Bobbi Jean Bruton

4 octubre , 195019 noviembre , 2020

Bobbi Jean Bruton

October 4, 1950 to November 19, 2020

Bobbi Jean Bruton was born on October 4, 1950 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Robert Thomas Bruton and Berniece Bruton. She went to live with the angels on November 19, 2020.

Bobbi’s secondary school years began at John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City and concluded with graduation from Richardson High School, Richardson, Texas. As a youth, Bobbi was dedicated to scouting. It was rumored that Bobbi had earned every merit badge offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

Entering college, Bobbi studied sociology at the University of North Texas then subsequently studied psychology at Oklahoma City Community College.

Bobbi’s love of learning continued went far beyond formal education. As an employee of Entek Corporation, her job description was simply Guru. She excelled as a machinist,

programmer, an IT wizard, and quality control manager. Bobbi built controls for many industrial machines that had myriad purposes such as manufacturing floppy disks and producing hypodermic needles. Her expertise in building controls for these machines made her the automation specialist at the shop.

Love of learning led to ventures far beyond the work place. Even parenting was a venture. Bobbi particularly enjoyed her daughter’s youngest years when parent and child could explore and learn together. Bobbi loved learning about stellar activity, using a telescope to find the axis of the North Star and tracking it across the heavens. She loved fishing whether it was catching fish at the lake or tending fish in a tank at home. And later in adulthood, Bobbi’s love of learning was as adventurous as she aspired to the ultimate goal of trying every restaurant in Oklahoma.

After meeting Georgie at a transgender support meeting, Bobbi told her friend Julia Livingston: "I am going to marry that girl". And thirty months later, in 2007, Bobbi married Georgie Mae Russell.

When the transgender support group lost the grant funding to pay for administrators and facilitators, Bobbi’s adventurous spirit again exerted itself. She decided to host the group in her home, serving as the facilitator for 5 years. Many Transgender men and women received the support they needed from Bobbi. She helped them find encouragement and build networks of help when it was hard to find. Bobbi created and maintained the Twofold website.

Bobbi and Georgie enjoyed sharing life for 13 years. Encouraging, challenging and supporting each other, they both proclaimed these were the happiest and best years of their lives.

Bobbi is survived by her wife Georgie Russell, Georgie's son Chris Russell; two daughters Laura Bruton and Heidi Melton (husband, Matt Melton); Bobbi's sister, Jan Bruton-Novello (husband, Frank Novello); and nephew, James Bruton.

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