For much of my life I would tell people that I was a ‘son of a gun’, because my mother was a real pistol! But my mother was not a pistol…more like a machine gun or a tiger shark or a pit bull or a bu...

Roberta Ellen Grigg

5 octubre , 194114 agosto , 2021
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My Mother, Roberta Ellen Grigg, “Bertsie”, “Boo Boo”, “Pal”, most well known as “Big Red” and then “GiGi” when she became a Grandmother passed away on August 14, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was 79.

Roberta was born on October 5, 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the second daughter of Manuel and Beatrice Silver. Sister of Carolyn Berkowitz. Roberta traveled the world at an early age through her first marriage to Retired U.S.Air Force Lt Col Robert Sandberg. While that marriage did not last long it did produce one son, now Retired U.S. Air Force Col Scott D. Sandberg, and it spawned a lifetime of relentless pursuit of success and perfection. She completed her college degree in 1975, attending night school at Boston University. She was soon hired by a ‘start up’: Medical Information Technology (MEDITECH). Larry Polimeno, who hired her, also became her boss for nearly 30 years and one of her few true and familial friends.

“Big Red” was never bigger than being a woman climbing the corporate ladder in the 70’s. Though small in stature she was larger than life and fought EVERY challenge head on. Her tenacity led to great success for the company and herself and motivated many other women along the way. She lived her life striking fear in some while inspiring others. Though her tenacious drive served her well in her professional world it did have a difficult impact on her personal life. She did remarry in 1971 to William J. Grigg.

She loved Bill, but sadly after 20 years their marriage ended. She never remarried. She enjoyed the spoils of her success in her retirement through her multiple locations in downtown Boston and her other homes in Cape Cod, MA and in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

In retirement she also pursued her true gift of interior design through short employment with one associated business and then independently. Eventually she decided to fully retire and simply help her friends to make their homes beautiful. This potential glorious period of time was unfortunately all too brief. Sadly, my mother came down with Alzheimer’s disease. She fought it valiantly, but unlike so many other battles in her life, she was not able to defeat it.

She is survived by her only child, Scott, her Daughter-in-law Gina and her truly beloved granddaughter Madeleine as well as her Sister Carolyn

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Roberta Ellen Grigg


Suzanne Keane

30 septiembre , 2021

As a young college graduate, I was so excited to be a part of MEDITECH. The company was young and growing, and I wanted to be sure I was fully prepared for my final interview
with Roberta Grigg the Vice President. I will never forget how I felt when I met her. She was larger than life! I was petrified when I sat at her desk. She was on the phone at the time,
discussing an important situation. I just sat there, observing her every move, her voice, her stature, her confidence, and her mannerisms! I looked around her office space (we did
not have offices at the time!). She had taken over the entire end of the Westwood building. It was perfectly decorated and in pristine order. She even had an oriental rug on her
floor. I just wondered what I was going to have to go through once she ended that call. But….to my surprise Roberta actually looked at me, smiled and asked a few pertinent
questions which I answered promptly. I already knew she had no patience for “long” conversations. She wanted an answer that she felt comfortable with and then she moved right
along! I was out of there in about 10 minutes, needless to say 37 years later I am still here to talk about my experience. I spent 12 years with Roberta and I know how hard she
worked for the company. She was largely responsible for creating the MUSE organization. She also helped develop our international division. She definitely worked endlessly to
bring the voice of women to the company, and she absolutely had the confidence in me to become a future leader in our company. I will always be grateful to her for that support
during my early years with MEDITECH.

