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Irving Kizner

3 octubre , 193019 agosto , 2016

Irving Kizner, passed away on Friday, August 19, 2016 in Massachusetts at the age of 85

Arrangements under direction of Boulevard-Riverside Chapels

A chapel service will be held at 12PM on Sunday, August 21, 2016 with interment following at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Glendale, New York

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Irving Kizner


Leslie Walker

27 enero , 2019

Mr. Kizner was a great teacher. He had a great sense of humor and brought language, the classics, and ideas to life in his always animated classroom. He is missed but happy memories and his lasting impact on his many students remain. -Leslie Walker '67

11 febrero , 2018

Dear Mr. Kizner,

I wish I had gotten to know you better. As a member of the class of 1972 I will always hold your memory dear to me and reflect upon the influence you had upon our collective thinking...

Linda Wallach '72

Helen Scott

17 julio , 2017

One of the best teachers I've ever known. He passed his love of Latin to so many, and his patience with me and the others in Latin 1 put me on a path to my major.

Allon Percus

8 enero , 2017

Kiznerisms get passed on from generation to generation. My kids must have learned at least a dozen Kizner stories and jokes from me, and it wouldn't surprise me if I've unconsciously passed along another dozen to my students.

Here's one of my daughter's favorites. Every once in a while, Mr. Kizner used to open a closet door in the classroom and say: "Oh, look! There's a student from last year in the closet!" My brother had been in Mr. Kizner's class the year before me, and so one day - yes, you can see this coming - we decided to play a little joke. But we thought it would be even more hilarious if Mr. Kizner was in on it, and so we convinced him to participate. Before any of the students showed up to class, my brother hid in the closet. About five minutes into the class, Mr. Kizner told us: "You know how I sometimes say that there's a student from last year in the closet? Well let's see if he's still there." He went to the closet door, opened it, and my brother marched out to a sea of astonished faces in the classroom!

As many of you know, Mr. Kizner had a compulsive habit of retiring from one place, only to be found subsequently teaching at another place. He retired from Hunter High, and then reemerged at Spence. He must have retired from Spence at some point, and yet I found him teaching an intensive summer course at Hunter College. So I'm really not at all convinced that he has retired this time either. In fact, I'm fairly sure he'll turn up somewhere in a classroom again. (Preferably not in a closet.)

Speaking of the intensive summer course at Hunter College...one summer he agreed to let me sit in on it so that I could brush up on my Latin. Some of you may remember the little poems Mr. Kizner used to write on the board to pass the time while he was giving us a quiz or exam. One of his more famous ones was:

Many students come to Manhattan
For the purpose of studying Latin.
Why, you ask,
Do they perform this task?
Because of the toga you don't look fat in.

So I felt the need to respond with one of my own:

An intensive course given in Latin
Is not a good place to get fat in.
So, should I grow immense,
I'll reply in defense:
It's a course on which I only sat in.

A booming voice must surely be calling somewhere: KIZNER! GET BACK HERE AT ONCE!

6 diciembre , 2016

Mr. Kizner's smiling presence, wit and genuine caring were like a cool drink in the summer. He didn't know me well, but when he called me "RP" one day, I became a fan for life.

- Robin Peress

Judy Klotz

25 noviembre , 2016

My lifelong exploration of Hellenic civilization and world mythology grew from Mr. Kizner's teaching and inspiration...this must surely be true of countless other students as well. I am terribly stricken in learning now of his passing. He brought great joy to my years at Hunter High and I still sing in my mind the Class of 1964 song dedicated to him.

Rosemary Hoffman

24 octubre , 2016

Mr. Kizner's Mythology class, was probably the most fun I ever had at HCHS. Reading these comments, I am so jealous of those who were in his Latin classes!

More to the point, 55 years later, I remember the ending of a song from our class' 1961 Senior Play, sung to Gaudeamus igitur.

"...and we say this because it's true,
Mr. Kizner, we love you."

Sabine Globig

13 octubre , 2016

I was saddened to learn of Mr. Kizner's passing; he was one of my most memorable teachers, and I still tell stories about his mythology class to my college students, almost 50 years later! He inspired me in many ways, and started my lifelong interest in Greek mythology and comparative religion. His classes were among the most popular at Hunter HS, and he was one of the most beloved teachers there. The world has lost a great and influential person - my condolences to his family, friends, and other former students. Sabine Globig, HCHS'67

Arlene Gibson

11 octubre , 2016

When I first came to Spence, Irv took me in hand and explained so much of what made the school the very special place it was. His was the class every girl wanted to take. He was the teacher who gave us his lunch hour for any student who wanted to add
Greek to her knowledge base.
What a gifted teacher and what an honorable man. It was a gift to be able to work with him.

AHelen Greene Stand

2 octubre , 2016

I will always remember Mr. Kizner as a unique and wonderful teacher and adviser at HCHS- not just of Latin but also Greek and Mythology. He Cared about his students. He loved "the Ancients". He gave good advice. His help is with me as a translator, and in learning other languages, in travels, with my young. His sense of humor helped in his teaching. He above all others made Hunter a special place. I condole with his family with my whole heart. Anne Helen Greene '67 in/for EU land 41 years.