Donald Wesley Patten

11 noviembre , 192912 febrero , 2014
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DONALD W. PATTEN, a geographer by training and lifelong interest, was born on November 11, 1929, in Conrad, Montana near Glacier National Park. He received both a BA (1951) and an MA (1961) degrees from the Geography Department, Univ. of Washington. He married Lorraine Louise Kienholz of Seattle, WA in 1952, and he leaves 7 children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. He was the owner of Microfilm Service Co. and Pacific Meridian Publishing Co. He professed faith in Jesus Christ as a college student in the early 50's. He was a lifelong church attender, most recently at Bethany Community Church in North Seattle. He had a lifelong interest in ancient history, ancient literature, climatology, genetics, geography, geomorphology, mathematics and philosophy. These interests led him to formulate and publish several original hypotheses relating to earth history and ancient accounts of "catastrophic" events such as the biblical flood. These are recounted in "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch" (1966), "The Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophes" (1973) and "Catastrophism and the Old Testament" (1988). He edited the series entitled "Symposium on Creation" for Baker Book House from 1968-1980. With Sam Windsor, he co-authored "The Recent Organization of the Solar System", and 9 published essays. He was among a party of 10, led by David Fasold, who inspected what they believe to be the resting place for the ark of Noah, near Dogubayazit, Turkey, 18 miles due south of Mt. Ararat. Don was a supporter of Shoreline Christian School. Funeral: Bethany Community Church in Seattle on Thursday, February 20, at 11 am with reception following. Viewing will be at Acacia Funeral Home on Wednesday, February 19, from 1:00-5:00. You can find additional information about Don Patten at:

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Donald Wesley Patten


Tracy Fyler

13 abril , 2020

Spent time writing paragraph don't know if you received

Leslie G.

13 septiembre , 2016

Sorry to read about Mr Pattens passing. He gave me my first real job at Microfilm Company in 1976 (not sure exact year). What an honorable boss....and he was a good man. And had a fun family! I remember that someone put lindberger cheese on I think Bills car engine during work. It was bad! Many fun memories Mr Patten!!! To all the family, God bless!!!

Gerald Arnold

15 octubre , 2015

What a terrific mind and spirit. I still have books and typed articles he sent me in the early 80s. They changed my life at an important time.

Paul Lindberg

16 agosto , 2015

Don's books on Catastrophism blessed me immensely. I referenced his work and built extensively on it in my own work, "The Feasts of Israel, God's Plan of the Ages." Today's emphasis on gradual evolution needs to be challenged, and Catastrophism is really the only viable alternative.

robert bruns

15 abril , 2014

the Strong Code confirmed your research, my friend....viz..
5375 / NASA / to lift UP to the sky
1078 / Bel / mars
6453 = Passover...........James Strong & R. Bruns

31 marzo , 2014

he was a blessing to me through his book "Biblical flood and Ice epoch"

Bob & Kay Gill

5 marzo , 2014

A wonderful Christian couple and Godly influence to all who knew them.

Judy Fenton, daughter

2 marzo , 2014

Judy's Eulogy

Early in Israel's history, God used Sampson to deliver His people from the Philistines. The Bible says that Sampson judged Israel for twenty years. Sampson had some contradictions in his personal life, yet he was anointed by God to do an important job.
So with my Dad: God gave my Dad a vision of the physical forces that caused Noah's flood and numerous other geologic events of Earth's history, coinciding with the Biblical account. Thus Dad was able to pull down some strongholds of atheistic thought in today's world and present the truth of the Bible to people.
Yet Dad's last few years were spent were spent in a physically and mentally fragile shell. Dad was generally pleasant and content for his last few years, with occasional mood swings. The last few weeks of his life, Dad spent several hours each day humming happily.
I want to thank my daughter Eva, my son Jonathan, and my husband Mark, for helping care for my Dad during the years when much of the good of his mind had eroded, leaving frail humanity in its place. Through their patience and willingness to help, we were able to let Dad stay in the comfort of his own home for his last years on this earth.
Dad was a good provider in his life and now in his death. We do miss Dad's presence in the home. I miss just knowing that he's there and that he cares.

Chester & Donna Hoberg

22 febrero , 2014

With sadness of thought, but joy of heart, Donna and I wrap our arms around each of you. The loving memories that we have of our Dad's and Mom's, we can cherish forever.
Don IS, and always will be, my special friend; and brother in the Lord Jesus Christ. We had, but more important, will have, fantastic times together, forever.
I Corinthians 2:9 expresses it all - "things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who live Him."
We cannot comprehend the love, joy, peace, etc. Don is experiencing right now - "Praise God." So, until that day, while being missed, Don is in our hearts.
Memories: O'Brien's Turkey House on the way to Watson games. (hot turkey sandwiches & cherry pie ala mode)
Top row, Watson Groen gym, betting Dick's hamburgers on Watson games.
Hanging over the balcony at Darrington, harassing Coach Cousins.
Donna always making sure Don had a butterfinger candy bar.

Nancy White

21 febrero , 2014

Donald has done the entire Christian world a great favor by doing so much to fill in many blank spaces in Biblical history and answering a great many questions about the earth's history. He stood solidly against junk science and against demonic lies about our Creator as well. He is no doubt at long last journeying among our solar system and universe and if we but had our spiritual headsets on he is no doubt holding up a flag with Velikovsky, Einstein and a few others up Cydonia and trying to wave at us all. And he is no doubt dancing with Lorraine to 2 songs: "Fly Me to the Moon and Let me play among the stars, Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars" and the second: "We'll be shadows in the moonlight,Darlin', I'll meet you at midnight,Hand and hand we'll go,Dancin' through the Milky Way"

Have many blessed journeys Don and we will all be up there before long.


Donald in Kindergarten


Donald at High School granduation, 1947, Conrad, Montana


High School basketball, 1947, Conrad Montana


Donald graduating from the University of Washington in 1951. With his mother, Ella.


Private Don Patten, 1952