50 Celebration of Life Ideas for Daughters

Planning your daughter’s celebration of life is likely something you never imagined, but a funeral or cremation memorial can deeply reflect the life she lived and the beautiful person she was.

Dignity Memorial® providers are experienced at helping families create unique tributes with attention to detail like no other. From remembering your daughter’s hobbies and passions to her personality and career, we help you capture all the little things that made her the little girl you loved and the woman you admired.

It’s not easy to lose a loved one—especially a cherished daughter. But we’re here to help you honor her in the most special of ways. Here are 50 celebration of life ideas to get you started.

Be inspired by her passion

1. Angels

She believed in them and now she’s yours. Put her collection of angel figurines on display and add songs like “Angel,” by Sarah McLachlan, and “Calling All Angels,” by Train to the playlist.

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2. Animals

Ever since she was a little girl, your daughter loved animals. She shadowed a veterinarian in high school, went on to foster puppies and was studying to become a veterinarian herself. Work with the local animal rescue to establish an adoption event in her name.

3. Ballet

She was your little ballerina twirling around the living room in her favorite pink tutu and slippers. She was the star of her first recital and one day wanted to be a prima ballerina. Incorporate blush-colored roses into her memorial to commemorate this detail.

4. Ballroom dancing

She learned tap, jazz and hip-hop, but ballroom dancing remained her favorite. The romance of the music made her float across the floor. Create a soundtrack of her favorite dance songs and put her beautiful ballgowns on display for all to see.

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5. Broadway musicals

From belting out Broadway ballads in the shower to buying tickets a year in advance for a show, she was Broadway’s biggest fan. Design her memorial book to resemble a Broadway program and usher friends and family in with velvet ropes, a red carpet and star-studded lighting.

6. Cooking

Her kitchen was her happy place. She loved cooking for family and friends, for holidays and special occasions. Create an elaborate spread of her home-cooked dishes and send everyone off with a book of her most beloved recipes.

5. Disney

A child at heart, nothing made her smile quite like Mickey. Her love of Disney was something she passed down to her children, too, and she couldn’t wait to take the family on a Disney cruise one day. Hand out Mickey Mouse ears at her memorial service and invite everyone to participate in a Disney singalong in her honor.

8. Gardening

Your daughter always had the most beautiful garden. She spent hours planting her favorite florals every spring and tended to them with the utmost care. Bring her passion for gardening to those who loved her most by giving guests succulents and a pack of seeds to plant in her memory.

9. Gymnastics

From an early age, she took to tumbling. She excelled in her routines and traveled to tournaments with her team. Share her joy of gymnastics by showcasing her trophies and ribbons as table centerpieces.

10. Mixology

A budding mixologist, she was passionate about developing her own cocktail recipes and dreamed of one day opening a cocktail bar of her own. Give guests the ingredients to craft one of her specialty cocktails at home complete with a custom shaker.

11. Road trips

No one loved road trips quite like your daughter. A true hippie at heart, she enjoyed cruising down the highway, driving off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems along the way. Invite guests to wear flower crowns and take photos with her fully restored VW Bus, Gus.

12. Running

From the high school cross-country team to citywide marathons, your daughter relished every chance to go fast on her feet. Create a memory wall of her medals and invite her running group to say a few words at her service.

13. Stars

Every night at bedtime, she wished upon a star—now she lives among them. Plan a candlelit evening under the stars. Have guests send well wishes into the sky with memorial lanterns.

14. Swimming

An avid swimmer, she shared her love of the water while teaching little ones to swim. Showcase her lifelong commitment to swimming by putting her trophies, goggles and swim team photos on display.

15. Travel

Her passport was stamped in countries around the globe. She loved exploring ancient ruins, learning about history, and experiencing different cultures and cuisines. Bring her travels to life with centerpieces of her most prized souvenirs and photos; give guests a custom passport cover or travel tote.

16. Volunteerism

Empathy was one of your daughter’s most admirable qualities and a trait that led her to live a life of volunteerism and advocacy for community causes. Host a volunteer day in her honor and invite family and friends to participate by giving back to a cause near and dear to her heart.

Be inspired by her passion

17. Baking

Her homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were a fan favorite, always present at every holiday dessert spread and the perfect welcome present for new friends in the neighborhood. Include them in the reception buffet and send everyone home with a copy of her recipe.

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18. Calligraphy

From brunch invitations and place cards to thank-you notes and more, she had a natural talent for lettering and calligraphy. Frame her handwritten letters like works of art to create a gallery wall at her celebration of life.

19. Cheerleading

She dreamed of being a varsity cheerleader and brought spunk and energy to every football game at which she cheered. Host her celebration of life at the field and have guests dress in team colors.

20. Choir

Sunday morning choir made her heart sing. Invite her choir to perform her favorite prayers and songs at her memorial service. Include lyrics in the funeral program so friends and family can sing along.

21. Concerts

Nothing made your daughter happier than a weekend filled with live music and close friends. She'd drop anything to see her favorites perform and cherished her shoebox of concert tickets. Host a memorial concert in her honor and bring everyone back to her carefree moments among the music.

22. Horseback riding

What began as sensory therapy quickly became a passion for riding. She always wanted to help tend the horses, and they were all so gentle with her—it was as if they spoke the same language. Host her celebration of life event at the ranch where she rode. Ask for donations to sponsor a child whose family can't afford the experience.

