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Kooresh Shirallie

7 octubre , 19512 mayo , 2019
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Kooresh Shirallie was born on October 7, 1951 in Abadan, Iran. He was the first of 5 sons born to Nassir Shirallie and Fakhri Rassam Shirallie.

He is survived by his mother, Fakhri Shirallie; his brothers, Kambiz Shirallie of San Jose, CA, Kamran Shirallie of Oklahoma City, OK, Kamshad Shirallie of Oklahoma City, OK, Kamyar Shirallie of San Jose, CA; his wife, Linda Shirallie of Edmond, OK; and his one daughter, Abby Shirallie of Dallas, TX.

In January of 1972, he came to America to Edmond, Oklahoma to attend Central State University where he received a B.S. degree in Accounting and later attended OCU where he earned his MBA.

In 1980, he met Linda, his wife. They were married September 7, 1980 and have one daughter, Abby. She was her father’s pride and joy! In 1975, he began working for Evans Furniture and continued there for 26 years. In 2001, Kooresh left Evans Furniture to become an Independent Furniture Representative where he traveled North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as his territory. He made many friends in his travels, which kept him going even when he was ill. In November of 2017, his career was cut short due to a brain tumor. His diagnosis was GBM Stage IV. For the next 18 months, Kooresh was a warrior! He fought bravely and courageously with all of his strength and might to beat this horrible disease. However, on May 2, 2019, surrounded by his loving wife, devoted daughter, and friends, he passed painlessly and peacefully into Heaven.

Kooresh was an active member of the Village Lions Club for over 30 years. He enjoyed playing golf and loved the Dallas Cowboys. Kooresh never met a stranger. He was a people person. He loved to travel (especially to Seattle) and spend wonderful time with his beloved daughter. Kooresh always was “the glass half-full.” His contagious smile was full of life and joy! His quick wit will be remembered by all. He will be missed by so many friends. He never knew how many loved him. He appreciated every moment of his life and lived every day to the fullest. Even through the difficult times and darkest days, he always said “Today is a beautiful day!” Rejoice, Be Happy and Glad!


  • Kamran Shirallie
  • Kamyar Shirallie
  • Mike Sameri
  • Esie Rahmanzadeh
  • Derryck Dias
  • Selwyn Dias
  • Kamshad Shirallie, Honorary
  • Kambiz Shirallie, Honorary


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Kooresh Shirallie


Allyson Dias

10 mayo , 2019

Thank you for teaching me how to make dill rice! It is the best dish in the world - comforting, simple, and warm. I will miss your smile, kindness, and cheerfulness in human form but I know your spirit lives on with us each and every day and I am so grateful that I got to cross paths with you in this lifetime.


Greg & Sherry Whitlow

9 mayo , 2019

We have fond memories of your family at Lakeside Assembly and we are so sorry for your loss. But as Greg always said, you can't lose something if you know where it is. We pray the comfort of the Holy Spirit as only He can give.

Merlyn Monteiro

8 mayo , 2019

Today does not feel real as I close my eyes and flip through the pages of my memories. We will all miss Kooresh terribly in the years to follow. The twinkle in his eye, his smile, his hospitality, his friendship, his fun, and the many, many jokes and humorous tales he would share.

He was family. He was there when Dad George was in the hospital the very last time. He was there when Mom Lily was in the hospital the very last time. He was always there.

I remember a trip to the California wineries with him in 1979. I remember his many business trips to Dallas when he stayed with us. And we'd go to eat Persian food. I remember the Dias reunions when he proudly sported the DIAS reunion tshirt. I remember how he ragged me for not sending him a DIAS reunion photo book...and absolutely wanted a copy. He got one.

I remember how Zorbas was his restaurant of choice when we came to Oklahoma. I remember his plans for his future before he received the dreadful diagnosis. I remember. I remember. I remember.

When I asked him what we should do when he was gone, he answered, " Go out to eat, raise your glass and say 'Here's to Kooresh'"

My dear Kooresh, I wish grieving the loss of a friend were that easy.

Derryck Dias

8 mayo , 2019

I have three siblings. Two brothers and a sister. We've been all scattered - since college. Selwyn in Columbus, Floyd then in Pittsburgh and Merlyn in Dallas. Me, in San Francisco.
When our father suddenly died 20 years ago, and our mother wanted to remain in Guthrie by herself, my siblings and I had to figure out how that would play out. We decided that would take turns to 'roll in' at least every four to six weeks, to check up on her. We knew that that could work only because we had Kooresh near by. Our fifth sibling. And, guess what? We leaned on him. Many times.

Kooresh, for all you have done for me and for all that you have meant to me and my family, I am so, so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Derryck Dias

8 mayo , 2019

It was 47 years ago, but I remember the day vividly.

