David Adam Jaundrew

1 May, 198417 October, 2021

David Adam Jaundrew born on May 1, 1984 suddenly passed away at home on October 17, 2021.

David leaves behind his wife, best friend, and love of his life Lylah and their pup Cassie. Heartbroken parents Anice & Peter, brother Stephen (Krista), sisters Laura (Drew), Lindsay (Connor) and Brittany. David was the best uncle to Grayson, Reed, Sawyer and Austin whom he loved so much and was excited to watch grow up. In-laws Pat & Betty, brother in-law Jody and sister in-law Meridee (Brice). We are all devastated that David had to leave us so soon.

David would call himself an introvert, unless there was a microphone nearby. One of David’s biggest passions was singing and was likely to break out in song at any given moment. David loved to serenade his wife with his made up songs to make her laugh or annoy her, whichever made her smile more. His voice will live on in those that love him.

David was known for his hugs, he knew just the type of hug you needed. David has a large circle of friends and being a part of his circle meant to be truly seen and accepted as who you are, no changes needed.

Please join us on Saturday November 27, 2021 at Frist Memorial in Saanich for a celebration of David’s life. The celebration will begin at 2pm PST and will be followed by a reception. David’s circle of friends spans across both Canada and the USA and we want everyone to be able to participate even if they cannot attend in person. A link has been provided below for those that want to can view a live stream of the celebration.

In lieu of flowers a memorial page has been setup with the BCSPCA for donations to be made in David’s honour. David loved his little rescue pup Cassie and often said that her and Lylah were his little family that he loved so much. So if inclined please donate to help save another animal so they can bring love to someone else’s family.

- Until we meet again -

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David Adam Jaundrew

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Tracy Fountain

2 December 2021

My deepest condolences to you, Lylah and David’s entire family. There are no words to convey how much my heart hurts.
I met David when he joined our mainframe team and instantly liked him … he had so many wonderful attributes: his sense of humour, his intelligence, his caring nature and his ability to get to the heart of the issue in any troubleshooting situation, to name only a few. He was always ready to pitch in and lend a hand when he could.
When I retired from TELUS I knew David would be leading the team before long. Since I left we’ve kept in touch by email periodically. I miss him terribly.
Lylah and family, please know that you are in our thoughts during this very difficult time.
Tracy Fountain

Lylah Mourad

29 November 2021


You told me you loved me after only a month, I remember thinking you must be crazy because it was way too soon, but then who was I to judge because I was already so in love with you too. You became my best friend, my love, and my future all at once.

You loved me for me and always let me be myself without fear of rejection or ridicule.

You always made me feel like I was the only one that mattered. Whenever I asked you what you wanted to do, you would smile and say “as long as I’m with you I am happy” which was lovely, but not the slightest bit helpful and you knew it.

I know we don’t get to grow old together in our dream home like we planned but I am so grateful for the time we did have. It’s not fair that I have to say goodbye to you so soon but please know you were the best thing to happen to me, you made me believe in love and that I could be loved.

You will be with me forever and I will miss our little family but it makes me happy that Cassie is by your side.

Forever yours, Lylah

Stephen and Laura Jaundrew

28 November 2021

We both truly feel so lucky to have had the most amazing person to look up to as the eldest of us 3 siblings. David wasn’t just a brother to us, but also a best friend. He loved you with his whole heart, made you laugh like no other, and when you talked to him, he always made sure you felt heard. Anyone who knows David knows how lucky they are to have had him in their lives, but we don’t need to tell them because they already know. David was so proud to have a little brother and sidekick that he wanted so badly his name to be “Bingo”. David was fiercely protective of his annoying little sister that would say “Me too! Me too!” to absolutely everything he did.

David, there's so many more memories that the three of us were supposed to create together as siblings but we will cherish the ones we have made. We have always been so proud to call you our big brother and our love for you will never end. We will keep you forever in our hearts and will live life for you since you were taken away from us way too soon. Until we meet again, big bro.

Anice Scruton

27 November 2021

Celebrating David.

There are so many things to celebrate. David was always an inquisitive, caring, thoughtful, sometimes mischievous individual.

From the first day he smiled, I knew he was a special person who would impact our world greatly, His dimples could get him
out of sticky situations.

David would find humour in most situations even though sometimes humour was hard to find.

David’s mind was brilliant, he was so smart, maybe too smart for me. Quite often he would be explaining something
“geeky” and I would pretend to comprehend what he was saying but I knew he knew it was completely futile to attempt to make me
understand this part of his world. He still tried, I still tried.

David always loved being with his family and friends. I am especially grateful for the 37 and a half years we could always count
on each other, no matter what time of day or where we were. He was fiercely protective of the people he loved and when he loved you,
you knew it.

When David and Lylah became partners, I knew she would always feel loved, protected and safe. This made me so proud of
him to be able to provide that for their little family.

From your first days on earth and me singing “All My Loving” by the Beatles to you every night while you drifted off to sleep,
“I’ll send all my loving to you” for the rest of my days on earth.

Thank you for the honour and privilege of being your Mom. I love you and miss you my son.

-Until we meet again-

Heidi Swan

27 November 2021

What a beautiful service today for a very loved and talented man. David will sure be missed.

Alastair Teale

27 November 2021

While I only knew Dave though his brother Stephen and I don't think I have seen Dave since Stephen's wedding, I do have memories of him from the many times I would be over at Stephen's house (sometimes living in their garage for a few days at a time working on our video projects). He was a solid, honest guy. He always liked to laugh (sometimes at Stephen's expense). I remember one at of the computer LAN parties back in the day, a hearty laugh at Stephen after he made a faux pas of asking for the 1.0 patch.

My condolences to all of his family.

Calypso Malcolm

27 November 2021

Thank you for putting up with me and Laura when we were annoying teenagers. You will never be forgotten, and I definitely won’t let the goat forget that she’s a goat.

Hugs to all of you Jaundrews, I love you all so much.

Calypso ❤️


26 November 2021

Condolences to Davids mother Anice and his father Dan Jaundrew, his wife and the rest of David's family. I remember watching David at a school concert where David sang and was absolutely beautiful it was such a special moment that his dad and I shared, His Dad was so proud of David.

Barb Murray

26 November 2021

I remember when David started with TELUS and watched as he blossomed over the years. The mainframe technical teams are a close knit bunch, while David was not on my direct team we worked together often on a daily basis and also on many late night calls. David had a knack of stating the obvious with a little smirk in his voice. It was not a surprise that he was chosen to lead his team, he had a keen understanding of our systems and an ability to manage the people side of things. He always had time for a quick question or chat. Adjectives that come to mind to describe David are kind, bright, creative, witty to name just a few.

Lylah, it warms my heart to know that you have your rescue pup – our animals can bring us such comfort during times of distress.

My sincere condolences to you and your family. We will miss David immensely.

Barb Murray

Bob Doyle

18 November 2021

Greetings to Lylah and family members

My deepest regrets to you and your family. He will be sorely missed by all.

When David joined our group his knowledge of the MainFrame was minimal, so I was asked to mentor him as we sat across from each other at Seymour and later at Yates. So I had him under my wing for a few years. I got to know him a bit and found that he was probably the quickest learner I ever met. A bit of wit as well.

He was selected to become the eventual manager of my group and with his deep knowledge and great learning ability, his cool under pressure, his easygoing relationship with team members, his organizational skills, he would have made a brilliant manager. A great loss for you and our team.

He was a colleague and a friend as well.

Again, my condolences.

Bob Doyle

From the Family