Funeraria del Angel Santa Paula

128 South Eighth Street, Santa Paula, CA


Miguel Ramirez Saucedo

1 marzo , 192525 febrero , 2020

Miguel Ramírez Saucedo nació el 1 de marzo de 1925 y falleció el 25 de febrero de 2020.


  • Maria Saucedo, Esposa


  • Visitación miércoles, 4 marzo , 2020
  • Rosario miércoles, 4 marzo , 2020
  • Misa fúnebre jueves, 5 marzo , 2020
  • Entierro jueves, 5 marzo , 2020


Miguel Ramirez Saucedo


Brittany Ruiz

13 marzo , 2020

There are too many memories to share and too many I want to keep for myself, Grandpa. Although you could be serious and very purposeful with your words, I loved that you were just as purposeful with your humor and your lightheartedness. Whether it was the many conversations we had over "coffee" before you drove me the two blocks to elementary school or the three hour chess matches; I have learned so much from you. I know that any of the successes I have in my life are because of the hard work you put in for many years for our family to have better opportunities. I was always so amazed by all that you taught yourself given that you had minimal schooling.

I may have never seen you kiss Grandma, but I saw the abundance of love you showed her. I have spent many days of my life under your roof, but somehow I miss my college summer days there the most. . . the days when you would hand over money to Grandma before I took her on a trip to Green Thumb. "Let her get what ever flowers she wants, she is the Queen of the whole block" you would tell me. Also, the nights I would sleep with my bedroom door open so I could wait for Grandma to lay in bed with you hours after you already retired to the bedroom and listen to you both joke and chat. I hope to have a marriage filled with as much love and laughs as you two.

I will have you with me forever. Love you lots and lots of overflowing honey pots! Brittany

Raymond Morua

11 marzo , 2020

In loving memory of my grandpa. A man of purposeful words, integrity, and a kind soul. Every word was a caring deed filled with love and kindness. Since I heard that you were ill, each memory we shared together has filled my mind. I learned to play chess, woodwork, garden, and the value of hard work. Your encouragement lead me to do something meaningful with my life, the military. Thank you for always inspiring me. May I make you proud as I walk in your footsteps. I will always love you. Con amor, Rocky

To my Family, there are no words that can express my sympathy. I miss and love you.

Para mi Abuelita, La amo mucho. Espero darle un abrazo pronto. Desde niño y para siempre no se me va olvidar preguntarle, “Abuelita más pan con leche por favor”. Con amor, Rocky

Joseph Morua

10 marzo , 2020

You were the closest thing to a father figure I had growing up, and despite the language barrier I always felt like I learned the most from you. I will always hang on to our memories together and do my best to pass on lessons learned. One of my favorites things to do now is go outside and pick oranges and avocados with my sons like I used to do with you, I even try and peel it with a knife in one piece like you always did for me. Playing chess with you throughout my adolescents was extremely frustrating, not 1 win really? Couldn’t let me have just 1, I did get close that one time though. I have done my best and continue working hard for everything I have but mostly pride myself of modeling my core after you, a renaissance man like you. I will miss seeing you always walking around with tools or random items from one end of the house to the other. We didn’t agree on everything but I never felt judged by you for it, my kids will grow up hearing stories and feeling like they knew you. We all love you.

Love Jojo

Monique “Kiki” Jimenez

6 marzo , 2020

Grandpa, there is a different type of Love you have for your grandparents but the love I have for you exceeds that love. Our bond was deeper then you being my grandfather, You were the father I didn’t have. You took us in when we had no where to go, your door was always open. You feed us, took care of us, shared your wisdom, instilled moral and values, shared your experiences and accomplishments, and demonstrated to us what hard work and dedication is. I will be forever grateful. I will miss your stories and your loving smile. I feel at peace knowing you’re in a better place, looking down on us, continuing to guide us through life. Words can’t describe how much you mean to mean and how much I will always love you! Until we meet again.

Love Always,

Abuelo, hay un diferente tipo de amor que tienes por tus abuelos, pero el amor que tengo por ti excede ese amor. Nuestro vínculo era más profundo que ser mi abuelo, eras el padre que no tenía. Nos acogiste cuando no teníamos a dónde ir, tu puerta siempre estaba abierta. Nos alimentaste, nos cuidaste, compartiste tu sabiduría, inculcaste moralejas y valores, compartiste tus experiencias y logros, y nos demostraste lo duro que es el trabajo y la dedicación. Estaré por siempre agradecida. Extrañaré tus historias y tu amorosa sonrisa. Me siento en paz sabiendo que estás en un lugar mejor, mirándonos, continuando guiándonos por la vida. ¡No hay palabras que puedan describir cuánto significas para mí y siempre te amaré! Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo.

Siempre to Amare,

Jaime Saucedo

6 marzo , 2020

Dad, you always supported me in whatever I chose to do with my life. I know how much you sacrificed to get me through college. I will never forget and I promise to always give back to the family. I remember how hard you tried to learn English in your later years and, I was so proud of you. When I think of you, I think of earth, because I know how much you like growing your fruits and vegetables. I also remember how much you liked spending time with your tools designing and creating whatever you had a need for. Dad, I will always have great memories of you. I miss you deeply but I take solace that I will see you again. Until then we will take good care of mom, Alva, Lilia and of each other. Love you! Rest In Peace.

Rosalio Saucedo

5 marzo , 2020

Thank you Dad for all your precious memories, we will miss you a lot. We know in our prayers you will always be. We are so blessed to have had a wonderful, loving Father who cared for us until the end. As I look up into the Heavens my eyes are fixed on the twinkling stars, and I know you are there with our Lord Jesus resting in peace. Love You Dad, until we meet again.

Rose Saucedo

5 marzo , 2020

Mi querido Papa, tu as dejado una linda memoria que siempre voy a tener en mi corazon y alma. Las muchas platicas y historias de los abuelos ,tu ayuda con matematicas cuando era nina, agradesco tu amor de abrir tus puertas de tu casa para mi y mis hijos. Eres y siempre seras mi gran Papa , aqui estare lista para escuchar tu saludo con todo carino y amor. Te quiero mucho, tu hija Rosa