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Allan Dorrington

3 septembre 194524 janvier 2021

Allan Dorrington est né(e) le 3 septembre 1945 et est décédé(e) le 24 janvier 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de The Fortin Group.

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Allan Dorrington


Keith Daviau

11 février , 2021

🚢 Navy 🇺🇸
Allan Dorrington
4+ Years In navy traveling the world.
I love My Family, Cars ,Woman Food and Music. I lived a Joyful life and was loved by many. Until we meet again. Peace

Keith Daviau

11 février , 2021

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️Hi, Grampy!!! It's tiger🐅,Sophia,Little Keith,Lily, Chelsey and your favorite grandson Keith. We know, Believe that you are healthy, happy, above doing what you love to do hanging out with your brothers and finally you can breathe better again, and no masks up there thank goodness. We truly miss your physical presence, We can still feel your soul and spirit. I know your still here with us, looking down protecting us. Say Hi to my father please and tell him I will never stop making both you proud, I'll be successful , live a joyful and blissful healthy life. Chelsey, the kids 🐅 and I miss you. Knowingly your Ok helps slightly. You truly are my best friend, I could talk to you about litterly anything, you would always have a solution to the problem very good at giving advice on anything. The bond we built together and times we had and the long conversations ohh man what about the long rides in the town car out state on the highway beeping and waving at people flying by them saying happy new year. The love and kindness from your heart❤️ is noticed I promise, Just remember that you are a loved person you cared and it showed, and your knowledge is incredible. You are truly a warrior the strongest man I've ever met. You dealt with alot of hard thing's within the last few years I know. It was hard on both of us. Together we fought threw it because that's what we do. May the positive side be with you. Positive Energy. I will not break the promise I made with you. We will ride together in that 72 with the big picture of you also bring your brothers along too they love them old cars that's for sure. You definitely Loved your family and that everyone knows. You are missed and loved by many. We ride together we die together, I love you. RIP.