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With the sandy shoreline of Flagler Beach only a short drive away, Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home sits on the grounds of Flagler Memorial Gardens. The funeral home provides funeral and cremation memorials that are unique and personalized. The cemetery offers a range of burial options on pretty, peaceful grounds. Together, these sister locations allow families to handle every aspect of final arrangements in one place.

Personalized funerals and memorials

Life Story memorial at Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Flagler Memorial Gardens Whether you’re visiting for the first time or have lived here all your life, you’ll notice that Flagler Beach is a warm and charming town characterized by a laid-back vibe. It’s a wonderful place to live! We're lucky that people in our community come from all walks of life, and Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home serves families of all cultures, religions and backgrounds. Our team is familiar with many different funeral traditions and customs and speaks English and Spanish.

We believe that every person is unique and deserves a unique celebration. Our staff specializes in one-of-a-kind memorials that celebrate a person’s passions and personality. Think a dove release, cupcakes, golf balls, a convertible car parade, live music, bouquets of favorite flowers or a dance performance to remember.

There are thousands of ways to pay tribute to a special someone. The only limit to what we can do is the imagination.

See how we celebrate life.

Modern funeral chapels

Want a small service with close family members and friends? We have a space for that. Or would you prefer to have a large, over-the-top celebration? We can arrange for that, too. In fact, with three flexible chapels, our funeral home can handle services of almost any type or size.

  • The largest chapel holds more than 100 but can easily be divided into smaller sections for intimate services.
  • The North Chapel holds approximately 100 people, with a small area for family-only services.
  • The smaller South Chapel holds about 65.

Sitting area at Palm Cheyenne MortuaryAll of our chapels have comfortable, overstuffed furniture and simple decor, which makes them easy to customize with photos, mementos and personally meaningful items. Our team encourages personalization and can design a truly special service, including a catered reception before or after a service.

Learn about our catering and reception services.

Cremation in Flagler Beach

Signature Dedication at Palm Cheyenne MortuaryThere are many options for cremation in the Daytona area—and they're not all equal. We specialize in cremation services that honor loved ones in personalized ways, and families love our all-inclusive pricing. With space for outdoor services, expertise in scattering ashes and a friendly team who pays attention to every detail, we provide service that is second to none. Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home has a crematory on the property, and should you wish for a witness cremation, we can accommodate that.

More and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial, but most aren’t familiar with the many options:

  • a cremation without a funeral or memorial service of any kind.
  • a funeral with your loved one present, followed by cremation.
  • a cremation followed by a scattering, cemetery memorialization or celebration of life—or all three.

If you're interested in cemetery placement, Flagler Memorial Gardens is among the prettiest in the area. It offers scattering, niches and other choices. For those who wish for something more momentous, Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater cremation garden off the coast of Florida.

And what's more appropriate for a space fan, NASA employee or contractor than Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, which takes ashes into space for a little while or forever?

Learn more about our cremation services.

Veterans burial benefits

Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home is honored to provide veterans with funerals befitting their service to our country. Our team is well-versed in military funeral honors and the burial benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We can walk you through the requirements and ensure your veteran has a most dignified memorial.

Watch our video to learn about how we honor veterans.

Funeral and cremation planning in advance

Standard venue at Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Flagler Memorial GardensIn addition to assisting with an immediate need, Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home specializes in working with families to make final arrangements in advance. When you plan ahead, you relieve your family from financial and emotional burdens while ensuring your wishes are met. We offer in-person and virtual consultations, as well as a free Personal Planning Guide.

Find out everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans.

Community events

Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home hosts several events during the year. The All Souls' Day service is produced with the local Catholic church. On the first Sunday of December, we host a candlelight holiday memorial. We work with nondenominational clergy, and about 500 people come to decorate a holiday tree with ornaments families have given us to honor their loved ones.

Flagler Memorial Gardens

Community gardens at Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Flagler Memorial Gardens The 13-acre Flagler Memorial Gardens is one of the older cemeteries in Flagler County and the only perpetual care cemetery in the area. With an array of burial choices and a road of bricks from the original Route 100, the memorial park is a lovely and historic final resting spot. It has plenty of space for future generations and a promise that it will be well-maintained forever.

Burial options for all

Community mausoleum at Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Flagler Memorial Gardens From traditional ground burial to cremation placement, there are many options at Flagler Memorial Gardens.

Most of our ground plots are for just one person. The exception is the Garden of Love, which has double-depth (two-person) plots. Upright monuments are allowed in some sections of the cemetery; others allow only flat bronze markers.

If you choose aboveground burial, our mausoleums offer crypts for just one person or crypts for two. Mausoleum crypts have light pink granite fronts with bronze nameplates and vases for flowers. If you prefer an aboveground burial option that’s more personalized, you can work with one of our designers to build a private family or individual mausoleum. Read about private mausoleums.

Two of our community mausoleums have cremation niches. All of the niches are companion niches, which means they are big enough for two urns. In addition to niches, we have cremation memorial benches (with space for up to three urns) throughout the cemetery, banks of granite-front niches and a cremation scattering garden.

Sections for religious and other groups

Flagler Memorial Gardens is a nondenominational cemetery, but we have several sections set aside for members of certain faiths. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Augustine has blessed the cemetery, and there is a section for Catholic families called Sacred Heart. Garden of Peace was developed with the Temple Beth Shalom but is open to any member of the Jewish faith.

Garden of Valor and Garden of Freedom are reserved for war veterans and other members of the U.S. armed forces.

A place for committal services

Committal services are often held in one of the four mausoleums on the cemetery property. The original mausoleum, the Memory Mausoleum, and the three newer mausoleums (the Mausoleums of the Angels) have covered breezeways that can be set with chairs. The open areas within the mausoleums can also be used for committal services.

History of Flagler Memorial Gardens

Community garden at Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Flagler Memorial GardensWhen you walk into Flagler Memorial Gardens you are stepping into history. Formerly known as Hope Cemetery, it was established 1923 and is the final resting place of several Flagler County pioneers. The cemetery was later renamed Flagler Memorial Gardens.

The red bricks that line the entrance of the cemetery were once part of the Old Brick Road, a 66-mile project completed in 1916 by St. Johns County. The road was part of the original Dixie Highway, which stretched from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, to Miami Beach, Florida. In the 1920s and 1930s, the road fell into disrepair as the new Dixie Highway (aka US 1) was built. Eventually, the brick road was torn up and paved. The bricks themselves were used to build schools, homes, fireplaces and patios.

Today, we are honored to preserve this important piece of Florida history on our cemetery grounds.

Your trusted friend and neighbor

As Dignity Memorial® providers, Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home and Flagler Memorial Gardens deliver compassionate care, personalized service and exceptional customer satisfaction. We invite you to come to tour the funeral home and cemetery. We are happy to show you around.

Reach out now.

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