Douglas C. Moore

5 septiembre , 195718 noviembre , 2020

On November 18, 2020 , Doug Moore, beloved brother , friend and father passed away at the age of 63. Doug was born Sept. 5, 1957 in Denver, CO to John and Esther Moore. He was the 5th child of six.

Doug proudly served as a law enforcement officer with the Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff's Office for 35 years until his retirement. He served in many roles throughout his career including patrol division, drug interdiction, swat team and investigator. He rose to the the rank of sergeant and trained and led many officers. Doug was highly regarded at the Sheriff's Office as an outstanding officer, colleague and friend. On a personal level he was known for his generous nature and kind and compassionate spirit. He loved holidays, particularly Christmas and always fiercely loved his family.

He was preceded in death by his Dad and Mom; John and Esther Moore, his sisters; Karen and Pam.

He is survived by his brother Greg Moore, sister Julie (Elworth) Porter, brother Bruce (Linda) Moore, his step children Colton Zimmerman and Cody Zimmerman and several nephews and nieces.

To be able to provide a full meaningful tribute to honor Doug, a service will be scheduled in 2021 and a subsequent announcement will be issued.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Doug's name to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Employee Assistance Fund at


Douglas C. Moore


Lorna Bermudez

30 diciembre , 2020

I wish you moore sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you (us)enough rain to appreciate the sun moore.
I wish you (us) enough happiness to keep your spirit moore alive.
I wish you (us) enough gain to satisfy your wanting for moore.
I wish you (us)enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish you (us) enough hellos (hell loo, I'm so glad you called ) to get you through the final good-bye.
My friends, I wish you and us peace....


28 diciembre , 2020

Doug it has been over a month since your passing and the
melancholy in my heart has not dissipated! I know they say time heals all! I am not so sure of that! You were and are a large part of my history my identity my core life! Brookton said it best, it is like
a major chapter in a book being tore out, a chapter that can not be replaced! I feel very strongly you are with the Lord and
with Dad and Mom -Karen & Pam--but selfishly i still need you
here! I just want you to know what a great ,sweet, loving brother
you are--i so miss you----please talk to the Lord for me and maybe
have him give me some peace with this--gregor

James Wathen

2 diciembre , 2020

We and the law enforcement community lost a hero. My uncle Doug, a fantastic deputy Sheriff and a thorough investigator. His loss is especially significant to me because their are very few law enforcement officers in our family. I wish i could have given him one more call to talk about our cop stories. Rest easy brother.

Susan McMullen

26 noviembre , 2020

Today is Thanksgiving-A day to give thanks.
I accidentally or maybe not??God intervention? Knowingness? Well, when you’ve shared your life with someone for (at the time) at least half your life—there is a connection/a sense, that will always be...I am very sad to have read about your passing Doug. Way too soon! My heart hurts for all the family...brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces & children whom hearts are hurting. My heartfelt condolences to You! Hugs.
So, many fond and happy memories from days gone, so many. I am thankful. I am grateful for life we created—at the time we were a team and at the core family was #1. As it remained.
At the time we were partners in life. You were my friend and I yours.
It was hard at times- being married to a law enforcement officer— but it was what you loved & it was your passion , as much as your family was and is!
You were good at both!
It made you happy —it made me happy.
When our life’s moved into a new direction (at the time) so painful...but looking back & to the present was the right thing to do—-you became a father to two beautiful children & I a mother to two beautiful children. We each got to grow in a deeper kind of way. I give thanks to your knowingness.
A few years back—serendipity—crossed our paths—if only for a moment. It was good to see you and have a catch-up conversation. I am grateful for that moment.
You meant a lot to so many & you did make a positive difference in your lifetime and in the world!
There will always be a piece of my heart honoring your kind and gentle soul—Your presence will be missed—but the love you shared will not!
Love you Doug—I am thankful for all the memories we shared. God speed...hugs to all the family up there where you are! Let them know they all made a difference in my life ! Give yourself a hug too as well!!

Dave Walcher

26 noviembre , 2020

I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of Doug. In law enforcement, character and commitment are of the utmost importance. I respected Doug as much as anyone, in my entire career, for his character and commitment. I had the pleasure to work with Doug at JCSO. When I started at JCSO in February of 1988, Doug was one of my Field Training Officers, along with Tim Mossbrucker. When I was fortunate enough to be selected to the SWAT Team, Doug was the Assistant Team Leader. I worked with Doug when JCSO had a drug interdiction team. Throughout the years, when Doug was on scene of a major incident, he made everyone better. Doug was intense and aggressive, and he had a heart of gold. He always wanted justice for the victims. I could go on and on........ I salute you, Doug. You made an impact.

Elworth Porter

25 noviembre , 2020

Dear Doug,
I am writing this in letter form in order to make it easier on and for me. I am sure that you are able to read it because of where and with Whom you are. I want you to know that you are and that you will be greatly missed by all who truly knew you and your kind and loving nature. Doug, I will also say that you are gone way too soon, and that is something I just do not understand in this life, but one day I am sure I will. Doug, even though I did not grow up with you, my heart breaks because you are one of my three brothers-in-law, and I have indeed known you for some 46 years, and you have been such a wonderful friend as well. I will miss your smile, your joking, and the Holiday visits we all had together. You, my friend, were truly one of a kind. I am sure that I will one day get past this death, but Doug my friend, I will never get over missing you. So say hello to your Mom and Dad, and to Karen and Pam, and remember that you and they are greatly missed, in JESUS Name.

Teresa Aguilar

24 noviembre , 2020


I am so glad we kept in touch over the years. You were a great friend and an incredible coworker. I'll never forget the weekend trip we all took to Fir, CO. You called your brother at every stop because we wouldn't tell you exactly where we were going! You later said you were going to work at "practicing serendipity!" I know you are free from pain and at peace. You will be missed my friend.


Daniela Barnhill

23 noviembre , 2020

I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Doug. I worked with him many years ago at JCSO. He was a good man and great co-worker. My condolences to his immediate family and his JCSO family. R.I.P. Doug!!!
Dani Barnhill

Brookton Moore

23 noviembre , 2020

Uncle Doug, you will always be stitched in the fabric of the person I am, and the family I came from. Growing up with a single father our greatest joys were the holidays spent in Colorado with our family. I have so many memories of snowy Christmas days, magical Santa mornings, Tossing the football with your bro’s on Thanksgivings. Listening to you and your brothers and sisters fellowship, it showed me what family is all about. You and your siblings have a bond I’ve never seen before, and it has been a true joy to be apart of the scene. I will miss our family Poker games (not many kids started playing poker by the 4th grade), Unfortunately the seats at our poker table are becoming less and less. I’ll also always miss our family banters about sports, politics, and wherever the night led us.... But you as a person are very special. You are principled beyond most, and when you love someone you love blindly- like a child, But you are also Stoic to a fault- in that you never wanted to burden anyone. These are the thoughts and memories I have of you. And I want you to know - I love you and you deserve to be honored because you are a GOOD man. Love you Uncle Doug - Brook

Jade and Jerame Mestas

23 noviembre , 2020

Our family is so saddened by this news and would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family and children. We were blessed to have known Doug, as he was one of those neighbors anybody would wish for. He was a great friend to our family and will be missed greatly. His family is in our thoughts and prayers!