It was the Summer of 1972. A Saturday morning. On the campus at Central State College. That's what it was called then. Before they figured out that changing the name to University would allow them to raise the tuition.

I went out to the tennis courts. No one else was there. I began hitting the ball against the back board. A few minutes later, I saw a guy at the other end of the twelve courts, doing the same thing. I crossed over and ask him if he wanted to play. He spoke no English. We played all morning.

And that was the beginning of a life-long friendship.

The next semester - we roomed together and for the rest of our time at UCO.

After graduation, I moved to Texas and then to California. He stayed in Oklahoma. I would visit - at least once a year. For the Super Bowl. Let me tell you about that weekend. I would fly in on Friday, late. Abby's room became my room. Saturday morning - Panera. Then to Guthrie, later, my parents' grave site. Then lunch. Indian. Buffet. Visit his mother. Nap. Steve's Ribs for dinner. Maybe a movie in the evening. Sunday: Panera again. Then, back into our PJ's.
I would see Linda once. Then, she would simply disappear. But, after leaving out a table full of treats. Signature: Her home-made brownies. I ate the four corners. And, the edges. Thank you, Linda.
The Game, of course. The five dollar bet. Persian rice and Steve's Ribs, again.
I would return Home on Monday morning. Every year the exact same routine.

Re-wind the tape. On a separate visit to Oklahoma with my then girlfriend Yvette, his mother took him aside and told him to tell me to marry Yvette. So, I did. He was the best man at our wedding. He met Linda. Perfect match. I was the best man at their wedding.

Then came Abby. She has the same birth date as me. And, one just couldn't miss that special father-daughter relationship they shared.

Terry Ayers

7 mayo , 2019

I will miss my sweet brother-in-law very much. I never met a man that loved life and lived it to the fullest any better than Kooresh did. I never heard him speak bad about anyone. He was always of good cheer and always eager to make a new friend. When I first met Kooresh we did not get off on a good foot and that was totally my fault as I was a butt head to him at our first encounter. Kooresh never held this against me and I will always be so grateful for that. He was loved by so many and will be missed by even more. Rest well, sweet prince. ROMANS 6:23

Jerry Elliot

7 mayo , 2019

I really miss the “going for coffee” outings with Kooresh. Sometimes it was to Starbucks, or McDonalds, Aspen, or Java Dave’s, but usually to Panera Bread. He really enjoyed not just my company, but also the occasional acquaintances of his and the cheerful “Shalom” from the Panera Bread waitress that spoke Farsi. After settling in, he would always ask, “How are you?” No matter how I felt, I would always answer, fine. He never complained about his health, but maintained an attitude of “whatever happens will be.” I am sure he accepted the fact that his future was in the hands of God. Sometimes, we had communication problems. Kooresh would know what he wanted to say but the words that came out didn’t always make sense to me. Sometimes I'd just have to smile and tell him I didn’t know what he was talking about and after two or three tries, just to give it up. We'd always find something to get a good laugh about. After an hour or more, Kooresh would notice me getting antsy and ask if I was ready to go. I think he'd stay all day if he could. He loved Panera Bread. I have known Kooresh for over twenty years since moving from west OKC to next door to the Shirallies in Edmond in 1998. Only in the last year have I gotten to really know him. Before, I simply knew him as being very patriotic, always displaying the US flags on holidays, very friendly, always very diplomatic, and having a general disdain for yard work. During our coffee outings, we would discuss sports, religion, and current events, and complain about politics. Often he would talk of his early days in America, and attending college at Central State College in Edmond, now University of Central Oklahoma. More importantly, he described his childhood and life in Iran before the radical dictators took over the government. It was interesting that he had such a good recall of facts from many years ago. I believe I came to have a better acceptance and understanding of the Iranian culture. I will truly miss him.

Norman Burnstine

6 mayo , 2019

I had the pleasure to work with Kris 3 different periods in his furniture repping days. He was a true gentleman and I have only met a few of those in my years. We will all miss his wit and that grin! The world is certainly a better place because Kris has left a little of himself in all those who knew him. Rest In Peace my friend. You will be missed but never ever forgotten. Your furniture friend.

Joe Donaldson

6 mayo , 2019

Have known and worked with Kooresh in the furniture industry for over a decade. He was always pleasant to work with and enjoyed being in business with him. He will be missed. Prayers going out his family and close friends!

LaCrosse Furniture

6 mayo , 2019

We want you to know, it was a pleasure working with Kooresh over the years.

May your memories of the wonderful times you shared with Kooresh comfort you and your family during this difficult time.

Thinking you and your family,
LaCrosse Furniture Co.