23. Ice skating

Ice-skating lessons were the highlight of her week, and she dreamed of one day becoming an Olympic figure skater. Invite guests to remember her at the rink; ask her coach to perform a routine in her name.

24. Jewelry making

She could sit for hours making necklaces and bracelets with her box of beads, letters and jewels, and often made them for friends and family, too. Create a beaded bracelet with her favorite colors to give as a keepsake for guests.

25. Knitting

She could knit just about anything—beanies and sweaters for her children, comfy throws to cuddle on the couch and even socks for her two Labradors. Ask her knitting club to share funny stories and drape her handmade creations over the chapel pews.

26. Legos

Your daughter would often play with her big brother’s Legos and loved creating elaborate castles fit for a queen. Now your princess’ memory is built into your heart forever. Create custom Lego pieces with her initials and give guests a piece of her to hold forever.

27. Magic

Fascinated by the world of magic, she was mastering magic tricks of her own, often testing them out on family members. Hire a magician to entertain guests during your catered reception.

28. Mahjong

She learned to play mahjong in college, and played every Wednesday night with women in her neighborhood. Invite her fellow players and put together a tournament with personalized playing cards.

29. Movies

The movie lover of the family, your daughter could quote just about any '90s comedy or chick flick. Host a movie marathon in her memory complete with popcorn, candy and refreshments.

30. Reading

A collector of books from a very young age, she loved to be transported to faraway places and fantasy lands via the page. She appreciated the artful authorship of a good novel, and book club was her favorite night of the month. Share her love of reading by gifting selections from her stacks to friends and family at her memorial.

31. Scrapbooking

From summer camp scrapbooks to scrapbooks of family travels, your daughter always took the time to preserve memories she held dear. Instead of a traditional program at her memorial service, create a custom scrapbook commemorating her life.

32. Shopping

If shopping were a sport, your daughter would always win first place. She loved trying on new trends, discovering a good deal and finding the perfect gift. Host a fashion show in her honor and donate her beautiful wardrobe to a local women’s charity.

33. Tennis

She looked forward to her weekly tennis matches on the community center courts. Invite her tennis partners to share stories and distribute tennis balls emblazoned with her initials.

34. Yoga

Yoga was more than her hobby; it was her daily detox from work and worry. It was the place where she felt grounded and centered, happy and whole. Hold a yoga or meditation class in her honor with this intention: remembering the people we have loved and lost.

Be inspired by her career

35. Artist

Her life was as vibrant and colorful as her works of art. Let us turn the funeral home into an art gallery where guests can admire and remember the lively, energetic and talented woman she was. Take it one step further and sell her work and donate the proceeds to a charity that supports art for children.

36. Author

Words were her specialty and her lifelong career. Ask family members and friends to read passages from her books aloud at her service.

37. Coach

She coached the women’s volleyball team for 26 years, mentoring and guiding young women in ways far beyond the court. Invite players to speak at her memorial and share special memories of their beloved coach.

38. Engineer

Analytical and methodical, inventive and creative, your engineer daughter handled issues practically, thoughtfully and with precision. Her colleagues admired her strong work ethic, calm, focused demeanor and dedication. Detail some of her accolades and accomplishments in the memorial program with a personalized slideshow to accompany.

39. Event planner

From intimate dinners to elaborate black-tie soirees, she was the best event planner in the business. Showcase some of her most beautiful event designs at her own celebration of life by picking the details she considered her signature.

40. Farmer

Bring in family heirlooms from the farm, from bookkeeping ledgers to empty milk bottles from the old dairy. Decorate with bales of hay covered in muslin and bouquets of fruits and vegetables.

41. Flight attendant or pilot

Your daughter logged many miles in the air. Choose sky blue as a theme color. Design the program like a ticket holder. Give guests with wing pins and plenty of snacks.

42. Florist

Flowers were her love language, and her floral shop was known for creating the most gorgeous arrangements for friends, families and customers alike. Let her celebration of life bloom with an abundance of fresh florals in her honor that guests can take on their way out.

43. Interior designer

Her love for traditional design and contemporary elements could be felt in all the spaces she touched. The way she fused colors and textures together to build beautiful interiors left a lasting impact that will now be felt forever. Create custom coasters that reflect her personal style for people to use in their own homes.

44. Lawyer

Her determined, disciplined personality was perfect for law. No one ever won an argument against her, and she made a name for herself protecting and defending others. Host a butterfly release at the courthouse in her memory.

A man in uniform playing military bugle in front of American flag

45. Military veteran

Honor her sacrifice to our country with flags and patriotic musical selections. Display her uniform, pins and photographs from years in the service. Have "Taps" played graveside.

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46. Nurse, doctor or health care provider

Taking care of others came so naturally to her. Collect donations for a hospital or health care organization in her memory.

47. Photographer

She was a sought-after photographer, capturing special moments and memories for many. Highlight her work with a photo gallery of images spanning the walls of the reception hall. Do as she would have done and don’t forget the photo booth!

48. Social worker

Your daughter dedicated her life to serving others. Her commitment to children, families and society gave her the gift of friendship in all corners of the community. Invite some of those she had helped over the years to share the impact she had on their lives.

49. Student

A lifelong student through and through, her love of learning was infectious. After earning her master’s and Ph.D., she established an impressive research career. Ask a professor or mentor to speak at her service to share some anecdotes about her student life.

50. Teacher

She was the apple of your eye, just like her students were to her. Interview her former students and create a memorial video of their fondest memories of their teacher. Display class photos taken through the years.

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