Anthony Short

6 February, 193910 November, 2020

Anthony Short was born on February 6, 1939 and passed away on November 10, 2020 and is under the care of Hoffmeister Colonial Mortuary.

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Anthony Short

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Bob Gettinger

January 7, 2021

I grew up with Tony especially from Kenny garden to the six grade had Lady of Lourdes and

Sydney Collson Chichester

January 3, 2021

Sad news when his cousin, David, told me of Tony’s passing. I was part of the Deale, MD group, who came together every summer at the Bay. Tony was always the serious one, caring and intent on keeping us cohesive. Many nights we’d all gather on our Owings Beach pier, and Tony would have us singing the Lord’s Prayer to end our day’s adventures. He already had his life’s goal in focus. He had a “fun” side though, and somewhere I have a picture of him trying to play my Arthur Godfrey uke! It was wonderful getting back in touch with him and the others, some years back, and I’ll miss his many emails with pictures/articles of the Bay, and regular Jacquie Lawson cards of encouragement and celebration. Out of all our Bay group, Tony was the one who touched and influenced the most people and their lives.
Tony was a special part of a special group, in a special place...a life well lived. 🙏🏻

Anne (Holmes) Larkin

November 19, 2020

I am so saddened at the death of Tony. He was a really special man to me and my mom and siblings and extended family. He was part of our family. He had a wonderful presence that was larger than life when you were around him. He taught me about manners when I was a little girl and about cooking and about my Catholic faith! He celebrated life's events with us, celebrated Holy Mass with us, and simple lunches and "strolls" in his wheelchair going down Lindell Blvd. to his favorite restaurant. He taught me about other planets and stars in the galaxy. He and I were able to put glow in the dark stars on his ceiling above his bed so he could enjoy "star gazing" from Jesuit Hall. Going to the rooftop of Jesuit Hall in the tiny elevator with him and my mom and my grand daughters all stuffed in is also a fond memory. I will always love you Tony and will miss you! Rest in God's arms now!

Kathi (Holmes) May

November 19, 2020

Mary Rose (Holmes) Feldt

November 19, 2020

Father Tony will be greatly missed by the Holmes Family! He was a fixture in it for so many years, and a constant support for our mother, Betty Holmes. My memories as a little girl are of listening to scary stories about slugs, adventures in Andromeda, adding hot spices to homecooked chili, home masses, letters arriving in the mail from all over the country, and sitting for many photography sessions as Tony enjoyed his hobby as a photographer. As an adult, visits with predictable lively conversations, baseball games, trips to restaurants where Tony loved to order good food, and him always attending our special family gatherings! I too, will miss the Jacquie Lawson ecards that came so frequently to my inbox. I have a beautiful photo that is still displayed in my home of me and my mother on my First Communion Day in 1969, taken by Father Tony. I will always treasure this photo and am so blessed that he captured it that day. Here is a photo of one of our mother's recent birthday celebrations with Tony in attendance and the whole gang! This morning us kids had a chance to Zoom with our mom and tell her of Tony's passing. We were able to reminisce about all the good times we shared with this special person in our lives over many many years! Thanks for all the memories, Tony, we love you!

Kathi (Holmes) May

November 19, 2020

As my brother John and twin sister, Colleen have written , Tony has been a close friend of our family for six decades. When Tony was at Regis in 1978 he baptized our first born, Dan who later in his twenties attended Rockies games with him in Denver. Tony was excited to have Coors Field being built and we toured construction of it excitedly. Tony always had favorite restaurants, most memorable a Mexican restaurant where divers in colorful attire plunged into pools at tableside. When our second child, Elizabeth was born in Wyoming my husband, Jim and I travelled one snowy day to St. Stephen's Indian Reservation where Tony presided over her baptism in a ceremonial native cottonwood stump font. Tony found two parishioners to serve as her proxy godparents also providing a tiny towel to dry her off after drenching her in holy water. Later upon asking him to yet again baptize another of our children, Caroline, Tony advised that I participate in parish life in Casper which upon taking to heart now has me happily involved at the same parish where I succeeded in getting her baptized. Tony loved the Arapahoe and Shoshone people where he introduced our mother, Betty to his "Rez" friends. Tony had told my mother that where he lived on the Mission was a "river" the Wind River, she could walk to which she promptly did upon arrival in Riverton, Wyoming from St. Louis. Our mother was living one mile from the Mississippi at the time where we grew up in St. Louis and kept searching for the "river," to Tony's laughter. Of course, a river in Wyoming is a creek in Missouri. Fr. Short has presided at many of our family weddings, invoking the Apache Blessing at each which is now a tradition. One fall afternoon years ago Tony said Mass for me near Ft. Phil Kearney south of Sheridan. The wind was blowing as always that day in Wyoming. Listening to the eternal Wyoming wind reminds me that Tony is now with the Great Spirit, forever.