Doug Aylaian

30 septiembre , 2021

I worked at Raytheon (various missile systems programs) in the mid 1980’s and I thought I had a highly demanding and high expectations job. When I started in the late 80’s under
Roberta, I quickly realized that she had an even higher expectation and demand. She was definitely a customer advocate in a growing company, in an evolving industry that was full of pressure to deliver quality systems and services. Roberta set the bar high, and you did not want to make a mistake under her watch but if you did, you would likely never do so
again. I recall my first few months in implementation under Roberta whereas at the time Woman’s Hospital signed their contract. Roberta pulled me aside and said you are
implementing 7 different applications and you better do a good job on all of them! Some of them were newly written, there wasn’t a lot of documentation or training at the time,
and she said “let the client feel you are the expert in all of them”. In my head, I thought that was a tall order - but I understood it and forged forth knowing I had to meet the
customer expectation and Roberta’s. Roberta expected good outcomes from her division, and fought to ensure processes lined up internally so customers succeeded and were
satisfied with their systems. She was detail oriented, knew all of her staff fairly intimately, and their strengths and weaknesses. She did elevate people to do more, do it better, and
get out of their comfort zones as she had little tolerance for excuses. I recall one time where someone had made a significant mistake at a client site by deleting some valuable data,
and with some surprise she was supportive of the individual who made the mistake and did not allow the customer to demean that person in any way (they tried). Over the years,
she had used her Spunk to her advantage, she had a strong presence with her voice, her walk (you could hear her coming from 50 yards away), and her compassion for the client.
And she was pretty courageous and brave in her pers

Patty DelSignore

30 septiembre , 2021

My very first memory of Roberta was as a nervous 24 year old interviewee in the Westwood building. I was met by a petite woman with short blonde hair who asked me to follow her
to her office. She then proceeded to take the stairs two at a time in her red stilettos - needless to say that was my first indication that Roberta was a force to be reckoned with (as
well as an accomplished squash player!)

Hoda Sayed-Friel

30 septiembre , 2021

In working with Roberta for 15 years, she also became a friend. I have memories of handling many customer situations as well as fond memories, golfing at New Seabury, visiting art
galleries, attending theatre events and travelling to a variety of destinations both business and pleasure. Roberta was a tenacious leader who wasn't afraid to push forward to do
the right thing and was a customer service zealot, demanding perfection at every turn, from everybody. Her toughness made us tougher, preparing to face adversity - although, we
may not have appreciated this lesson at the time! She could be both generous and demanding, with a persona that will never be forgotten

Beth Rosenblatt

25 agosto , 2021

I worked as Roberta's executive assistant for 10 years when she was Vice President at MEDITECH. We shared the same birthday, October 5, but we were very different people otherwise. While Roberta exemplified a powerful female executive in a growing software company, I was a meek 25-year-old assistant that needed a boost of confidence during stressful times. Roberta was a "firecracker" and tried to toughen me up which she did over the years, and I didn't realize how much I had benefited from her "tough love" until many years after she retired from MEDITECH. Roberta had a lot to do with my having the confidence to start a new chapter in my life and buy my own condo; I wish I could have thanked her for that. I want to send my condolences to Carolyn, Scott, Gina, and Madeleine. Roberta, my friend, rest in peace.

Marty Dotson

23 agosto , 2021

Roberta was like a second mother to me. I’m pretty sure I was her Favorite son. She touched my life and my family’s life in so many ways, I wouldn't know where to begin. Roberta was a courageous, inspirational and driven person. I looked up to her in so many ways. I believe she spent her life fighting for her place in life and bringing up a wonderful and talented son who has a heart of Gold.
Roberta, you will be dearly missed and will for ever be loved by me and my family.
A Hui Hou Kakou (Until we meet again)

Yvette Dotson

23 agosto , 2021

Roberta was a beautiful person and I admired her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership as a single parent. My memory of Roberta is sharing her amazing Bloody Mary drinks and discussing interior design aspirations. She will be deeply missed. Scott, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Ashley Albalos

23 agosto , 2021

My favorite memory with Roberta is going to her house in Cape Cod and experiencing her wonderful hospitality in her beautiful home and all the Christmas dinners we had at Golden Palace over the years! A true firecracker she was! You will be missed dearly.


22 agosto , 2021

I loved spending time with Roberta while at Boston College, at MEDITECH, down the Cape and more. Godspeed...

Rebecca Reynolds

20 agosto , 2021

Early in my career, Roberta was a force always trying to get things done. Looking back now i realize she likely helped break that glass ceiling for women in leadership roles in the software industry.

My prayers and best wishes to her family and friends.


With Madeleine during Halloween 2015


Father Manny and sister Carol on the right


With cousins in the mid 1940’s


With sister Carol on the right