Mark Skalinski

2 January , 194424 November , 2018

Mark Skalinski passed away on Saturday, November 24, 2018, in Houston, Texas at the age of 74 years.

Mark is survived by his loving wife Margaret, his daughter Maya and his sister Marta Michowska. He is preceded in death by his son Michael.

Mark had an incredible zest for life, and he has served as an inspiration to all that have met him. His scientific and artistic contributions have literally been felt across the world. Mark has enriched us all through his generosity, scientific and technical contributions, his photographic artistry, and his inspiration of dance.

Mark made outstanding Professional Contributions to the Petroleum industry. Not only was Mark regarded as the top Petrophysicist in Chevron, he was considered an industry leading expert in his field of petrophysical characterization of difficult geology. He made many contributions to furthering this science. He authored at least 11 technical papers and coauthored an additional 18.

In 2017-2018, Mark was given the honor of being a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers and gave approximately 20 lectures all over the world on his lecture tour. Following that, he was appointed Distinguished Speaker for the Society of Petroleum Well Logging (SPWLA) for the 2018-2019 season. Mark invested thousands of volunteer hours for Polanie Polish Song and Dance Association as an Artistic director, choreographer, manager, and much more. Through his unique choreographic style, authenticity of tradition and enhanced theatrical vibrancy, Mark elevated Polanie to the ranks of the best ethnic dance ensembles in North America. Mark promoted the beauty of international dance and produced numerous multicultural festivals and shows during the period of his artistic leadership. The impact Mark had on Polanie's cultivation and achievement of Polish Folk Dance Excellence cannot be overstated as he has left a profound mark on its Repertoire and the Association as a whole.

Mark has touched the hearts of many. He graced many of us with his presence and talents, and his “footprints” are truly global. He danced through life and is sorely missed.


  • Funeral Mass Saturday, 8 December , 2018

Mark Skalinski

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Kasia Wojcik

8 December 2018

Pan Marek Skalinski was a mentor, a scholar and a true artist. His profound energy and artistic aptitude inspired many including myself. I will never forget how he pulled together incredible choreographies seemingly out of nothing. He not only planned out the picture of the dance in his head, but all the intricate details as well; including which dancing pair he wanted in each spot at each moment depending on their strengths. He rarely had notes with him. And if he did it was a spreadsheet of the dancers so he could keep track of who was dancing which dance. I remember always getting excited, and feeling the excitement of others, when Pan Skalinski came back from a long work trip - does he have something new for us? I bet it’s going to be good!
My favorite memory for me was when he tried to teach us Tai Chi and he took his usual approach of teaching it to us like dance steps. We all tried our best to follow along. We could tell he’s getting a great workout, but we were all shivering and not warming up at all - we were missing something! Also, the jokes would not stop and it was incredibly difficult to focus. Pan Marek was incredibly determined and kept on trying to explain to us the breath balance and purpose of movement. It was lost on us. We were just too silly or immature, perhaps. Pan Marek was incredibly patient and took our shenanigans graciously. Eventually he conceded and laughed along with us. An incredible man worthy of the utmost respect. He will be missed!
My deepest condolences to Pani Malgosia and Maya Skalinski
Kasia Wojcik, Calgary

boguslawa studzinski

5 December 2018

My deepest condolences go to those the most grieving, my dear friend Margaret, Maya and the family. We all grieve together when such an enormous personality leaves us.
Everything related to our dear Mark was truly expressed in the obituary. He was a great polish patriot with a profound cosmopolitan personality. We have in our memories his joy of life, his dance, his artistic flair, professional talents and many beautiful events he hosted with his talented wife Margaret. We always remember how he enriched our life during our friendship.

What is going through our minds today doesn't help to answer questions about our existence and our passing. There are no such answers...

Rest in Pease dear Mark

Bogna & family