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Gabriel A. Pimentel Jr.

21 octubre , 199128 julio , 2019

Gabriel A. Pimentel nació el 21 octubre , 1991 y falleció el 28 julio , 2019.


  • Visitation martes, 6 agosto , 2019
  • Funeral Mass miércoles, 7 agosto , 2019


Gabriel A. Pimentel Jr.


Bryan Aguilar

6 agosto , 2019

Gabriel was one of the most unique individuals and it was a pleasure to know the man let alone call him my brother. Gabriel lived with a carefree mantra, a mantra that I always admired from him, being able to look at the negatives in a logical sense and choosing to live his best life and where he chose to do things that made him happy. One of those things was playing video games, and researching the newest piece of pc technology that he had to have. One of my favorite memories of Gabe was when he came over for our 4th of July bbq. There was so much different plates of food for anyone else to enjoy them all. But that didn’t stop Gabe from taking on that challenge, when the hot dogs were ready he got some, when the burgers were ready he got some as well. The carnitas came out an hour later and gave was ready for them. And lastly the pollo guisado came out and let me tell you, Gabe was ready for that too. We all stood in awe in how it was possible for anyone to fit all the food but it made us happy that he was enjoying himself with the biggest smile on his face. I love you brother from my entire heart. My prayers are with you and your family. May you Rest In Peace, til we meet again.

Shelley Klassen

2 agosto , 2019

My love and prayers go out to you all.