to me until now. I was so blessed to have you.

I've always considered you and Popo to be my two favorite people in the entire world. Anyone who watches my stories can see as much. I practically posted videos and pictures of you guys everyday. Everyone thought I was crazy for always whipping out my phone, but you're just too lovable. I don't regret a thing. I wanted to show off how fantastic you were and it worked. You'd be surprised at how many people tell me, "Your grandparents are so cute." It makes me so happy. You mean the world to me.

You're an inspiration to me. I don't think I ever told you, but I made a whole PowerPoint about you and Popo last summer. It's not even the first time I've included you in a school project. Even though it was my last day at Aveda, I presented it anyways because I wanted everyone to know how special you were to me.

You've come so far. You lived a good, long life. I'm so proud to have known you.

I'm so lucky to have been able to spend almost everyday of my life with you until now. I don't think I'll ever love anyone as much as I love you & Popo ♡

Love you,

Herbert & Beth Eisengruber

14 July 2018

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Brandon Gow

14 July 2018

This letter is written for an amazing man, who's grace, love and devotion will forever be cherished in my soul.

For Gingging,

Life can be described as a never-ending collection of personal experiences which begins from nothing and continuously grows throughout our existence. In the same way that a sculptor slowly chisels a slab of marble into a masterpiece, the experiences around us turn us into who we are. I am thankful to have had my grandfather as one of the sculptors that chiseled away for me.

I find it difficult to choose a memory to share. I have endless vivid memories of my grandpa and grandma woven all throughout my childhood. The special thing about my grandparents are that they are always there, they always have food for empty tummies, they always have band-aids for cuts and bruises, and they always have hugs for you. As a kid, I took this for the norm but I now realize how special they really are. I never understood the eternal and everlasting love that fueled my grandfather. He was one of the most loving people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I remember him as the type of person to cook dinner for our family and then take the smallest bits of meat for himself, leaving all the good pieces for us.

My grandfather shaped me to be the person I am today. I am and forever will be, grateful for everything he has done for my family. You are the embodiment of our family, and although you are not here physically you will live on forever in our hearts.

I love you.