John Berchmans Holmes

November 19, 2020

Tony Short was a friend of mine. I met Tony through my uncle Bob Holmes while the two were in seminary to become Jesuit priests. Tony was Bob’s master of ceremony 1970 for Uncle Bobs first mass as I and my brother Tim were privileged enough to be server boys. Tony would visit my family of six children and mom to celebrate home mass and also to share a meal and time together.
Tony loved his mother fondly. He spoke of a good childhood. Tony loved the stars. The universe and the cosmos. Tony did some water colors of the universe. He also liked poetry. He loved history And was appreciative to the Jesuits for taking care of him his entire adult life.
Interesting fact—— Tony was the Gerber baby model as a baby.
As Tony was part of the Holmes family he also made the Holmes family part of the Jesuit community.

I am forever grateful to have known Tony.

I want to thank My brother Jesuit community of the Catholic Church for taking care of Father Tony Short SJ

God of the north bring the cold upon us. God of the south bring the warm winds to us.
God of the east bring the warm sun up on us.
God of the west bring the Holy Spirit into our lives forever.
AMDG John Holmes

Colleen Flieger

November 19, 2020

My memories of Tony are VAST and WIDE and full of POWER and GLORY.

Tony became a faithful family friend through my godfather and uncle, Bob Holmes, S.J. Tony shared Andromeda, chili with anchovies, photography, Frank Baum, Kristin Lavransdatter, and late night visits with my family of six children and our mother, Betty Holmes.

One of my first real jobs was typing the Sunday bulletin at the "College Church" in the 1970s. I would travel along Lindell Boulevard from Rosati-Kain after school and arrive in just minutes. Tony somehow managed to finagle my services to type five sets of his college theology notes from his black and white composition notebook. I suppose he gave away (??) the extra sets of typewritten notes. I know Tony's handwriting well.

Much later in my life, I shared a harrowing ride in the Rocky Mountains with Tony and my daughter and my mother. Our small and aging Chevelle was overheating and Tony was absolutely certain that all was well. That evening, Tony was sure to label his restaurant leftovers that he stored in the fridge at Regis to be sure they were still there in the morning.

Tony was with my family caravan as we drove into Wyoming from Colorado toward a family wedding a few years later. Lucky for me, he was not in the car I was driving as we landed in Chugwater, a tiny town much out off track of the route. The Borg, milestone birthday memories at McGurks, the Symphony, shared masses, and jacquie lawson e-mails are more recent, precious memories with Tony for me.

May God welcome you, Fr. Anthony J. Short, into His loving arms.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

John Smuck

November 18, 2020

I came to know Tony in Deale, MD during summers in the late 1940's and early 1950's. He came each summer from St. Louis with his cousin David Frazier to spend time on the Chesapeake Bay shore in his grandparents' cottage on Owing's Beach. There was a group of us who came back year after year. Tony and I were more serious, introspective and what today would be called nerdy than the other kids. He introduced me to chess and Tchaikovsky while the others paired off and listened to crooner ballades, du-wop and later, rock 'n roll.
His mom passed away when he was just 12 or 13, I think. He was always devoutly Catholic and expressed his "calling" to enter the Jesuit Society priesthood early and consistently. In later years, he reached out to me and, I think, other members of the group of beach kids, but I neglected to make the effort to stay in contact with him, and learned today of his passing after an interval of perhaps ten years without any contact.

Tom Huck

November 14, 2020

I got to know Fr. Tony just the last few years. I used to visit him in Jesuit Hall most Friday afternoons until the covid virus kept me from entering J. Hall. He was always very welcoming and friendly. He loved to tell me about his family and spending summers with his grandparents in Maryland as he was growing up. And of course he loved trains and anything having to do with them.

I will miss Tony and my Friday afternoon visits.

Tom Huck