Kevin Wade Meier

22 julio , 196528 marzo , 2021

Today we are here to honour the life of my husband, the father of our wonderful daughters, my best friend, and the love of my life.

Kevin was a native Albertan, living in the Lethbridge area for most of his adolescent life. Kevin decided to peruse a future in computer sciences, so he moved to Calgary to attend University. It is here where I met Kevin and where our life began. We spent the first 10 years together growing and enjoying our lives and then we started our family, which was Kevin’s biggest pride. He had an incredible sense of humor and was known to be stubborn. He believed in always been informed before starting a conversation or expressing his views, he believed in facts and he thrived on challenges. He had a passion for camping and motorcycles, especially dirt bikes, a love he shared with his 3 daughters and many of his friends. He always asked if I was interested in riding and I always said no because at least one person in the family needed to remain sane. Kevin challenged me and our daughters to always try new things. He had a passion for scuba diving, traveling and gardening and always shared his interest with us. When I first met Kevin he had no interest in traveling outside of camping. It took me 10 years to convince him to travel and once we did, he never looked back. Most of you who knew Kevin were aware of his 5-year battle with stage 4 colon cancer, to which he fought long and hard every day for his family. He showed a tremendous amount of strength, dignity and perseverance while receiving many treatments and always feeling unwell. The last year and especially the last 3 months were beyond difficult for him as he struggled just to be able to function, but he never gave up. Despite the pain he was in, no matter how he felt, he was always there for his family, and we are beyond thankful to have so many incredible memories with him that have accumulated over the years. On the 22nd of March we received the news that Kevin only had weeks to live, and six days later, on March 28, Kevin Wade Meier took his last breath with his daughters and I at his side. He was surrounded by all his siblings, parents and other extended family members, he was never alone and was shown the tremendous amount of love we had for him before and during his final moments. Kevin will forever be cherished and has left behind a legacy that will always be held in all our hearts. He had accepted his outcome and believed that his life reflected everyone he loved. His wish was for his family to celebrate his life and not mourn him and to continue to live, thrive and be happy. No words or amount of time can express the man he was. The love he had for all his family and friends will never be forgotten. I am so beyond thankful that he was able to watch with joy and immense pride as his three daughters became beautiful young ladies. The love, knowledge, strength, and wisdom he shared with them will help guide them throughout their lives, as will his soul. He was and will always be a proud father. His life and essence will live forever in their loving hearts and beautiful smiles. Their dreams will stem from him and forever will he be with them. Life will never be the same, but he will never be forgotten, he will be celebrated every day in the accomplishments, successes, and the lives of his three angels. To the people who Kevin has impacted, thank you for all the love and support. I always knew he was a well-loved man with many supportive friends and family, but the outpour of emails, texts, and calls we received have astounded me. This is a testament to the great man Kevin was, and the memories he made. My love, I will miss our adventures, our family talks and just knowing you are next to me but rest easy, and know that with time, we will all be alright. We will love and miss you every day for the rest of our lives and know that you will be in our hearts and minds for all of eternity. Until we meet again my love.

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Kevin Wade Meier


Colleen and Andrew Marples

11 abril , 2021

This is so hard to write. We have so many incredible memories of Kevin and Maria and the life they built together. I remember listening to all the crazy antics that Kevin did living in Lethbridge. Then, their wedding was so much fun and everyone could see their love for each other. I remember, before kids, weekends of camping (even in rain), going out with their Seadoos and dinners out. Later on, I recall so clearly the joy on their faces when Maria told us about the twins. Later, we remember seeing Kevin carrying those two little girls one in each baby seat or one in each arm. It was so amazing to see. I remember visiting Maria in the hospital waiting for Taylor to come and Kevin at home with Alex and Nicole. Then, there were so many camping trips, dirt biking, exploring and weekend fun to share. All of it was campfires and talking and laughing as families merged into one big unit. Then more recently, our fondest memories were sitting around you’re kitchen table talking and laughing and eating spaghetti or something Maria cooked. We will always cherish these moments and truly am thankful you are such an important parts of our lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Maria, Alex, Nicole and Taylor but to all the rest of the clan too: Don, Rose, Colin, John, Donna, Sophia and everyone there. We miss seeing you all. Andrew and Colleen and the Marples family.

Eric & Helen Carmody

10 abril , 2021

Maria ... this was a beautiful celebration of Kevin's life; it shows how much of a huge impact he had on all the lives he touched. He would be so proud of how you and the girls celebrated his life; it was very moving.
Helen and I are so saddened as his passing, our hearts break at the loss that you and the girls are enduring now. We are sending you, Alexandra, Nicole & Taylor our love and wishes that the sadness now soon turns into a cherished warmth to hold forever.
Time and distance may have separated us over the years, but never out of our thoughts and never forgotten. We are looking forward to the days when we again share the memories together.

Donna Hughes

9 abril , 2021

You were truly the best Brother in the world. I will miss you always and forever. I will never forget all our camping trips and family gatherings for holidays. I'll never forget your unwarranted advice for my strong willed Brookie cause I knew you heart was in the best place, it was even more fun when you had a strong willed Taylor of your own 😁 and I could return the favor. You loved my girls as if they were your own and I will loves your girls as my own. I will look after you family for you Kevin. I want you to know how much I loved you and will never forget you and will think about you often.
Love your favorite Sister Donna❤❤❤

Lourdes Aguilera

9 abril , 2021

I am very sorry, a big hug from your family from Spain, although we are physically far away, we have you in our hearts.
your uncles and cousins

Anne Stone

9 abril , 2021

Taylor and Family,
I was so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. He was a great Dad from what I saw of him at the barn and around horses and I am sure you have and will make him proud in your life. Hugs, Anne

Paul Palardy

9 abril , 2021

Maria, I am deeply saddened to hear of Kevin's passing and wish the best for you and the girls. In my work life I have only met 2-3 people that truly impressed and inspired me as the person they were as well as a co-worker. Kevin was one of those few. HIs devotion to his daughters was always evident. You have my condolences and best wishes.

Daniel Vadillo

9 abril , 2021

My most sincere condolences on the loss of Kevin. My thoughts are with all of you, Elvira and the girls.

I will always hold the memory of the months that I spent with all of you in Calgary and grateful for the sympathy and kindness that Kevin, and all of you, showed to me during that time.

I am sure he will be deeply missed, but the memory of his kindness will never fade away.

Darlene Mountney

6 abril , 2021

My sincere condolences to Maria, Rose, Don, Donna, John and Colin for the loss of your husband, son, brother and t o his precious daughters for the loss of your father. Take comfort that he is now at peace, his journey complete. He will be missed by by many people.