James "Del" Delmar Halley III

9 octubre , 19784 septiembre , 2021

James Delmar Halley III, age 42, of LaGrange, Kentucky passed away on Saturday, September 4, 2021. James was born October 9, 1978.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Halley family.


James "Del" Delmar Halley III


Brandon Davis

10 septiembre , 2021

I remember one time he took my go cart and put it on top of a chain-link fence so I couldn’t ride it because I won’t let him ride it I remember when he got his first BMX bike it was a GT pro series and he let me ride it that was his baby dude no but he will be missed and dude I thought about you a lot since we moved away I just didn’t know how to get in touch with you man but you have all my condolences and I love you bro you’re gonna be missed

Edward Hedges

10 septiembre , 2021

Oh my SOOO many memories with Del's silly butt, one that sticks out though was in 6th grade Mrs McMakin's social studies class when he made it a point to get called on and his statement he read was..Africa gives me heart burn! We worked on that study material for way too long...imma miss his awesome personality!!

Monica Rose

10 septiembre , 2021

I have so many memories of Del. He once had to save one of my girls cuz she walked into the pool when she was little. A few days later he got a horrible sunburn bc he took his shirt off at work in the Florida sun. Mostly, he was just a big goofball! His favorite thing was being a dad!

Andrew Clark

9 septiembre , 2021

I remember once throwing a metal bicycle rim up in the air as high as we could throw it. Del chucked it really high and on the way down it clipped a power line and severed it. Sparks flew everywhere, transformers blew all the way down the street. The whole neighborhood lost power. We ran and hid in his parents bathroom for what seemed like days but really probably only
2 hours. The power company came and turned the power back on through whatever magic. Not sure if we ever told Freeda about this. 😊