Nació 5 agosto , 1934

CONNIE COOK nació el 5 de agosto de 1934 y está bajo el cuidado de Olinger Crown Hill Mortuary & Cemetery.

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Jerry Counts

11 febrero , 2016

It's been a month since Connie has passed. My heart is still broken. I miss her dearly. I hurt for her 4 children who still struggle with the loss of their mom. How proud she would be to see how the children are working together to honor her wishes.

Gabe, Connie's dog (and partner in crime) is adjusting well to his new home with Connie's grand daughter and her husband, Katie and Mark Richards.

I will always cherish the wonderful times I had with Connie and her kids. I'm truly blessed. I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law.

Elisa & Peter George

15 enero , 2016

When we moved to Homestead Hills in 2012, Connie welcomed us in her warm way, making us feel that we had known each other for a long time. During the last year, we have missed her presence down the hill from our house. She was a brave, beautiful woman and we know how much she cherished the love and support from friends and family. We will miss her. Elisa & Peter

Susan Dray

14 enero , 2016

My step-mom, Connie has been one of the best people I have ever known. Patient, caring, strongly family oriented, intelligent, a good sport; Connie has always been an inspiration. She has left a beautiful legacy for her children and grandchildren. I am sorry for the loss to the family but I agree, heaven has surely gained a very special angel.

Kay Sinclair

14 enero , 2016

I have missed knowing that my neighbor Connie was just across the field. She was indeed a wonderful person, and I am very grateful that your family allowed me to stop by on her birthday while she was at the house and chat for a couple of minutes. She will be remembered with love and affection.
A Fond Neighbor

Marji&Ron Cyr

14 enero , 2016

Your love and kindness will be missed. We love you and will miss you.

Audrey Rager

14 enero , 2016

I don't even know where to begin to describe how wonderful you where/are. I have so many memories of spending time with you and your family at your house out near Parker. I remember getting caught in a horrible hail storm while you, Jeanette, Jan, and I were walking back from the grocery store to the apartment you all lived in while the house was being built. We were freezing cold and in pain from the pelting hail, but somehow you made it fun. I remember picking vegetables with you and the girls in the garden. You taught me that my dad was wrong: onions are delicious. I remember "helping" you with canning jam. I continually missed the jars pouring the hot liquid all over the didn't yell at were always patient and kind. I never saw you angry. I never heard you say a harsh word to and my grandma are the only two people who never said a harsh word to me. I can still hear the sound of your sweet voice...a little raspy with a very slight southern accent. I loved your husky laugh. I loved your hugs. You raised four great kids who are like siblings to me. They each married a wonderful person and brought them into our family....then they had great kids. We have a great family and I think in large part we owe that to you through the loving example you set. I love you. I miss you. You'll always be in my heart. Your Niece, Audrey

Michael Bifulco

13 enero , 2016

January 11, 2016 my mother in law Connie Marie Cook past away at 5:02 in the morning. She had been a part of my life for over twenty-five, and was one of the most wonderful people I have ever know. She was a great grandma and a special friend. I will miss her beautiful smile and genuine laugh.
She never wanted anybody to make fuss over her and never wanted to be a bother but Connie never was a bother and it was an honor to be able to be at her side during she last days.

She alway made feel like I was part of the family and alway was there with a helping hand and was a wonderful cook.

I know that I have posted that my father was my hero and now I have a second hero which is Connie. She will be missed.

Tammy Wilks

13 enero , 2016

Heaven gained a beautiful angel, Aunt Connie, you will be missed dearly for your sweetness and beautiful personality, inside and outside. I sincerely regret not getting to see her In person prior to her going to Heaven. Everytime I think of you, I find myself smiling and remembering our visits with you here in Louisiana and in Colorado. I'm praying for your kids, grandkids, I know this is a hard time for them and all you can do is know she is in a place of no sickness, no pain and seeing her loved ones again that have went prior to her. Love, Tammy, Nick and Jordan Wilks (Sims)

Jeanette Cook Bifulco

13 enero , 2016

God welcomed into his house, Connie Marie Sims Cook...a beautiful, kind spirited soul of whom was given to my siblings and I, and were able to call her our Mother. While she was our gift, bringing us into this world many years ago, we were there for her, in her passing. But the comfort of knowing you passed on your brother's (Butch) birthday and the same day that your father Virgil passed away, may be the light during our days of sorrow, of having this Angel back in heaven other family too. Forever will you be cherished and loved Mom, by us all.